News Headlines - 24 February 2013

Pope Delivers Final Sunday Prayers

Pope Benedict XVI delivered his last Sunday prayer from his window above St. Peter's Square, telling tens of thousands of supporters the first papal abdication in centuries was God's will and assuring them he was not abandoning the Church.

BBC News - Cardinal Keith O'Brien misses Sunday Mass after accusations

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, has missed Sunday Mass after being accused of inappropriate behaviour.

Justice Department Joins Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong - NYTimes.com

The Justice Department on Friday joined a federal whistle-blower lawsuit claiming that Lance Armstrong, his former team manager and the company that owned his cycling team defrauded the government because cyclists on the team, sponsored by the United States Postal Service, were engaged in a systematic, covert doping scheme.

Pilot attempts first flight powered only by household plastic waste - Telegraph

A pilot will attempt the 10,500-mile trip from Sydney to London using a fuel that has never before been tested in the air – and is produced entirely from plastic waste.

BBC News - Capital One Cup final: Swansea City fans arrive at Wembley

Tens of thousands of Swansea City fans are arriving at Wembley for one of the biggest days in the club's history. The club sold their 33,000 allocation weeks ago for the Capital One Cup final against League Two side Bradford City.








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