News Headlines - 28 February 2013

'I wanted to start a debate': Bradley Manning admits leaking WikiLeaks files but will fight charge of aiding enemy - The Independent

Bradley Manning has admitted for the first time that he was responsible for the biggest leak of government secrets in US history, after he supplied vast amounts of classified material to the Wikileaks website. In a court martial hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland on Thursday, Manning pleaded guilty to 10 of the 22 charges of which he is accused, though he plans to fight the most serious charge, of aiding the enemy.

RBS moves closer to privatisation - FT.com

Stephen Hester has sent the strongest signal yet that Royal Bank of Scotland could be ready for reprivatisation next year as the state-owned bank announced that a series of scandals had helped push it into losses of more than £5bn for 2012.

Man charged over flag protests - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

One of the chief organisers of the street demonstrations in protest against lowering of the Union flag at Belfast City Hall has been charged.

Manchester City player jailed over road deaths | The Guardian

A Manchester City youth team player has been sentenced to 16 months in jail for killing a brother and sister in a car accident while driving his Mercedes at nearly twice the speed limit.

Rafa Benítez takes Chelsea training as manager insists relationship with Roman Abramovich is 'very good' - Telegraph

Rafa Benítez took charge of training on Thursday as Chelsea insisted it was business as usual at the club, the day after their interim manager launched extraordinary criticism at the club's fans and hierarchy for their lack of support for him and spoke out against the 'interim' label on his job title.








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