News Headlines - 22 March 2013

Cyprus runs out of bailout options - FT.com

Cyprus’ chances of finding a way out of an EU-backed plan to seize €5.8bn from Cypriot bank accounts to unlock a €10bn rescue appeared at an end Friday as bailout lenders rejected another counteroffer from Nicosia and the country’s finance minister returned from Moscow empty-handed.

Wholesale gas prices soar in Britain after pipeline is forced to close | The Guardian

British wholesale gas prices hit a record high on Friday after the failure of a vital import pipeline demonstrated the vulnerability of the nation's energy supply to external shocks.

Paywall UK: Nick Clegg announces tough new regime on visas - The Independent

Visitors from 'high risk' nations to be asked for deposits of £1,000 or more Foreigners visiting Britain from certain countries will have to put up “security bonds” costing thousands of pounds to deter them from overstaying their visas, under new proposals.

Japan discovers huge mineral deposits in Pacific - video | guardian.co.uk

Scientists in Japan have found a deposit of highly concentrated rare earth minerals, crucial for the manufacturing of electronics. The mineral deposits, found back in January, are around three metres below the seabed, about 5,800 metres below the ocean's surface. Yasuhiro Kato, from Tokyo University, says the find could 'supply Japan with 60% of its annual needs

Arachnophobes look away now: Could an asbestos contaminated tarantula be on the loose in Cardiff? - The Independent

Question: What's worse than a tarantula on the loose? Answer: A tarantula contaminated with asbestos. It's a scenario seemingly designed to give arachnophobes nightmares, but it's one that an asbestos team working in an attic in Cardiff this week have encountered.








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