News Headlines - 24 March 2013

Boris Berezovsky death: super-rich no longer feel so secure in Londongrad | The Guardian

UK courts resist extradition back to Russia - but several oligarchs have died in Britain in mysterious circumstances

Eurozone crisis: cash rationed in Cyprus to stop run on banks - Telegraph

Cyprus's two biggest banks have rationed the amount of cash savers can withdraw every day as the authorities scramble to prevent the collapse of the country's financial sector over the next 24 hours.

'No Job? No Benefits' Cameron To Tell Immigrants

David Cameron is set to announce tough new measures to curb immigrants' access to housing and benefits, in an attempt to tackle the "something for nothing" welfare culture.

British tourist who leapt from hotel balcony feared she would become rape statistic in India - The Independent

The British tourist that leapt from the second floor of a hotel balcony after fearing she would be sexually assaulted said she had feared becoming another Indian rape statistic.

Harvard stripped of quiz championships for cheating - Telegraph

Harvard University has been stripped of a string of US quiz championship titles after a cheating scandal was uncovered by organisers.








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