News Headlines - 25 March 2013

Back from the brink: EU ministers approve €10bn bailout deal at 11th-hour to save Cyprus - The Independent

An 11th-hour deal with the EU, which has saved the Cypriot economy from the brink, will see investors with more than €100,000 in the nation’s largest banks forfeit a large chunk of their deposits.

Boris Berezovsky 'left no suicide note' - Telegraph

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky left no suicide note before he was found dead inside a locked bathroom at his country mansion with a scarf next to his body, it was claimed today.

Italian Supreme Court to rule whether Amanda Knox should be retried - CNN.com

Her story made headlines all over the world. An American college student studying abroad in Italy -- charged with killing another student. Amanda Knox spent four years in jail before her murder conviction was overturned. Her family hopes Monday will be the last chapter in her long saga.

Japan-EU agree to free trade talks; autos a flashpoint | Reuters

Japan and the European Union agreed on Monday to launch talks on one of the world's most ambitious trade deals despite opposition from European carmakers, a test of how far both sides are willing to go in their hunt for economic growth.

Sinclair C5 tricycle voted the biggest gadget disaster ever | The Sun

Sir Clive Sinclair’s battery-powered vehicle topped a list of the worst gizmos, which also included Sir Alan Sugar’s emailer telephone — and pizza scissors. With a top speed of 15mph, the C5 was launched to general derision in 1985 and sold a measly 20,000.








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