News Headlines - 29 March 2013

Spy who foiled jet bomb plot to be MI5 chief | Reuters

A British counterspy who helped to thwart an al Qaeda plot to blow up planes with explosives hidden in soft drink bottles and led the response to the 2005 London transport bombings will be the new head of MI5, the government said on Thursday.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un 'targets George W. Bush's home state of Texas' - Telegraph

It is 12 years since George W. Bush named North Korea as one of the "Axis of Evil", yet Kim Jong-un still appears to bear a grudge.

Falklands Counter Strike: British hackers attack Argentinian developer's website - The Independent

The Falklands/Malvinas dispute moved into cyberspace this week, as British hackers attacked an Argentine game in which the country's police fight to reclaim the territory from British "terrorists".

BBC accused of provoking Christians with Mary Magdalene documentary - Telegraph

A Bishop last night accused the BBC of deliberately provoking Christians by screening a documentary on Good Friday suggesting that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.

BBC News - Horsemeat supplied to Edinburgh primary schools

A batch of frozen mince supplied to six schools in Edinburgh contained between 1% and 5% horsemeat, the city's council has confirmed.








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