News Headlines - 02 April 2013

BBC News - UK to avoid triple dip recession, says BCC

The UK has avoided a triple dip recession, business group the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has said. It believes a strong performance by Britain's service industries during the first three months of the year has kept the economy growing.

Verizon denies intention to merge with or buy Vodafone | Reuters

Verizon Communications Inc said it does not "currently have any intention" to merge with or buy its partner Vodafone Group Plc, either alone or in conjunction with others, in response to press reports.

Italy's Bersani says bid to form government over, new phase begins | Reuters

Italy's center-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani said on Tuesday his bid to form a government after last month's deadlocked election was over and a new phase had begun, after his failure to gather enough support to win a confidence vote.

BBC News - Postcode lottery revealed over disposal of babies ashes

A BBC investigation has uncovered a postcode lottery over the cremation of babies in Scotland. Parents in Edinburgh have already been told that ashes from cremations at the city's Mortonhall Crematorium may have been buried without their knowledge.

Video: Robot swarms trained to fetch and carry - Telegraph

Swarms of robots have been trained to cluster together and fetch or carry objects in an experiment which could lead to new medical and military technology.








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