News Headlines - 04 April 2013

Silvio Berlusconi trial: Ruby accuses prosecutors of psychological warfare | guardian.co.uk

Karima "Ruby" el-Mahroug, the woman at the centre of Silvio Berlusconi's sex trial, has accused prosecutors of waging psychological war against her – but admitted she had lied about her origins.

Barack Obama to give up 5% of salary in show of solidarity over cuts | guardian.co.uk

Barack Obama will return 5% of his salary to the US treasury in a show of solidarity with federal workers affected by $85bn in government-wide spending cuts.

U.S. Responds to N. Korean Threat - Arirang News

The United States will send an advanced anti-ballistic missile defense system to Guam in the coming weeksa move intended to strengthen its defense capabilities against a possible missile attack from Pyongyang.

Anonymous takes control of North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts, defaces websites - The Next Web

North Korea’s official Twitter and Flickr accounts have been hacked and two of its main websites defaced, in hacker group Anonymous’s latest efforts to disrupt the communist county’s online presence.

Microsoft threatened as smartphones and tablets rise, Gartner warns | guardian.co.uk

PC market begins to slip and tablets will outsell desktops and laptops combined by 2015, as Android ascendancy means challenge to relevance of Microsoft, research group warns








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