News Headlines - 07 April 2013

Millions will answer call for general strike, says union boss - Telegraph

Millions of workers would join the first general strike since 1926 in a fightback against the Coalition’s spending cuts, a union leader has said.

S&P warns any deviation from austerity could lead to downgrade

S&P is now the only one of the three to maintain the UK with the top level rating after Moody’s cut the UK’s rating to AA1 immediately after the budget last month. However, the ratings agency warned that any deviation from the government's focus on cutting the UK public debt could lead to a downgrade.

Cable calls for ban on HBOS three - FT.com

Vince Cable is pushing for three former directors of HBOS to be banned from serving as company directors in any sector, as he looks to exact punishment on the collapsed bank’s management team.

London's cooking waste to fuel power station | guardian.co.uk

The energy generated from the grease, oil and fat that clogs the capital's sewers will also be channelled to help run a major sewage works and a desalination plant, as well as supplying the National Grid, under plans announced by Thames Water and utility company 2OC.

Britain should not overreact to 'paranoid' North Korea, says William Hague - Telegraph

The Foreign Secretary said the world is right to be "worried" about the threats of violence from North Korea, but should not "miscalculate" the response.








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