News Headlines - 11 April 2013

US warns on N Korea missile readiness - FT.com

North Korea appears to have developed a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by missile, according to the Pentagon’s intelligence agency, a milestone in the country’s nuclear programme that could heighten the already tense atmosphere on the Korean peninsula.

Cyprus bailout cost surges to €23bn - Telegraph

Cyprus will have to find an €6bn extra to contribute to its own bail-out, less than a month after the original EU-IMF deal was agreed, putting the already teetering economy in danger of collapse and further endangering large bank depositors. It also emerged that the government in Nicosia has agreed to sell gold reserves to raise around €400m to help finance its part of its own bail-out.

First arrests for 'hate crime' against Emo - Telegraph

Four days after area’s police force announced that they would treat attacks on people of alternative sub-cultures as hate crimes they received their first complaint.

Japan carmakers recall 3 million vehicles over airbag fault | guardian.co.uk

More than 3 million cars made by Japanese companies Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda are being recalled, including more than 150,000 in the UK, over a potential airbag safety problem.

At Izakayas, Japanese Food Gets Informal - NYTimes.com

From the words for sake (rice wine) and stay, traditional izakayas are places anyone can linger for the price of a drink.








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