News Headlines - 14 April 2013

Kerry Says Any Talks Rely on Steps by North Korea - NYTimes.com

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the United States was prepared to reach out to Kim Jong-un of North Korea if he made the first move to abandon his nuclear weapons program.

Labour at war as old hands urge Ed to spell out policies and stop protesting about everything the government does | Mail Online

Labour heavyweights have piled further pressure on Ed Miliband to clarify his policies and stop protesting about everything the Government does. Three former Cabinet ministers – John Reid, David Blunkett and Tessa Jowell – yesterday urged the Labour leader to follow Tony Blair’s advice and offer a positive alternative for voters rather than simply criticising the status quo. Lord Reid, who held nine Cabinet posts, said Labour will not be ready for government until it spells out policies on key issues.

Wealth tax to pay for EU bail-outs - Telegraph

Wealthy households would face new taxes on property and other assets under German plans to prop up the struggling eurozone.

CBS Report: Israel population hits 8 million | JPost

According to the data, 75.3% of the population – about 6 million people – is Jewish, while the country’s Arab residents – some 1.6 million people – represent 20.7% of the population. The remaining 4% – 318,000 people – are non-Arab Christians, individuals with other religions and those with no religious affiliation.

Ireland to hold gay marriage referendum | guardian.co.uk

Ireland is to hold a referendum on legalising gay marriage after a special convention set up to reform the Irish constitution recommended that same-sex couples in the republic be recognised in law. The convention voted 79% in favour of full equality for same-sex marriage in Dublin on Sunday.








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