News Headlines - 16 April 2013

EXCLUSIVE: New pics from moments before, after blasts - Boston News

Photos sent to 7News by a viewer show the scene just before and right after the bombs went off on Boylston Street. 7News has provided these pictures to the FBI as they continue their investigation.

Boston bombs were pressure cookers filled with metal

The explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday killed at least three people and injured scores more. Such explosions produce blast waves that move faster than the speed of sound and can have damaging effects on the human body, ranging from fractures to significant internal injuries. A look at the toll of such attacks and causes for concern.

Boston Marathon bombs: al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine taught pressure cooker bomb-making techniques - Telegraph

A recipe for how to make pressure cooker bombs, which investigators say were used in the Boston Marathon attack, was most notoriously published in the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire.

BBC News - China 'reveals army structure' in defence white paper

China has revealed the structure of its military units, in what state-run media describe as a first. The army has a total of 850,000 soldiers, while the navy and air force have a strength of 235,000 and 398,000, China said in its defence white paper.

End of the Samurai: Stunning portraits of Japan¿s warrior class captures men at the height of their power before 19th century demise | Mail Online

They were once Japan's highest social caste, remembered for their fearsome fighting skills and immortalized in popular culture since their demise at the end of the 19th century. But a collection of fascinating portraits of real Samurai warriors taken in the decades before reforms saw the warrior class abolished and a western-style conscripted military drafted in, give an authentic insight into military life in pre-modern Japan.








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