News Headlines - 20 May 2013

Japan upgrades growth outlook as 'Abenomics' revitalises economy - Telegraph

The Japanese government upgraded its assessment of the economy on Monday, in a further sign that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's aggressive polices are beginning to reignite growth.

Exclusive - Japan panel warns of dangers if debt not addressed | Reuters

A Japanese government panel warns there is "absolutely no guarantee" that domestic investors will keep financing the country's massive public debt, citing the risk of a spike in bond yields that could crimp long-term growth prospects, according to a draft report seen by Reuters on Monday.

BBC News - Millions hit by Yahoo Japan hack attack

Up to 22 million login names may have been stolen during a hack attack on Yahoo Japan.

Rumor: PlayStation 4 teaser trailer released ahead of new Xbox release | inrumor.com

Sony announced today that they will unveil the final design of the PlayStation 4 at E3 in June. The company released a new video dedicated to the PS4, anticipating the contents of their conference at E3.

Ryanair profits at record high and aims to double short-haul European flight numbers - The Independent

Ryanair wants to more than double its share of the European short-haul market to 20 per cent in the next five years The target was revealed as the budget carrier brushed off higher fuel costs to post a record annual profit of €569 million.








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