News Headlines - 22 May 2013

Bank of Japan vows market steps to curb bond turbulence | Reuters

The Bank of Japan vowed on Wednesday to take necessary steps to reduce volatility in bond markets that has threatened to jeopardise the government's fight to end deflation and revive growth.

BBC News - Japan posts its tenth straight trade deficit in April

Japan has posted its tenth straight monthly trade deficit as a weaker yen increased the cost of imports more than it helped boost exports.

BBC News - Japan votes to adopt child abduction treaty

Japan's parliament has voted to adopt an international treaty on child abductions, after years of pressure from Western countries.

IMF calls for UK government to stimulate growth | guardian.co.uk

International Monetary Fund says UK economy still 'still a long way from a strong and sustainable recovery' and fears impact from forthcoming spending cuts

Cop killer admits murders of father and son | Evening Times

One-eyed police killer Dale Cregan today admitted the murders of a father and son.








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