News Headlines - 08 June 2013

François Hollande mixes up China and Japan on Tokyo visit | The Guardian

In a press conference with the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, on Friday, Hollande spoke of the Algerian hostage crisis in January in which 10 Japanese hostages died, saying he had "expressed the condolences of the French people to the Chinese people". Hollande didn't seem to notice the mistake and didn't correct it, carrying on with his speech regardless. He was saved by the interpreter who was doing the simultaneous translation for journalists and into Abe's earpiece, who instantly corrected the gaffe by referring to the "Japanese". But at least one Japanese journalist who spoke French picked up on the blunder and the French media widely reported it.

U.S. army general accused of ignoring sex assaults suspended in Japan | Mail Online

A general who oversees U.S. Army forces in Japan has been suspended for allegedly mishandling a sexual assault complaint. The move follows a spate of high-profile sex abuse scandals which have rocked the military, as reports of assault in the ranks skyrocket.

Obama urges de-escalation, dialogue in China-Japan maritime row | Reuters

U.S. President Barack Obama urged his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to "de-escalate" a contentious territorial dispute with Japan and deal with the matter through diplomatic channels, Obama's national security adviser said on Saturday.

Japan to oppose fishing subsidies ban in TPP trade negotiations | The Japan Times

Tokyo plans to oppose a U.S.-proposed ban on fishing subsidies in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks that Japan will join from July, due to the numerous adverse effects it might have on the nation’s fishing industry, government sources said Saturday.

A tale of two islands: England, Japan and 400 years of shared history - The Independent

We gave them ships and woollen cloth, while their cultural exports still beguile us today, from sushi to manga. Next week it is 400 years since the first Englishman stepped ashore in Japan – marking the start of a beautiful friendship, writes Peter Popham.








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