News Headlines - 13 June 2013

Japanese diplomat tells UN meeting to 'shut up' after being laughed at | Metro News

Japan’s human rights envoy to the United Nations is under pressure to resign after he told fellow diplomats to ‘shut up’ when they laughed at him.

Is Abenomics Doomed—Or Will Japan Un-Doom Itself? - The Atlantic

Foreign investors, buoyed by Bernanke, sent Japanese stocks up. Then, spooked by Bernanke, they sent the Nikkei into a tailspin. Guess whose help Japan needs now?

AFP: US toughens stance on Syria after 'nerve gas attacks'

President Barack Obama's administration announced it had conducted a review of intelligence reports and concluded that Syrian regime forces had used banned arms, including the nerve gas sarin, in attacks that killed up to 150 people.

Army chief: we won't win wars if we are cut again - Telegraph

Forcing more spending cuts on the military would be dangerous and disruptive and would damage the country’s ability to win wars, the head of the Army warns.

Man charged over defaced Queen portrait | The Guardian

A man will appear in court on Friday accused of defacing a portrait of the Queen in Westminster Abbey, Scotland Yard has said. Tim Haries, 41, from Doncaster in South Yorkshire, will appear at Westminster magistrates' court charged with criminal damage over £5,000.








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