News Headlines - 20 June 2013

Greek coalition in disarray, small party considers quitting | Reuters

Greece's small Democratic Left party could pull out of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's ruling coalition after talks to resume state television broadcasts collapsed, party officials said on Thursday, plunging the nation into fresh turmoil.

Palestinian PM submits resignation after two weeks on the job - The Globe and Mail

The new Palestinian prime minister submitted his resignation to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday, after two weeks on the job, because of a conflict over authority.

State Dept. downgrades Russia, China on trafficking - The Washington Post

The United States accused Russia and China on Wednesday of widespread participation in human trafficking, opening the door to potential sanctions and complicating diplomatic cooperation to resolve crises involving Syria and Iran.

Another island church may break from Church of Scotland - Stornoway Gazette

Another Western Isles congregation is considering its future as part of the Church of Scotland, it has been confirmed. The congregation of the Tarbert, Isle of Harris Church of Scotland may consider a move in response to the issue of ordination of gay ministers.

Mayor under fire as rough sleepers in London double in five years - London Evening Standard

The number of people sleeping rough in London has surged by 13 per cent in a year, more than doubling the total since Boris Johnson became Mayor. The official annual count recorded 6,437 in 2012-13, including 4,353 sleeping on the streets for the first time. Almost half were British citizens but more than 600 were from Poland and nearly 500 from Romania.








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