News Headlines - 27 June 2013

UK may OK creating babies with DNA from 3 people

Britain may allow a controversial technique to create babies using DNA from three people, a move that would help couples avoid passing on rare genetic diseases, the country s top medical officer says.

UK has far more shale gas than previously thought - FT.com

Ministers have moved to plug Britain’s looming energy gap with a flurry of measures to encourage investment in shale gas, direct billions of pounds of subsidies to renewable power and bolster support for nuclear and gas.

Millions of middle-class workers face higher taxes to cut the deficit - Telegraph

More than five million middle-class workers could face stealth tax rises of £600 each after the next election to fill a £25 billion black hole in the Government’s finances, leading economists have warned.

Oxford grooming gang jailed: Dogar and Karrar brothers get life for abuse and rape of young girls - The Independent

Seven members of a gang which groomed girls as young as 12 and subjected them to “dreadful” sexual abuse over the course of eight years have been sentenced to at least 95 years in prison.

BBC News - Japan's NHK sued over use of English words

A disgruntled viewer is suing Japan's national broadcaster for "mental distress" caused by an excessive use of words borrowed from English.








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