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News Headlines - 31 August 2013

President Obama Seeks Congressional Approval for Syria Action - ABC News

President Obama said today that the U.S. should pursue military intervention against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for use of chemical weapons in that country's civil war, but only after his administration seeks approval from Congress.

BBC News - Russia's Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims

Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged the US to present to the UN evidence that Syria attacked rebels with chemical weapons near Damascus. Mr Putin said it would be "utter nonsense" for Syria's government to provoke opponents with such attacks.

UN weapons inspectors leave Syria earlier than planned - Telegraph

UN weapons experts left Syria earlier than planned this morning, paving the way for a possible US strike after Washington concluded the regime was responsible for last week's deadly chemical attack.

Japan eyes backing possible U.S. military intervention in Syria | GlobalPost

Japan is arranging for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to express support in the event the United States launches a military intervention against Syria, government sources said Saturday.

Entrepreneurs in Japan: Time to get started | The Economist

The mood among Japan’s would-be business moguls is at its most buoyant since the dotcom bubble burst a decade or so ago. A higher stockmarket is boosting the chances of a successful initial public offering. The prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is Japan’s first leader to treat entrepreneurs as something more than greedy hustlers. For the past few years Mr Horie, a brash self-publicist, has been exhibit A in the case for holding that view. But now Mr Horie says he is being welcomed back into the business world

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米政府、アサド政権が化学兵器使用と「強く確信」  MBSニュース




米キング特使が訪朝取りやめ「驚き、失望」 | 日テレNEWS24


【アメリカを読む】辣腕の女性CEOで息吹き返すヤフー - MSN産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 30 August 2013

BBC News - Syria crisis: Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action

MPs have rejected possible UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government to deter the use of chemical weapons. David Cameron said he would respect the defeat of a government motion by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes.

US set for Syria strikes after Kerry says evidence of chemical attack is 'clear' | The Guardian

John Kerry advanced what he called a "clear and compelling" case that Syria was responsible for a chemical attack that killed nearly 1,500 people, in a statement on Friday that made clear the US was on the verge of military strikes against the Assad regime.

AFP: US not alone on Syria, France our 'oldest ally': Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry insisted Friday the United States is not alone in its quest to punish Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime, citing the support of France, America's "oldest ally." On Thursday, key US ally Britain dropped out of the coalition planning military strikes in response to Assad's use of chemical weapons following a parliamentary vote.

UK mortgage approvals at highest level since financial crisis - FT.com

Strong housing data helped stoke speculation on Friday that government schemes to spur activity in the mortgage market would lead to a fresh house-price bubble. Figures on mortgage approvals from the Bank of England and house price numbers from Nationwide, the UK’s biggest building society, fed into fears that policies such as the Help to Buy scheme, unveiled by chancellor George Osborne in March, are inflating such a bubble.

World’s Fastest Train Resumes Trials as Japan Plans Maglev Line - Bloomberg

Japan resumed trial runs for the world’s fastest magnetic-levitation train that will complement the Shinkansen bullet-train network when ready in 2027. Central Japan Railway Co. plans to begin work on the 5.1 trillion yen ($52 billion) maglev line between Tokyo and Nagoya as early as April. Trials resumed today after the company spent five years building a 24-kilometer extension of a test track. The trains can run at speeds of up to 500 kilometers (310 miles) per hour.

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英下院 軍事行動の是非問う提案否決 NHKニュース




スペイン第2四半期GDPは小幅マイナス、景気後退からの脱却間近 | Reuters


UEFAヨーロッパリーグ - ニュース – UEFA.com


「北欧ミステリー」がブーム! 他にはない“魅力”とは? 日経トレンディネット

なぜ北欧(なかでもスウェーデンの作品が多い)で書かれた作品に、良質なミステリーが多いのか? 日本のみならず、欧米でも人気がある。その理由として「北欧においてミステリー小説は“社会批判をする媒体”である」ことが挙げられると、書評ライターの杉江松恋さんは言う。

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News Headlines - 29 August 2013

As U.K. Parliament Debates Syria, Prospect of British Military Support Dims | TIME.com
the 450-minute parliamentary debate that kicked off with a statement by Cameron at 2.30 this afternoon will conclude with a vote on military action only “in principle,” with a second vote—after a second debate—required ahead of any such action. In place of the strong message Cameron hoped to send to Assad, he simply unleashed a fresh barrage of verbiage towards Damascus, and shot himself in the foot... In 2003, a British Prime Minister supported another U.S. President in a military intervention to topple a tyrant with a track record of killing his own people. Memories of the shambles of the Iraq war and the false claims that secured British backing for action are still painful, and nowhere more so than in Labour ranks. Tony Blair’s decision to stand shoulder-to-should with George W. Bush helped to deprive Labour first of Blair himself and then of power.
Tony Blair sons' former school ordered to change admission policy | theguardian.com
The Roman Catholic school where Tony Blair sent his sons has been ordered to change its admissions policy after a watchdog said it broke rules by giving preference to pupils whose parents spent at least three years giving practical help to their local church community. The Office of the Schools Adjudicator ruled that the London Oratory school in Fulham, a state secondary, broke a section of the official admissions code for schools intended to prevent parents from obtaining places for their offspring by giving practical or financial support to schools or associated bodies like the church. Such rules are in place to prevent non-selective schools covertly targeting an overly privileged intake.
BBC's head of human resources accused of 'corporate fraud and cronyism' quits | The Guardian
Lucy Adams, the BBC's head of human resources, who is accused of presiding over "corporate fraud and cronyism" for her role in six-figure severance pay deals to top executives, is to leave the corporation. Adams has been under pressure since an unconvincing performance before the public accounts committee (PAC) in July, where Tory MP Stewart Jackson subjected her to a scathing attack.
AFP: US fast food workers strike to supersize wages
Thousands of workers at McDonald's and other fast food outlets across the United States halted work Thursday in what organizers called the "largest-ever strike" to hit the $200 billion industry. Workers in 60 cities put down burgers and fries to join the fight for $15 an hour -- double what most currently earn -- and the right to form a union without retaliation, organizers said.
The Fastest-Spinning Object Ever Made - The Atlantic
Mazilu and his team needed to trap aggregations of atoms within a beam of light, and then get those atoms spinning really, really quickly. Oh, and in a vacuum. So they took calcium and concocted a tiny sphere (really tiny: about of 4 micrometers, or one-tenth of a human hair, in diameter). Then they levitated the sphere in a beam of laser light. They did all this, yes, inside a vacuum. And then! They took their tiny little sphere and whirled it -- at a rate of 600 million rotations per minute. Which (wheeeee!) must have been quite a ride for the particles inside it.

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FNNニュース: 国連安保理常任理事国会合で英がシリア攻撃可能とする決議案提示


ロシア 地中海に艦船2隻派遣へ NHKニュース


イタリア、不動産税を廃止 政権崩壊回避  :日本経済新聞


ユニクロがドイツ進出 14年、ベルリンに欧州最大店  :日本経済新聞

ファーストリテイリング傘下のユニクロは29日、ドイツに進出すると発表した。2014年春にベルリンで欧州最大の旗艦店を開業する。これまで欧州では英仏などに店舗を展開してきたが、アジア地域に比べて事業は伸び悩んでいる。ドイツへの出店で欧州でのブランド認知度を引き上げる狙いがある。 ベルリン市内有数の商業地区である「タウエンツィーンストラース」地区に路面店を構える。周辺にはスペインの「ZARA」など欧州系のブランド店が軒を連ねており、ファッション感度の高い地元消費者への情報発信拠点と位置付ける。

トマト投げ祭り 財政難で参加料徴収 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 28 August 2013

Syrian army may use kamikaze pilots against west, Assad officer claims | The Guardian

The Syrian air force is considering using kamikaze pilots against attacks by western forces, a Syrian army officer operating air defences near Damascus has claimed in an interview with the Guardian. The officer said 13 pilots had signed a pledge this week saying they would form "a crew of suicide martyrs to foil the US warplanes".

Taliban Attack U.S.-Polish Base in Afghanistan - WSJ.com

The Taliban claimed responsibility for a coordinated assault on a U.S. and coalition base and an Afghan government compound in eastern Afghanistan Wednesday that killed a coalition service member and several Afghan civilians and security guards.

Bank of England’s Governor to Keep Interest Rates Low - NYTimes.com

The Bank of England’s new governor took his ideas for spurring Britain’s sluggish economy on the road on Wednesday, traveling to the heart of the country to convince households and managers that interest rates will remain low and that he will not follow the United States in reining in the bank’s stimulus efforts just yet.

News: Nintendo 2DS is the new 'affordable' 3DS model - ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo 2DS, a new "more affordable" Nintendo 3DS model set for release in October. The redesigned handheld will play the entire library of cartridge and digital 3DS and DS titles, but "only in 2D".

Japan Fukushima toxic water leak a Level 3 'serious incident' - CNN.com

Japan's nuclear watchdog on Wednesday said a toxic water leak at the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi power plant has been classified as a level 3 "serious incident" on an international scale.

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FNNニュース: シリア情勢 イギリス政府、常任理事国5カ国に安保理決議案配布へ


ドイツ:8月のIfo景況感、107.5に上昇-4カ月連続の改善 - Bloomberg


元JPモルガン・トレーダー、逮捕―「ロンドンの鯨」事件 - WSJ.com


ロンドン午後4時、頻発する相場急変-指標レート操作示唆か - Bloomberg


大きく揺れ動くスイスの銀行員 - IBTimes

このような状況は2年前から続いている。当時、何千人もの米人顧客の脱税をほう助し、結果的に米国の法律を犯した疑いがかかっていたスイスの銀行12行を、米司法省が訴えると発表した。米司法当局は口座の動きや商取引に関する情報の引き渡しを求めたが、その中には米人顧客にアドバイスをした銀行員の名前も含まれていた。 この協力を拒めば、事実上、銀行は業務を行えなくなる。そのため、2012年4月、スイス政府はスイスの銀行に対し、米司法省に協力して「自己の利益を守るために必要な情報をすべて引き渡す」権限を認めた。

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News Headlines - 27 August 2013

BBC News - US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel

American forces are "ready" to launch strikes on Syria if President Barack Obama chooses to order an attack, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says.

TV chef Oliver sparks poverty row after he attacks families for eating junk food and buying expensive TV sets - Telegraph

Jamie Oliver has sparked a row after saying he found it hard to talk about modern day poverty when he came across British families living on junk food while spending money on expensive TV sets.

BBC News - China rules out top-level talks with Japan at G20

China has ruled out a top-level meeting with Japan to discuss a territorial dispute in the East China Sea, accusing Tokyo of "empty talk".

Japan's newest rocket fails to lift off | Reuters

Japan's first new rocket in 12 years failed to lift off on Tuesday, dealing a potential blow to hopes that Japan may be able to take a larger share of the growing, multi-billion dollar satellite launch industry.

BBC News - Kobo flattens Aura e-reader to help challenge Kindle

Kobo has updated its e-reader line-up, including its first e-ink device to have a "totally flat" front. The new Aura's edge-to-edge display is designed to help it stand out from rivals which typically feature a recessed screen within a frame.

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米、シリア攻撃準備へ 化学兵器使用断定、「責任取らせる」  - MSN産経ニュース


なぜオバマ米大統領はシリア内戦に引きずり込まれつつあるのか - WSJ.com


[FT]メルケル勝利でも欧州に寛容にならないドイツ  :日本経済新聞

下院にあたる連邦議会では、現在の連立相手である中道・自由主義の自由民主党(FDP)とわずかながら過半数を確保できるかもしれない。それでもSPDと緑の党が多数派を占める16の連邦州を代表する上院・連邦参議院とは常に妥協を求められることになる。 一方、連邦議会でFDPとの中道右派連合が過半数を取れなければ、メルケル氏はSPDか緑の党との連立を目指して交渉をしなければならなくなる。いずれかと連立政権を組むことは数字の上では可能だが、政治的には難しい。両党とも、メルケル氏の率いるキリスト教民主同盟(CDU)とは本来相いれないライバルだからだ。ただ欧州政策についての立場はほぼ一致している。

金総書記の孫、フランスの名門大に入学へ 韓国紙報道 - MSN産経ニュース


英ロンドン西部で「ノッティングヒル・カーニバル」開催 - WSJ.com


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News Headlines - 26 August 2013

BBC News - Syria crisis: UN complains after inspectors fired on

The UN is to complain to the Syrian government and rebels after a convoy of chemical weapons inspectors came under sniper fire. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said he would ask the inspection team in Damascus to register "a strong complaint" so it never happened again.

Is the party over for Wikileaks in Australia? - The Independent

When a party which espouses human rights and social justice appears to be in cahoots with gun nuts and neo-fascists, that’s not a good look. When it loses a star candidate two weeks before an election, that’s careless. And when the same party, supposedly synonymous with democracy and transparency, is accused by its own members of secretive decision-making, that could spell electoral oblivion.

Snowden got stuck in Russia after Cuba blocked entry: newspaper | Reuters

Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden got stuck in the transit zone of a Moscow airport because Havana said it would not let him fly from Russia to Cuba, a Russian newspaper reported on Monday.

Film on Salinger Claims More Books Are Coming - NYTimes.com

Mr. Salinger, who died in 2010 at the age of 91, has been known for a distinguished but scant literary oeuvre that was capped by the enormous success of his 1951 novel, “The Catcher in the Rye.” But a forthcoming documentary and related book, both titled “Salinger,” include detailed assertions that Mr. Salinger instructed his estate to publish at least five additional books — some of them entirely new, some extending past work — in a sequence that he intended to begin as early as 2015.

Edinburgh fringe closes with record ticket sales | The Guardian

The Edinburgh fringe festival has claimed another record-busting year for ticket sales, after announcing it had issued nearly 2m tickets for its shows and events. As the fringe drew to a close on Monday, it said that an estimated 1.94m tickets had been sold or issued over the past 25 days. This was 5% more than last year's festival, which was hit by lower demand as it clashed with the final stages of the London Olympics.

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FNNニュース: 米・ネバダ州でオスプレイ1機が着陸失敗 普天間配備と同型機




英ロンドンでメリルリンチの学生インターン死亡、過労死か : AFPBB News

死亡したのはメリルリンチのロンドン支店でインターンとして働いていたドイツ人学生のモーリツ・エルハルト(Moritz Erhardt)さん(21)。エルハルトさんはメリルリンチが労働環境の見直しを発表した前の週に、ロンドン市内の下宿先のシャワールームで死んでいるのが見つかった。エルハルトさんは7週間のインターン期間中の6週目だった。エルハルトさんはてんかんを患っていたとされるが公式な死因は確定していない。検視結果は1か月ほどで公表される見通しだ。

「ドライブスルー」売春、市がオープン スイスに専用施設 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 25 August 2013

BBC News - Syria to allow UN to inspect 'chemical weapons' site

The Syrian government has agreed to allow UN inspectors to investigate allegations of a suspected chemical weapon attack near Damascus. The team is to begin work on Monday. Activists say Syrian forces killed more than 300 people in several suburbs east and west of the capital on Wednesday.

Dozens Killed in Attacks Across Iraq - NYTimes.com

Insurgents killed at least 46 people in numerous attacks scattered around the country on Sunday, striking targets as varied as a coffee shop, a wedding party convoy and a carload of off-duty soldiers.

Egypt's 'trial of two regimes': Mubarak and Brotherhood in court over killings | theguardian.com

Twin judicial processes are a metaphor for where Egypt has arrived under its new military-backed interim government

Mugabe Threatens Western Firms Over Sanctions

Zimbabwe's ruler says the UK and the US should 'not continue to harass us' as he threatens to target firms from those countries.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe leaves for Middle East, Africa to promote nuclear tech exports « Politics Inn

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday departed on a six-day trip to the Middle East and Africa in his latest push to promote nuclear technology exports, despite growing problems at the crippled Fukushima plant. Abe will visit Bahrain, Kuwait, Djibouti and Qatar, with discussion of Japan’s nuclear know-how expected to be on the agenda.

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イタリア:連立、亀裂深まる 経済回復阻む恐れ- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


【ドイツ総選挙】与党優勢も連立パートナー低迷 - MSN産経ニュース


BA、ロンドン以遠の人気1位はバルセロナ、2013年上半期 | トラベルビジョン

ブリティッシュ・エアウェイズ(BA)によると、2013年上半期に成田と羽田からBA便を利用してヒースロー経由で移動した旅行者が最も多かった都市はバルセロナであった。 BAでは、2011年にBAがイベリア航空(IB)と合併してインターナショナル・エアライン・グループを形成したことで、スペインへの路線網が充実したことが一因としている。2位以下はエディンバラ、ミラノ、リスボン、パリの順であった。

【外信コラム】イタリア便り 見せ葉巻はいかが? - MSN産経ニュース

 昔は、イタリア人の年配者がねじれた木の根っこのような形で匂いのきつい葉巻を吸っているのをよく見たものだ。これが、シーガロ・トスカーノ(トスカーナ・シガー)だ。 これの誕生のいきさつは面白い。1815年8月15日、まだトスカーナ大公国であったフィレンツェ市一帯を集中豪雨が襲った。 豪雨で水浸しになった葉タバコを廃棄処分にするのはもったいないと乾かして安物葉巻を作り売り出したところ大受けしたのが始まりである。

エレベーターを付け忘れたスペインの超高層住宅 ロシア人への売却を望む: The Voice of Russia

スペインのOlga Urbana 社は、ベニドルムで建設中の超高層住宅In Tempoを完成することができる外国の投資家を探している。 Olga Urbanaの幹部職員は、ロシア、アラブ首長国連邦あるいはスリランカの企業または個人が投資する可能性があるとの見方を表している。

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News Headlines - 24 August 2013

Spanish police criticised for Gibraltar diving stunt - Telegraph

Spain was accused of a violating British sovereignty on Saturday after police divers entered the sea off Gibraltar and unfurled their flag in its waters.

Half of UK over-50s 'would choose to leave European Union' | Herald Scotland

In a nationwide poll of 11,211 people aged 50 and over, 45% said they would vote to leave the EU. Nearly two-thirds (66%) would prefer to have a referendum before the next general election, the Populus survey, conducted on behalf of Saga, also showed. The poll, the largest of its kind, is also significant because older people are more likely to vote than any other age group.

BBC News - MSF-backed hospitals treated Syria 'chemical victims'

Medecins Sans Frontieres says hospitals it supports in Syria treated about 3,600 patients with "neurotoxic symptoms", of whom 355 have died.

Needed at Microsoft - A Catch-Up Artist - NYTimes.com

The prospect of Mr. Gates’s riding to the rescue at Microsoft is intriguing but highly unlikely. Steven P. Jobs, the other celebrity entrepreneur of the early personal computer era, returned to Apple in 1997 and remade it. But in June, Mr. Gates brushed aside any suggestion that he would again lead Microsoft. The messiah option, he insisted, was not on the table. He had moved on, he said.

Classic Japan anti-war comic stirs history controversy | Reuters

A Japanese school board's bid to limit children's access to a classic anti-war comic has sparked an outcry from those who fear the move is part of a trend to whitewash the country's wartime past.

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[教えて大前先生] 世界から尊敬されるドイツ、警戒される日本 大前研一の日本のカラクリ:プレジデントオンライン


【緯度経度】?壮大な誤解?韓国こそ「ドイツに学べ」 - MSN産経ニュース

 ナチス・ドイツの歴史を振り返り、あえて韓国に相当するような国を探せばオーストリアかもしれない。 ヒトラーの故郷でもあるオーストリアはナチス・ドイツに6年間、併合されその一州になった。ナチス・ドイツと一体だったため、戦後は連合国の米英仏ソによる分割占領後、中立化を条件に1955年、独立を回復した。韓国(朝鮮)が戦後、連合国の米ソに分割占領されたのと同じだ。 興味深いのはオーストリアはナチス・ドイツとの過去の関係を国際社会に謝罪していることだ。これでいくと韓国は日本との過去を謝罪、反省しなければならないことになるが…。

17世紀の計算機、ロンドンで競売へ 持ち運びも可能  :日本経済新聞

競売大手クリスティーズは23日、17世紀後半に作られた“ポケットサイズ”の機械式計算機の競売を10月10日にロンドンで行うと発表した。「持ち運び可能な機械式計算機としては最も初期に作られたものの一つ」で、現存している同型機は世界で数個のみの珍品という。 同社は落札価格を7万~10万ポンド(1080万~1540万円)と予想している。

「ピンク・パンサー」とみられる脱獄した武装強盗犯を逮捕、フランス : AFPBB News

フランス警察当局と司法筋は21日、スイスの刑務所から5月に脱獄していた宝石窃盗団「ピンク・パンサー(Pink Panther)」のメンバーとみられる容疑者(47)を19日に逮捕していたことを明らかにした。 モンテネグロ生まれでフランスとマケドニアの国籍を持つ容疑者は、フランス南部アビニョン(Avignon)の北約15キロの町ベダリッド(Bedarrides)の自宅の窓から逃げようとしていたところを拘束された。

フランス人は日本文化が大好き!? “「日本のゲームが海外に通用しない」なんてウソだ!”リポート【CEDEC 2013】 - ファミ通.com

セッションでは、フランスでどのように日本文化が広がっていったのかが、くわしく解説された。確かに、最近テレビなどで“日本のコンテンツはフランスで大人気”と紹介される機会も多い。「それは事実だけれど、昔から人気があったわけではなく、90年代から飛躍的に人気が上昇した」とフロラン氏は歴史を語ってくれた。 そもそも、90年代からいきなり日本ブームがわき起こったわけではなく、フランス人はもっと古くから日本文化に興味を示していたという。

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News Headlines - 23 August 2013

BBC News - Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is to retire from the technology giant within the next 12 months. Shares in Microsoft, criticised for its slow response to the booming market for mobile devices, leapt 9% on the news.

Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima nears Pacific - The Washington Post

Deep beneath Fukushima’s crippled nuclear power station, a massive underground reservoir of contaminated water that began spilling from the plant’s reactors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has been creeping toward the Pacific. Now, 2 1/2 years later, experts fear it is about to reach the ocean and greatly worsen what is fast becoming a new crisis at Fukushima: the inability to contain vast quantities of radioactive water.

BBC News - Margaret Thatcher Grantham statue drawings unveiled

Drawings of three possible statues of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher have been released by Grantham Museum.

BBC News - Fast moving snails spread deadly dog disease across UK

Despite their lethargic reputations, snails can travel at a relatively speedy one metre per hour, say researchers... But scientists are worried that the fast-moving snails are spreading a parasite that is deadly for dogs.

BBC News - Celebrations as Denmark's Little Mermaid turns 100

Celebrations have been taking place in Copenhagen in around the world, marking the one hundredth anniversary of the city's iconic Little Mermaid statue.

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オリンパス103億円申告漏れ 東京国税局


JPモルガンに9月にも制裁金か、ロンドンの鯨損失で-関係者 - Bloomberg

米銀JPモルガン・チェース のロンドン部門で昨年発覚した巨額トレーディング損失の調査を進めてきた米英監督当局は、9月半ばにも同行に制裁金を科す準備を進めている。直接事情を知る関係者1人が明らかにした。

中東TV 米国の価値観に挑む アルジャジーラ開局 「多様な視点」で報道 - MSN産経ニュース


イギリスの長寿ドラマの俳優 レイプを自慢する覆面ラッパーだったことが判明 - シネマトゥデイ

25歳のクリスはザ・ファントムの名前でマスクをしてYouTubeに数件のラップビデオをアップ。その歌詞の内容は、“病気持ち”の針でライバルを刺したり、彼らの家に火を放ったり、女性をレイプしたりするというひどいものだったらしい。クリスはイギリスの長寿テレビドラマ「コロネーション・ストリート(原題) / Coronation Street」のレギュラーで、ラッパーの正体を知ったメディアはドラマの放送局であるITVのトップに連絡。すぐに出演を見合わせることが決まり、今後どうするかは検討中だという。



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News Headlines - 22 August 2013

BBC News - Fukushima leak is 'much worse than we were led to believe'

A nuclear expert has told the BBC that he believes the current water leaks at Fukushima are much worse than the authorities have stated.

Africa and Pakistan Face Polio Outbreaks, in Setback to Global Fight - NYTimes.com

The global effort to eradicate polio, a disease that has been on the brink of extinction for years, is facing serious setbacks on two continents. The virus is surging in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, which had been largely free of cases for several years. And a new outbreak has begun in a part of Pakistan that a warlord declared off limits to vaccinators 14 months ago.

Nasdaq shutdown renews fears over stock market stability | The Guardian

A glitch in the Nasdaq stock market resulted in an unprecedented shutdown of trading of over 2,000 major US stocks and options for more than two hours, creating confusion around the shares of the biggest companies in America and resulting in calls for greater regulation. Nasdaq shut down for over three hours in the middle of the day as it investigated the outage. Trading resumed at 3.25pm ET.

Yahoo! overtakes Google in US website visitors for first time in two years | The Guardian

Yahoo! attracted more website visitors in the United States than Google during July, pushing the company to the top of the online league for the first time in two years... The improvement suggests that changes under chief executive Marissa Mayer, who was recruited from Google, are beginning to resonate with the online audience. Mayer has revamped the Yahoo! home page, as well as email and weather services.

BBC News - Kevin Spacey: TV audiences 'want to binge'

Audiences are demanding "complex, smart stories" as they become accustomed to "bingeing" on box sets, Kevin Spacey has told TV executives in Edinburgh. The star of the acclaimed Netflix drama, House of Cards, said, "The audience wants control. They want freedom."

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汚染水漏れ 欧米メディアでも関心高く NHKニュース


シリア内戦 反体制派「毒ガス攻撃、1300人以上死亡」 政権側は否定 - MSN産経ニュース

シリア内戦が泥沼化する中、苦戦が伝えられる反体制派側から、首都ダマスカス郊外の戦闘で21日、アサド政権側が「毒ガスを使用し、1300人以上が死亡した」との主張が飛び出している。政権側の軍報道官は「でたらめであり悪質なプロパガンダだ」と反論し化学兵器の使用を否定した。 CNNテレビによると、米政府高官は化学兵器使用について確認していない、と述べた。

500人超でホルンの調べ スイス、世界記録を更新  :日本経済新聞

マッターホルンなど4千メートル級の山々に囲まれたスイス南部の展望台で、508人の奏者が集まって伝統的な楽器アルプホルンを演奏する催しが行われ、美しい調べが雄大なアルプスに響き渡った。 スイスのメディアによると、2009年に同じ場所で366人がアルプホルンを演奏、同時にアルプホルンを演奏した人数の世界記録を打ち立てたが、今回はその記録を更新する結果となった。

シャラポワが名字変更申請 全米オープン期間に限り  :日本経済新聞


「世界最悪」のキリスト画修復、82歳女性に著作権収入の49%(AFPBB News)

だが、より大規模な収入が期待できそうなのが、ワインボトルのラベルからマグカップ、Tシャツまで、ありとあらゆる商品を対象にした修復後のキリスト画の著作権収入だ。 ボルハ市で文化分野を担当するフアン・マリア・オヘダ(Juan Maria Ojeda)副市長はAFPに対し、修復後のフレスコ画の著作権収入の49%をヒメネスさんが受け取り、残りは教会の運営財団のものとする契約が21日に結ばれたことを明らかにした。

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News Headlines - 21 August 2013

Manning Sentenced to 35 Years For a Pivotal Leak of U.S. Files - NYTimes.com

A military judge sentenced Pfc. Bradley Manning on Wednesday to 35 years in prison for providing more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks, a gigantic leak that lifted the veil on American military and diplomatic activities around the world.

China's Bo Xilai goes on trial, culmination of dramatic fall | Reuters

Fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai appeared in public for the first time in more than a year on Thursday to face trial in eastern China, the final chapter of the country's most politically charged case in more than three decades.

UN seeks clarity on Syria gas attack claim - Al Jazeera English

An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has called for a prompt investigation into an alleged chemical weapons attack outside the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Fed Stays the Course on Bond Buying - WSJ.com

Federal Reserve officials reaffirmed their plan to try winding down an easy-money program that has charged up global markets, but left investors on tenterhooks about when or how aggressively they would move.

BBC News - Japan nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level

Japan's nuclear agency has upgraded the severity level of a radioactive water leak at the Fukushima plant from one to three on an international scale.

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ドイツ南部の収容所跡を訪問 メルケル氏、首相として初 - MSN産経ニュース


シリア首都郊外で100人死亡 反体制派「毒ガスで650人犠牲」 - MSN産経ニュース




ドイツの音楽市場、10年ぶりプラス成長 | Musicman-NET


東京はどうなる!? 五輪から1年経ったロンドンの今(Excite Bit コネタ)

英調査会社Ipsos MORIによれば、英国民の83%は五輪がより人々にスポーツを広める結果をもたらしたと答えている。84%は五輪開催が将来的にもスポーツの成功をもたらしていくだろうと感じている。一方で悲観的な回答は2%にととどまる。さらに84%が五輪は英国社会に「前向き」な雰囲気をもたらしたと考え、そのうち57%は「とても前向き」と回答している。否定的な雰囲気と答えた人はわずか3%だった。

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News Headlines - 20 August 2013

BBC News - Fukushima nuclear plant: Radioactive water leak found

Radioactive water has leaked from a storage tank into the ground at Japan's Fukushima plant, its operator says. Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) said the leak of at least 300 tonnes of the highly radioactive water was discovered on Monday.

BBC News - Businessman Gary Bolton jailed over fake bomb detectors

A businessman who sold fake bomb detectors around the world has been jailed for seven years. The devices made by Gary Bolton, 47, were simply boxes with handles and antennae, the Old Bailey heard.

Sony Xperia i1 'Honami' release date, news and rumours | TechRadar

The most recent flagship handset to come out of the Japanese firm was the Sony Xperia Z at the beginning of this year and while it's only be around for eight months it's apparently time for a new model, the Xperia i1.

Sony PlayStation 4 to launch November 15 in US | | theguardian.com

Sony has had more than 1 million preorders worldwide for its new PlayStation 4 console, the head of its SCE computer entertainment division said on Tuesday. SCE chief executive Andrew House added that the console will be available from November 15 in North America and will hit stores in Europe from November 29.

Japan space agency unveils new rocket Epsilon |chinadaily.com.cn

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on Tuesday unveiled its new solid-fuel rocket Epsilon before its launch with a scientific satellite next week.

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アルカイダ、欧州の高速鉄道攻撃を計画=独紙 | Reuters


欧州委、ジブラルタル問題で調査団派遣へ 検問状況など分析  :日本経済新聞




【オリンピズム】IOC会長選と五輪招致(5)欧州に接近する米国五輪委 - MSN産経ニュース


FNNニュース: 震災漂着物 アメリカの夫婦が被災地で持ち主と面会しました。


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News Headlines - 19 August 2013

Egypt's ex-president Mubarak may be freed soon

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for three decades before his ouster in 2011, could be released from prison this week, according to his lawyer and judicial sources.

Labour voters unsure if Ed Miliband is best leader, poll finds | The Guardian

Survey shows 34% of party's supporters think he should quit, against 46% who back him to lead them into 2015 election

Prince William interview: Future king talks fatherhood, baby George - CNN.com

"He's a little bit of a rascal, I'll put it that way," William told CNN's Max Foster. "He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I'm not sure, but he's doing very well at the moment." "He's growing quite quickly actually. But he's a little fighter -- he wriggles around quite a lot and he doesn't want to go to sleep that much."

Google argues UK privacy laws do not apply to it - Telegraph

Google is trying to avoid a potentially costly bill in the UK for allegedly breaching the privacy of iPhone users by arguing it is not subject to British laws.

Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant to become tourist attraction - Telegraph

A group of authors, scholars, academics and architects has banded together to put forward a proposal for a new community - possibly named Fukushima Gate Village - on the edge of the exclusion zone and around 25 miles from the site of the second-worst nuclear accident in history.

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エジプト死者900人超 同胞団逮捕者1450人に - MSN産経ニュース


【エジプト】ドイツが武器禁輸を検討 - MSN産経ニュース


ドイツ:緑の党が公約「週1日の菜食日」 与党など反発- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)

政権を取ったら、週1日を「ベジタリアンの日」に--。 9月22日に連邦議会選(総選挙)を控えるドイツで、野党の環境政党・緑の党が「市役所食堂や学校では週1回、メニューに野菜だけの日を設ける」との選挙公約を掲げ、波紋を呼んでいる。食卓にはソーセージや肉料理が欠かせない国民性だけに、与党からは「食事くらい自分で決める」との反発も起きている。

英国:原発「解体先進国」 稼働26年、廃炉に90年- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


USTR代表「ポジティブな一歩」 日本郵政とアフラック提携  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 18 August 2013

UK detains partner of journalist linked to Snowden | Reuters

British authorities used anti-terrorism powers to detain the partner of a journalist with close links to Edward Snowden, the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor, as he passed through London's Heathrow airport on Sunday.

Update: 36 Egyptian Islamists killed in jailbreak - Daily News Egypt

Thirty-six Islamist prisoners were killed in Egypt on Sunday during an attempted prison break, the official MENA news agency reported.

How tax drove Vodafone brand to Dublin | The Guardian

But few of Vodafone's customers will be aware that, for four years, the marketing of these high-profile sponsorship deals was run not from its headquarters in the English market town of Newbury but from a satellite office in Dublin.

BBC News - Japan firework festival explosion injures dozens

More than 50 people have been injured, 19 seriously, by an explosion at a summer fireworks festival in Japan's Kyoto prefecture.

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan: Largest Eruption in Decades Sends Ash Plume Thousands of Feet High - weather.com

The volcano, located in the far southwestern part of Japan's mainland on the island of Kyushu, began to erupt at 4:31 p.m. local time Sunday (3:31 a.m. EDT U.S. time). The smoke plume eventually reached a height of 5,000 meters (approximately 16,000 feet), according to the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory. Public broadcaster NHK reported it was the volcano's tallest ash plume since records began in 1955.

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ダイアナ元皇太子妃の死を巡り 英警察が新情報調査


ヒトラー・ラベルのイタリアワイン 旅行者に訴えられる: The Voice of Russia


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 驚きの高額年金 - MSN産経ニュース

 社会保険公社の年次報告によると、公社関係の年金受給者1600万人のうち、1種類だけの年金を受給する73%の人々の平均月額は1200ユーロ(15万6千円)だ。  政府は3年前から経済危機対策の一環として、年額9万ユーロ以上の高額年金受給者から「助け合い資金」の名目で、受給額に応じて5~15%分を天引きしていた。だが、退官後に高額年金受給者となる判事が多い最高裁判所は「公平の原則に反する」と廃止させ、今年度から削減した金額を受給者に払い戻している

フランスのマンガ“バンドデシネ”って何?「バンド・デシネ徹底ガイド」刊行 | アニメ!アニメ!


シルバーストーンの所有者交代へ | ESPN F1

シルバーストーン・サーキットがブリティッシュ・レーシング・ドライバー・クラブ(BRDC)によって売却され、新たなオーナーシップの下にあると報じられた。……BRDCは以前から新たな投資家を募っており、それによってシルバーストーンの再開発を進める考えだった。第一段階として、すでに2,700万ポンド(約41億円)をかけた新しいピット&パドックコンプレックスが完成している。『The Independent(インディペンデント)』の報道によると、バイヤーは不明だが――不動産会社とみられている――サーキットの経営権が移っており、これによって敷地内にビジネスパークを建設する可能性が開けたという。

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News Headlines - 17 August 2013

Security forces clear Cairo mosque after standoff with pro-Morsi protesters - The Washington Post

Egyptian security forces on Saturday overran a Cairo mosque in which hundreds of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi had barricaded themselves for nearly 24 hours after a day of gun battles in the heart of the capital. It was unclear by nightfall what had become of the protesters, who had been detained after security forces had escorted them from the scene. Egyptian state television declared that “the crisis is over.”

AFP: UN scrambles aid as Syrians flood into Iraqi Kurdistan

The UN refugee agency said Friday it was scrambling aid in northern Iraq after thousands of Syrians crossed the tightly-controlled border in a sudden and unexplained influx. The vast majority of the new arrivals were women, children and elderly people from embattled Aleppo in northwestern Syria or communities in the northeast, closer to Iraq.

Murdoch's UK unit could face corporate hacking charges: source | Reuters

London police are actively investigating Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper business for possible criminal violations over allegations of phone-hacking and illegal payments to public officials by its journalists, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

BBC News - Diana death: New information assessed by Scotland Yard

The Metropolitan Police is assessing new information it has recently received about the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in 1997.

BBC News - Gibraltar: The thorn in British-Spanish relations

Spain and Britain are still talking tough on the issue of Gibraltar as the dispute over Spanish checks at the border continues. The BBC's Tom Burridge talks to people on the Spanish side and looks at the arguments dividing the two countries.

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住民入り乱れ「市街戦」…カイロ無秩序状態 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

エジプトで16日に行われたモルシ前大統領派の抗議デモは、銃撃戦や衝突を誘発し、首都カイロでも市街戦のような光景が広がった。 治安部隊とモルシ支持者、それにモルシ派に憎悪を募らせる市民が対立し合い、誰が、どこから発砲しているのかすらわからない無秩序状態に陥っている。

CNN.co.jp : エジプト、各国が暫定政権を非難


バンク・オブ・アメリカ、メリルを法的統合へ―10‐12月期にも - WSJ.com

バンク・オブ・アメリカは2008年に救済・子会社化したメリルリンチを今年10-12月期にも法的に本体に完全統合する方針だ。バンカメが当局に提出した資料で明らかになった。 この方針通り実施されても、メリルリンチはバンカメの一部門として存続し、名称の変更もない。しかし法的には一体となるため、メリルは各規制当局に、これまでのようにバンカメとは別に決算などの業績報告書を提出する必要がなくなる。このため投資家はメリルの業績を調査するのに、バンカメ本体の報告書から探ることになる。

“嫌がらせ国家”中国 報復でノルウェーのサケ輸入激減、比のバナナも… - 政治・社会 - ZAKZAK


北欧で男性器に噛みつく肉食魚「パクー」発見 当局が警戒呼び掛け - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 16 August 2013

Veteran British cameraman for Sky News killed 'by sniper' in Egypt clashes - Telegraph

A veteran British television cameraman was killed today as he reported on the Egyptian security forces’ bloody crackdown on protesters demanding the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Clashes erupt in Egypt as Morsi supporters observe day of ‘rage’ - The Washington Post

Fierce clashes erupted across Egypt on Friday as thousands of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi took to the streets in the aftermath of government raids on pro-Morsi protest camps that left hundreds dead. Dozens of dead and wounded were carried into a field hospital set up by Morsi supporters at the al-Fateh mosque in central Cairo’s Ramses Square on Friday afternoon, as helicopters flew low over the city’s central neighborhoods, witnesses and pro-Morsi activists said.

Court sanctions sterilisation of man with learning difficulties | theguardian.com

A high court judge has for the first time sanctioned the sterilisation of a man with learning difficulties, ruling that he could suffer psychological harm if he has another child. The man, known as "DE", already has a son with his girlfriend.

UK tourism hits record 12 months after Olympics - Telegraph

Britain welcomed more than one visitor every single second in June, as the reputation built up during last year’s Olympics games helped to attract record numbers of tourists, official figures show.

BBC News - Ubuntu sets crowdfund pledge record for Edge smartphone

A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone has set a record for raising more money in pledges than any other such venture. The London-based developer, Canonical, has generated $10,288,472 (about £6.6m) in pledges, passing the record set by Pebble smartwatches last year.

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エジプト死者600人超に、モルシ派は「数百万人デモ」呼びかけ | Reuters


胸の写真からブラのサイズを判定 アメリカのベンチャーがアプリ開発 - ねとらぼ


ブラッド・ピット、早くも『ワールド・ウォー Z』の続編製作で来年はイギリスに? | ニュースウォーカー

世界興行収入が5億ドルに達成した『ワールド・ウォー Z』の製作費は、公には2億ドルと言われているが、「素人集団で撮影中にトラブルが絶えず、エンディングの変更により公開が大幅に遅れるとともに、ブラッドが私費を費やし、その製作費は4億ドルにも膨れ上がった」と一部メディアが報じていた。ゾンビ映画ということもあり大赤字が予想されていたが、しかし、実際には娯楽用のB級ゾンビ映画とは程遠く、ブラッドの家族への思いが詰まったヒューマンドラマに仕上がっており、既に製作費が回収される大ヒットに。

【イタすぎるセレブ達】ブルース・ウィリスのCMがイギリスで放送禁止に。もっと喋ればよかった…!?(Techinsight Japan)

British Advertising Standards Authority (イギリス広告標準局)は、そのCMの放送を禁じた理由をこう説明した。「BスカイB社は、その料金システムの詳細や条件を画面に小さな文字で表現しただけです。しかしこれは併せて音声でも読み上げられるべきものでした。現状では消費者にとってのメリットが不鮮明なCMだと言わざるを得ません。」老若を問わず、またハンデを背負っている視聴者に対しても分かりやすい内容にしなければ、真に役立つコマーシャルだとは言えないというのである。

Perfume英ロンドンライブ中継、観客動員3万人を記録 - 映画.com


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News Headlines - 15 August 2013

BBC News - Japan ministers in Yasukuni visit as PM Abe sends offering

Two Japanese cabinet ministers and dozens of lawmakers have visited the Yasukuni shrine on the anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II.

China, S Korea condemn Japan over war shrine visit|chinadaily.com.cn

China and South Korea on Thursday strongly condemned the visits of Japanese cabinet members, lawmakers and other politicians to the notorious Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which honors 14 Class-A war criminals in the World War II.

Egypt Defends Crackdown As UN Council Meets

The Egyptian ambassador to Britain has said the force used in deadly raids on Cairo protest camps was "not at all excessive".

AFP: Over 50 injured by blast at Japan fireworks show: media

More than 50 people were injured Thursday evening by an explosion probably caused by a gas cylinder just before a fireworks display in Japan's Kyoto prefecture, media reports said.

Mark Sutton dies: Footage of Olympics stuntman's final moments handed over to police investigators - Mirror Online

The stuntman who was James Bond’s double in last year’s Olympics opening ceremony was killed when he plummeted into a mountain at 155mph during a “wing-suit” freefall.

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死者525人に エジプト座り込み強制排除 - MSN産経ニュース


海兵隊移転 米に予算確保要求 NHKニュース


世界の通商に占めるドイツの比率、今年と来年は低下へ=商工会議所 | Reuters


日本だけじゃない、北半球が猛暑  偏西風蛇行が原因 - MSN産経ニュース


五輪開会式のボンド役の男性死去 滑空中、岩に衝突か ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 14 August 2013

Eurozone emerges from recession led by France and Germany - FT.com

The eurozone has emerged from the longest recession in its history with heavyweights France and Germany leading the way, raising optimism that a recovery in the currency bloc is getting stronger.

UK unemployment rate holds steady at 7.8% - FT.com

Britain’s unemployment rate held steady at 7.8 per cent in the three months to June but investors focused on signs of underlying improvements in the labour market.

Egypt: 'Hundreds Die' In Raids On Morsi Camps

Hundreds of people have reportedly been shot dead by Egyptian security forces who tried to clear two protest camps loyal to deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

BBC News - India submarine blast: Lives lost in Mumbai port

A huge explosion and fire on an Indian submarine berthed at a Mumbai dockyard has killed a number of crew members, India's defence minister has said.

Google Street View takes a peek inside the Tardis - The Independent

If you’re using Street View outside Earl’s Court tube station simply click on the double-arrow to step inside the famous blue police box... The interior view lets users explore the main control room of the famous space ship, even letting fans down to the ‘ground floor’ to take a look at the heart of the Tardis.

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なぜ?パナソニック宣伝戦略に違和感 バルサ契約…社内外から驚きの声 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


宗教画「修復」予想外の町おこしに スペイン、画家も汚名返上 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


47階高層住宅にエレベーター設置忘れ、完成間近に気付く スペイン - MSN産経フォト


繁栄を謳歌する英領ジブラルタル、不況下スペインの南端で : AFPBB News


スペインが9月から国債発行ペース鈍化、イタリアは予定通り発行へ | Reuters


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News Headlines - 13 August 2013

BBC News - Japanese town to scrap marooned 'tsunami boat'

A Japanese town has decided to scrap a marooned fishing boat which has become a symbol of the devastating 2011 tsunami, officials say.

BBC News - Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel has released 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal that will see peace talks resume this week.

UK borrowing costs rise to highest in two years - FT.com

UK 10-year borrowing costs have climbed to the highest for two years amid market doubts about whether Mark Carney, the new Bank of England governor, will be able to keep the lid on interest rates until 2016.

Inflation down in July: Relief for Bank of England Governor Mark Carney - The Independent

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gained ground in the central bank’s lengthy battle against inflation today as the cost of living eased back from its 14-month high in July.

Facebook buys machine translation start-up - Telegraph

Facebook has bought a speech recognition and machine translation start-up, in a move it hopes will connect users across language barriers.

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「子どもの名前に「メシア(救世主)」、米裁判所が反対」 News i


国連事務総長 米の無人機攻撃を懸念 NHKニュース




FNNニュース: ディズニー・ワールド近くのホテル倒壊 米・フロリダ州


Firefox OS搭載のZTE Openがアメリカとイギリスで80ドルで発売 | TechCrunch Japan

AndroidとiOSの支配がほぼ確定しているアメリカとイギリスのモバイル市場で、いまさら新たに目立つためには何をすべきか? 無契約でアンロックのFirefox OS製品を79ドル99セントで発売するのだ。それだけではインパクトが弱いかもしれないから、販売チャネルをeBayに限定する。以上が、ZTEが考えたFirefox OSスマートフォンZTE Openの立ち上げキャンペーンだ。今週の金曜日(米国時間8/16)から予約販売を開始するらしい。

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News Headlines - 12 August 2013

Gibraltar tensions soar as UK threatens legal action over border checks and Navy sets sail for Med - The Independent

Britain has threatened Spain with legal action over the "politically motivated" imposition of extra checks on the frontier with Gibraltar. Diplomatic tensions between the two countries continued to grow after Downing Street disclosed it was considering taking the "unprecedented step" on the grounds that the Spanish action breached European Union law.

A gaffe-prone Japan is a danger to peace in Asia - FT.com

Japan’s public diplomacy hovers between the ludicrous and the sinister. In recent months, the country has specialised in foreign policy gaffes that seem designed to give maximum offence to its Asian neighbours while causing maximum embarrassment to its western allies.

Disappointing GDP growth revives Japan sales tax debate - FT.com

Japan’s economy expanded for the third straight quarter in the three months to June, yet the pace of growth was slower than experts had expected, a result that is likely to deepen an already contentious debate about whether to raise the national sales tax.

BlackBerry may put itself up for sale | Reuters

Struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd is weighing options that could include an outright sale, it said on Monday, and its largest shareholder is stepping down from its board to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

California billionaire unveils futuristic 'Hyperloop' transport | Reuters

California billionaire Elon Musk took the wraps off his vision of a futuristic "Hyperloop" transport system on Monday, proposing to build a solar-powered network of crash-proof capsules that would whisk people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour.

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iPhone 5S/5Cは9月10日発売か 米メディア報道 |ソフトバンク ビジネス+IT

今回、iPhone 5Sと呼ばれる現行機種の後継モデルが発表されるほか、新たにiPhone 5Cと呼ばれる低価格モデルが投入されるとの見方が強い。 米IDCの直近の発表によれば、2013年第2四半期のAndroidスマートフォンの出荷台数は前年同期比で73.5%も増加し、Android搭載スマートフォンのシェアは79.3%となった。一方でアップルの伸びは前年比20%増にとどまり、シェアも13.2%だった。

ゴミ箱ネットワークがスマホを追跡:ロンドン « WIRED.jp


元JPモルガン行員を検挙か、「ロンドン鯨」事件で-関係者 - Bloomberg

米捜査当局はJPモルガン・チェース のロンドン部門で2012年に発生した巨額損失に関連して、隠蔽(いんぺい)を図ったとして週内にも刑事事件で元行員の検挙を発表する可能性がある。

ノルウェー首相がタクシー運転手に変装、「国民の本音」探るため : AFPBB News

ノルウェーのイエンス・ストルテンベルグ(Jens Stoltenberg)首相は11日、有権者の本当の関心を知るため、ある日の午後にタクシードライバーに変装したことを明かした。……スウェーデンでは9月9日の総選挙に向けた選挙戦が最高潮を迎えており、最新の世論調査では、同首相が率いる与党の中道左派連合が敗北する可能性が高いとの結果が出ている。

オリバー・ストーンが語る もうひとつのアメリカ史(1~3) オリバー・ストーン、ピーター・カズニック著 「正史」にひそむ矛盾を浮き彫りに :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 11 August 2013

UK's Labour says Tesco and Next shun local workers | Reuters

Britain's opposition Labour party is to accuse supermarket giant Tesco and clothing retailer Next of turning away British workers where possible to exploit cheaper migrant labour.

Tesco hits back at Labour over foreign workers claim | Metro News

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘It is wrong to accuse Tesco of this. We work incredibly hard to recruit from the local area and have just recruited 350 local people to work in our Dagenham site.’ The supermarket chain is also reportedly planning to complain directly to Labour via a letter.

BBC News - UK wages decline among worst in Europe

Wages in the UK have seen one of the largest falls in the European Union during the economic downturn, according to official figures. The figures, which were requested by the Labour Party and collated by the House of Commons library, show average hourly wages have fallen 5.5% since mid-2010, adjusted for inflation.

Britain's foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda, DfiD admits - Telegraph

Almost half a million pounds of British taxpayer-funded aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, the Department for International Development has admitted.

Big week of Japan data could test government's resolve to hike tax | Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to raise the national sales tax, painful medicine meant to address his government's ailing finances, faces an important test this week with the release of key economic data.

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欧州で人身売買組織摘発 75人逮捕: The Voice of Russia


奈良・興福寺のドイツ人僧侶、修行終え帰国へ 「仏の教え伝えたい」 - MSN産経ニュース


【外信コラム】イタリア便り カモメ舞うローマ - MSN産経ニュース




スイスに「黒人差別存在」 年収74億円、米セレブと知らず…店員「あなたには買えない」 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 10 August 2013

Drone strike kills two in southern Yemen - officials and residents | Reuters

Local officials and residents in Yemen's southern Lahj Province said a drone destroyed a vehicle travelling on a mountain road late on Saturday evening killing its two occupants and bringing to 15 the death toll from four strikes in three days.

BBC News - Belfast riots: 56 police officers injured during parade protests

The number of police officers injured during loyalist protests against a republican parade in central Belfast is 56. The police fired 26 plastic bullets and made eight arrests on Friday evening amid sustained rioting in Royal Avenue.

For Iraqis, Some Relief Amid Violence - It’s Only 108° - NYTimes.com

For many of the weary residents of this city, who have faced a bloody summer of explosions at soccer fields, cafes and open markets resulting in Iraq’s highest death toll in five years, there are only small things for which to be grateful. Like the weather.

Teachers and doctors warned in fight against forced marriage during summer peak - Telegraph

Teachers, doctors and airport staff have been warned to watch out for young people being taken abroad to undergo forced marriages over the school holiday period.

BBC News - Indonesia volcano eruption: Six dead on Palue

Six people have been killed in a volcanic eruption on a tiny island in Indonesia, officials have said. Mount Rokatenda, on the island of Palue some 2,000km (1,250 miles) east of Jakarta, spewed ash and rocks 2km into the air.

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王子誕生のイギリス 今度はパンダ? NHKニュース


ドイツ:電車内で女児出産 お祝いに「生涯乗り放題」切符- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


駅買いませんか…売り手はイギリス国防省 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

英国防省は、同省がロンドン中心部に所有する、地下鉄の廃駅「ブロンプトン・ロード駅」を9月に売り出すと発表した。 同駅は、地下鉄「ピカデリー線」上にある。1906年12月に開業したが、乗降客が少ないため、34年7月に廃止され、その後、第2次世界大戦中に陸軍の防空部門本部となるなど軍施設として利用されてきた。

UEFAヨーロッパリーグ - ニュース – UEFA.com


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News Headlines - 09 August 2013

Japan’s Debt Looks Like This - 1,000,000,000,000,000 Yen - NYTimes.com

Japan’s soaring national debt, already more than twice the size of its economy, has reached a new milestone, surpassing one quadrillion yen.

BBC News - Boycott websites which don't tackle abuse, says Cameron

Social networking websites which do not "step up to the plate" and tackle online abuse should be boycotted, the prime minister has said.

Thirty years on: IRA finally admits killing prison officer Brian Stack - Independent.ie

Thirty years on from the gun attack on Brian Stack, his sons were driven in a blacked-out van last week to an undisclosed location where a former Provo chief admitted responsibility. In a statement, typed up on an old typewriter and handed to Austin and Oliver Stack in a bungalow somewhere in Ireland, the IRA said the shooting was not sanctioned.

Kenyan Inquiries Find No Sign of Explosion in Airport Fire, President Says - NYTimes.com

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya said Friday that investigations into the huge fire that razed parts of the international airport here, East Africa’s largest, had found no evidence of an explosion or an explosive device.

Ukip's Godfrey Bloom: Why on earth would a woman ever vote for Ukip - the ultimate 'old boys' club'? - Telegraph

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom's 'bongo-bongo land' comment may have landed him in hot water this week. But what about his and other Ukip members' sexist views of women? Cathy Newman investigates.

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早すぎる緩和解除行った日本の過去の誤り繰り返さず=英中銀総裁 | Reuters


アメリカ・モビル、KPN未保有分に72億ユーロで買収提示 | Reuters


フランスの原発で火災: The Voice of Russia


EICネット[海外環境ニュース - イギリス、絶滅の恐れのある野生生物の保全に関するツイッター・イベント開催]


UEFAヨーロッパリーグ - ニュース - UEFA.com

UEFAは6日、2013年7月11日のUEFAヨーロッパリーグ予選1回戦FCインテル・トゥルク対バイキングルを裁いた主審と副審について、アルメニアサッカー協会(HFF)の執行委員会の決定に留意した。 HFFでのヒアリングで、アンドラニク・アルセニアン主審とホブハネス・アバギアン副審はバイキングルが1-0で勝利した第2戦について、結果を操作しようとしたと認めていたからだ。

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News Headlines - 08 August 2013

Serious Fraud Office admits losing thousands of documents linked to BAE | theguardian.com

The Serious Fraud Office has admitted accidentally sending a huge cache of confidential documents from an investigation into Britain's biggest arms firm, BAE, to the wrong person.

BBC News - Ask.fm advertisers to quit site in cyberbullying row

Several large companies are among those pulling adverts from social media website ask.fm, after the death of a teenager who was bullied online.

'Go home' campaign creating climate of fear, say rights groups | The Guardian

Human rights organisations have said the government's targeting of illegal immigrants over the past two weeks is creating a climate of fear and intolerance that threatens to put race relations back decades.

BBC News - Wanted mafia boss Domenico Rancadore found in Middlesex

A mafia boss wanted in Italy since the 1990s has been arrested in London but may be released because of "significant deficiencies" with his arrest warrant. Domenico Rancadore, 64, was wanted over his links with Cosa Nostra.

Crossrail digging unearths diverse and ancient London burial ground | The Guardian

Every day hordes of London commuters have passed unknowingly over the bodies of thousands of their predecessors, buried a few metres under the roaring traffic and rumbling trains at Liverpool Street, and which are now being exposed for the first time by the huge Crossrail construction project.

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ソニー・日立など、中国サイトに内部資料多数 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


ロンドン金属取引所、フロリダ州でもアルミ倉庫訴訟の被告に - WSJ.com


HMV、ロンドンの第一号店が復活 (2013/08/08) | RO69(アールオーロック)


「世界最大のトランプ」、英ロンドンの恐怖の館に登場 : AFPBB News

「恐怖の館」として観光客に人気の英ロンドン(London)のアトラクション「ロンドン・ダンジョン(London Dungeon)」で7日、高さ2メートル、幅1.5メートルの「世界最大のトランプ」が報道陣にお披露目された。 これは、期間限定のショー「ジェスティバル・シーズン(Jestival Season)」の小道具。

英・西の首脳 話し合いで解決確認 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 07 August 2013

Japan says Fukushima leak worse than thought, govt joins clean-up - BuenosAiresHerald.com

Highly radioactive water from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is pouring out at a rate of 300 tonnes a day, officials said, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered the government to step in and help in the clean-up.

BBC News - Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'emergency'

Japan's nuclear watchdog has said the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is facing a new "emergency" caused by a build-up of radioactive groundwater. A barrier built to contain the water has already been breached, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority warned.

U.S. worried by aggressive military posture | The Japan Times

The United States has expressed concern about Japan’s desire to acquire the ability to attack enemy bases in an overhaul of defense policies pursued by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a government source said in Tokyo.

Sony Gets Top Japan Billing as DoCoMo Shuns IPhone - Bloomberg

NTT DoCoMo Inc. will order more Sony Corp. smartphones as Japan’s largest wireless carrier keeps Apple Inc.’s iPhone off its shelves because the iTunes Store competes with its own e-commerce business. Sales of Sony’s Xperia A handset could reach 2 million by Sept. 30 after going on sale in May as DoCoMo focuses on a smaller range of devices, Chief Financial Officer Kazuto Tsubouchi said in an interview at company headquarters in Tokyo yesterday.

The Japanese towns where tourists can train to be ninjas - The Independent

If you've ever wanted to be a ninja then you now can. Two towns in Japan are giving tourists the opportunity to carry out ninja training.

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イエメン 米の攻撃で7人死亡 NHKニュース


墜落ヘリ装置 アメリカに問い合わせ NHKニュース


ドイツ:6月鉱工業生産2.4%増、予想上回る-景気拡大の兆候 - Bloomberg

ドイツの6月の鉱工業生産は予想を大きく上回る伸びとなった。同国経済の拡大ペースが4-6月(第2四半期)に加速したことが示された。独経済技術省が7日発表した6月の鉱工業生産指数 は前月比2.4%上昇。

イタリア第2四半期GDPは前期比0.2%減、景気後退底入れの兆し | Reuters


ロンドン下水管から15トンの廃油の塊を除去、2階建てバスサイズ : AFPBB News

英ロンドン(London)の下水管から、名物の2階建てバスとほぼ同じ大きさの腐敗した食用油の塊が10日がかりで除去された。英水道大手テムズ・ウォーター(Thames Water)が6日、発表した。排水溝に流された食用油が下水管に付着し固まったもので、同社は氷山(アイスバーグ)になぞらえ「英国史上最大のファットバーグ」だと述べている。

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News Headlines - 06 August 2013

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sets out to show Washington Post how to make leap from print to digital - The Washington Post

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos is revered as one of the brightest minds in corporate America, but even he is still puzzling over how to reverse the financial slide threatening The Washington Post and other major U.S. newspapers.

Washington Post makes paper profit for Warren Buffett - FT.com

Shares in the Washington Post Company jumped to a five-year high, sending the value of Warren Buffett’s stake to over $1bn, as investors welcomed the $250m sale of its flagship newspaper to Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder.

Iran President Says He Is Open to Nuclear Talks With U.S. - NYTimes.com

Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, on Tuesday used his first news conference to call for serious negotiations to solve the decade-long dispute over the country’s nuclear program and he repeatedly suggested openness to direct talks with the United States, an idea that until recently had been unthinkable for many years.

Divorce rate rises among over-60s - The Independent

The number of older couples getting divorced is on the rise, partly as a result of women becoming more financially independent, analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows.

BBC News - Japan unveils 'largest battleship' since World War II

Japan has unveiled its largest warship since World War II, to be used in anti-submarine warfare and border-area surveillance missions.

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佳子さまが米国へ出発 夏休み利用しホームステイ - MSN産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : アルカイダ指導者の指示を傍受 米公館閉鎖の背景




フランスの豪邸と薄熙来氏失脚劇との関係 - WSJ.com

当地の高台に建つビラ・フォンテーヌ・サン・ジョルジュは豪華を絵に描いたような屋敷だ。寝室は6つでプールと4000平方メートルの庭があり、地中海が見晴らせる。 スモッグに覆われた中国内陸都市、重慶とはかけ離れた世界に見える。重慶市では昨年、英国人実業家、ニール・ヘイウッド氏の殺害事件をきっかけに中国で最も有力な政治家の1人だった薄熙来氏が失脚に追い込まれた。

キングス・オブ・レオン、ロンドン公演のコメディ調トレイラーを公開 (2013/08/06) | RO69(アールオーロック)


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News Headlines - 05 August 2013

Washington Post sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for $250m | The Guardian

The Washington Post is to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of the web retail giant Amazon, in a move that has shocked even seasoned observers of the turmoil in the US newspaper industry... According to the Post's own account, the initiative for a sale came from the Graham family and not from Bezos. Donald Graham, chief executive of the Washington Post Co which currently owns the title, used an investment firm to approach six "potential suitors" amid tightest security before choosing Bezos.

US extends closure of embassies amid al-Qaeda threat - Telegraph

The United States has extended the closure of 19 of its embassies and consulates in the Middle East and Africa over terror fears.

BBC News - Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'emergency'

Japan's nuclear watchdog has said the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is facing a new "emergency" caused by a build-up of radioactive groundwater.

Labour say working people £6k worse off after coalition | The Guardian

Working people will be £6,000 worse off after five years of the coalition, Labour claimed. Chris Leslie, the shadow financial secretary, said David Cameron has presided over almost three years in total of falling wages and rising prices which had caused a longer period of squeezed living standards than under any other prime minister.

Owners of dogs that kill could face life in prison | The Guardian

Owners of dogs that kill people could face life imprisonment if an online consultation run by the government demonstrates public support for more severe penalties. The proposal for a significant jump in the current maximum jail term of two years is launched on Tuesday by the animal welfare minister, Lord de Mauley.

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中国、国内輸入業者にフォンテラ産乳製品の回収を命令 - WSJ.com


沖縄県内で米軍ヘリ墜落 NHKニュース


沖縄県と27市町村、オスプレイ配備中止強く要請へ  :日本経済新聞

沖縄県と県内27市町村でつくる「沖縄県軍用地転用促進・基地問題協議会」は5日、米軍普天間基地のある同県宜野湾市で総会を開き、同基地への垂直離着陸輸送機オスプレイの配備中止を強く要請することで一致した。今月末に協議会会長の仲井真弘多知事らが政府に伝える。 総会の閉会間際、米空軍ヘリコプターの墜落炎上の一報がもたらされた。知事は驚いた様子で記者団に「情報を確認させてください」と話した。

世界初の人工肉バーガー、ロンドンで試食会開催 : AFPBB News


サイバーダイン、装着型ロボット欧州で販売  :日本経済新聞

筑波大学発のベンチャー企業、サイバーダイン社(茨城県つくば市)は5日、装着型ロボット「HAL」を欧州で医療機器として販売すると発表した。ドイツにある国際的な第三者認証機関テュフラインランドがHALを医療機器として認証したため。今後は米国やアジアでも医療機器として販売する方針だ。 HALは脊髄損傷など足が不自由な人に装着して、一定期間リハビリテーションを実施することで、歩行機能を改善するロボット。

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News Headlines - 04 August 2013

Spain studies measures to pressure Gibraltar | Reuters

Spain is studying retaliatory measures against the British territory of Gibraltar in an escalating dispute over fishing grounds, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said in an interview published on Sunday.

Mohamed Morsi's allies admit defeat and plot to fly him into exile - The Independent

Islamist allies of Mohamed Morsi are secretly discussing a face-saving deal in which the toppled President could be released from detention and allowed to officially “resign” his position, according to a source close to crisis talks currently taking place between opposing sides in Cairo.

BBC News - Video game pits China against Japan over island dispute

A new online video game has just been released in China which invites players to fight Japan over a group of islands whose sovereignty is disputed by the Chinese and Japanese governments. The islands are known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China and millions of gamers have already registered to play "Glorious Mission".

Talking robot takes off for International Space Station | The Guardian

Kirobo, the world's first talking humanoid space robot, has already taken off – in the nattiest red Wellingtons since Paddington Bear – and should arrive at the space station by 9 August to await Wakata's arrival. It knows he is coming: it has been programmed to recognise his face, and greet him warmly in Japanese.

Hitachi unveils new train interiors (From The Northern Echo)

Hitachi Rail Europe chose British firm DCA Design International to design the interiors of its new Super Express Trains as part of the Government's Inter City Express Programme(IEP) to revamp the UK's 40-year old high speed trains.  Earlier this month, ministers handed Hitachi a £1.2bn extension to its initial IEP contract, which is expected to safeguard 730 jobs at the firm's Newton Aycliffe factory until 2020.   

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ツイッター、攻撃的投稿の禁止を明確化 - WSJ.com


朝日新聞デジタル:CIA元職員亡命、いら立つロシア 米対応を批判 - 国際


EICネット[海外環境ニュース - イギリス、電力市場改革への実施計画を公表]


生放送で赤ちゃんプレゼント、パキスタンのTV番組が物議 | Reuters


アップルストアの輝き薄れる-小売部門トップ、なお未定 - WSJ.com

 米アップルで、直営店を統括する小売部門のトップ探しが長引いており、既に10カ月目に突入した。直営店の売り上げが最近少なくとも4年間で初めて減少に転じており、こうした直営店の状況に一層の関心を向ける必要があるにもかかわらず、である。 アップルは2001年、洗練されていて明るく、現代的な内装のアップルストアを開設し、小売業界のゲームを一変させた。それは当時、付属品やコードがあふれていた家電量販店とは全く違うものだった。アップルストアはアップルの全商品を取り扱い、新製品の発売時には人が集まるようになった。 しかし現在、アップルの製品と直営店の体裁はともにありきたりになっている。

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News Headlines - 03 August 2013

Interpol issues global alert over al-Qaida-linked prison breakouts | theguardian.com

Interpol has issued a global security alert following a series of al-Qaida-linked prison breakouts in which hundreds of terrorists escaped. The warning came a day after the US state department issued a worldwide travel warning to American citizens and closed 21 of its embassies over intelligence suggesting that the terrorist network was planning attacks during August. Britain is closing its embassy in Yemen for two days due to increased security concerns.

UK and US concern over Mugabe's Zimbabwe election win | The Observer

The United States and Britain have expressed their concerns after Robert Mugabe was declared the winner of Zimbabwe's presidential election on Saturday with 2,110,434 votes, giving him 61% of the total and Morgan Tsvangirai 34%. The margin was enough to avoid a repeat of the runoff of 2008.

President-elect Hassan Rouhani may be Iran's hope for moderation - latimes.com

The legal scholar and theologian has deftly appealed to more reform-minded Iranians. But it isn't clear whether his leadership style will result in policy changes.

BBC News - Twitter's Tony Wang issues apology to abuse victims

The boss of Twitter UK has said sorry to women who have experienced abuse on the social networking site.

Obama Vetoes Ban on Sale of Some Apple iPhones, iPads - WSJ.com

The Obama administration on Saturday vetoed a U.S. trade body's ban on the import and sale of some Apple Inc. iPhones and iPads, a rare move that upends a legal victory for smartphone rival Samsung Electronics Co. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman made the decision to veto the ban on the Apple devices, citing concerns about patent holders gaining "undue leverage" as well as potential harm to consumers and competitive conditions in the U.S. economy. He said Samsung could continue to pursue its patent rights through the courts.

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福井健策『「ネットの自由」vs.著作権: TPPは、終わりの始まりなのか』(光文社新書)


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ロイヤルベビーの出生届 父の職業は「英王子」 - MSN産経ニュース



日本では金曜日夜のあるテレビ番組で不定期にスタジオジブリ制作のアニメ映画が放映されているが、その放映時に発表される米雇用統計は予想よりも数字が下振れて、相場が荒れやすくなる-。市場関係者の間ではこうした「ジブリの法則」がささやかれているが、2日もこの法則が当てはまる格好となった。 この日のニューヨーク市場は、7月の米雇用統計の就業者数の伸びが市場予想を下回ったことで、円の対ドル相場が一時1円以上も円高に振れたほか、株価も乱高下するなど、不安定な相場展開となった。

スペイン、雇用創出と景気支援対応が喫緊の課題=IMF報告書 | Reuters


3-4両日 ロンドンは自転車天国に: The Voice of Russia

3日と4日、ロンドンは自転車天国になる。週末の両日、ロンドン史上最大の自転車フェスティバルが催されるからだ。 このフェスティバルのために、バッキンガム宮殿からロンドン塔までの幹線道路や通りのほとんどは車両通行止めになる。ロンドン市警は、全てのドライバーに対し、3日と4日は、車には乗らず地下鉄を、そしてもちろん自転車を利用するよう呼びかけている。なお市中央部の通りの路肩に駐車したままの自動車は、撤去される。



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News Headlines - 02 August 2013

BBC News - British embassy in Yemen to close as 'precaution'

The British embassy in Yemen is to be closed on Sunday and Monday as "a precautionary measure", the Foreign Office has confirmed.

Washington issues al-Qaeda terror alert - FT.com

The US issued a global travel alert on Friday about the potential for terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda and its affiliates, particularly in the Middle East and north Africa.

British banks have six years to fill £121bn hole - FT.com

UK banks will need to make up a £121bn ($185bn) equity capital shortfall in the next six years to comply with European rules, the Bank of England has revealed. The gap in banks’ balance sheets has been identified after the UK’s eight largest lenders including Barclays had already been pushed by the regulator to strengthen their balance sheets by the end of this year.

Renesas to close Japan plant making chips for game consoles, cameras | Reuters

Japan's Renesas Electronics Corp said Friday it will close a plant that makes system LSI chips for Nintendo Co Ltd's game consoles and other consumer electronics after failing to find a buyer for the facility in Tsuruoka in northern Japan.

Ukip condemns Home Office roundup of suspected illegal immigrants | UK news | The Guardian

A Home Office roundup of suspected illegal immigrants was condemned on Friday by the Ukip leader Nigel Farage as deeply disturbing, as Labour called on the home secretary to reveal whether the sweep had broken official guidelines on how to conduct stop and search operations.

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日本の株・外為投資家が身構える「ジブリの呪い」 - WSJ.com

日本テレビ系列で毎週金曜夜9時から放送される映画番組「金曜ロードShow!」では、数週間に1度ジブリのアニメ作品が放映されるが、ベテラン市場関係者によると、放映後の東京市場で株・為替市場が大荒れになるという。 特に、円相場のアナリストはジブリのアニメが放映される2日について、最悪の事態が起きると予想している。7月の米雇用統計がほぼ同じ時間帯に発表されるからだ。ジブリの「天空の城ラピュタ」の放映開始は日本時間2日午後9時(米東部午前8時)で、雇用統計はそれから30分後に発表される予定。ところがジブリ作品の放映と重なった9回の雇用統計の発表のうち8回が市場予測を下回った。そして7回で、ドルは円に対して下落したのだ。



エールフランス、約2500人削減計画 - WSJ.com

仏蘭系航空大手エールフランスKLM(AF.FR)傘下のエールフランス航空は、来年約2500人の削減を計画している。同社はすでに5100人超の人員削減を発表しており追加措置となる。また強制解雇の形式はとらない方針だ。同社が労働組合代表らに31日、伝えた。 人員削減の対象となるのは、短・中距離旅客輸送事業と貨物事業。

朝日新聞デジタル:戦犯追及「まだ遅すぎない」 ドイツでユダヤ人団体訴え


ドイツ 体重6キロ超のビッグベビー誕生 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


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News Headlines - 01 August 2013

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Gets Life Without Parole - WSJ.com

Ariel Castro, who kidnapped and repeatedly raped three women for about a decade, was sentenced Thursday to life in prison plus 1,000 years after pleading guilty to 937 counts, including aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape and assault.

Snowden leaves Moscow airport to live in Russia - The Washington Post

Edward Snowden, the fugitive former U.S. security contractor, left the transit zone at Moscow’s international airport Thursday after Russian authorities granted him temporary asylum.

Berlusconi conviction leaves Italian government hanging | Reuters

A ruling by Italy's supreme court upholding a tax fraud conviction against former premier and center-right leader Silvio Berlusconi has left the fate of the country's fragile ruling coalition resting in the balance.

BBC News - Japan Deputy PM Taro Aso retracts Nazi comments

Japan's Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has retracted remarks suggesting that the country could learn from Nazi Germany's constitutional reform.

Scientists Publish Findings on the Monogamy Mystery | Las Vegas Guardian Express

Finally, scientists have studied some very interesting findings on the monogamy mystery. Scientists studying the evolution of monogamy have revealed that the protection of lineage plays a key role.

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麻生財務相に非難の嵐-「ワイマール憲法」発言で - WSJ


4人を拘束、ロンドンで家宅捜索-英インサイダー取引捜査 - Bloomberg

英国の市場監督機関である金融行動監視機構(FCA)は、インサイダー取引をめぐる捜査の一環としてロンドン西部で4人の身柄を拘束したほか2つの住宅を家宅捜索した。 FCAとロンドン警察は31日午前に年齢29歳と51歳、56歳の男性3人と25歳の女性1人を拘束した。FCAの電子メールによると、4人は警察署で聴取を受けている。

「帰国か逮捕」 イギリスの不法滞在者追放キャンペーン フィールドプロモーションニュース

「英国に不法滞在?帰国するか、逮捕されるリスクを背負うか、どちらかだ」というメッセージが書かれた広告をのせたトラックが、先週より移民の多い地域を巡回。 また広告には、キャンペーン専用の電話番号が掲載されおり、帰国希望者を「募集」している。

ジェイムス・ブラントからの新曲宣伝メールが大非難 | Musicman-NET

「ユア・ビューティフル」の大ヒットがあるジェイムス・ブラントのメールが大非難を浴びている。イギリスの新聞インデペンデントが伝えた。 ジェイムス・ブラントの新曲「Bonfire Heart」の宣伝の為に、イギリス国内で数十万の無差別メールが送られた。「親愛なる友へ、あなたに私の新曲を最初に聴いてもらいたい」との書き出し。メールをもらった多くの人達は怒っているそうだ。誰もがジェイムス・ブラントのファンではないからだ。

松井秀喜氏 ヤンキースで引退セレモニー「これ以上の幸せない」 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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