News Headlines - 05 August 2013

Washington Post sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for $250m | The Guardian

The Washington Post is to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of the web retail giant Amazon, in a move that has shocked even seasoned observers of the turmoil in the US newspaper industry... According to the Post's own account, the initiative for a sale came from the Graham family and not from Bezos. Donald Graham, chief executive of the Washington Post Co which currently owns the title, used an investment firm to approach six "potential suitors" amid tightest security before choosing Bezos.

US extends closure of embassies amid al-Qaeda threat - Telegraph

The United States has extended the closure of 19 of its embassies and consulates in the Middle East and Africa over terror fears.

BBC News - Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'emergency'

Japan's nuclear watchdog has said the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is facing a new "emergency" caused by a build-up of radioactive groundwater.

Labour say working people £6k worse off after coalition | The Guardian

Working people will be £6,000 worse off after five years of the coalition, Labour claimed. Chris Leslie, the shadow financial secretary, said David Cameron has presided over almost three years in total of falling wages and rising prices which had caused a longer period of squeezed living standards than under any other prime minister.

Owners of dogs that kill could face life in prison | The Guardian

Owners of dogs that kill people could face life imprisonment if an online consultation run by the government demonstrates public support for more severe penalties. The proposal for a significant jump in the current maximum jail term of two years is launched on Tuesday by the animal welfare minister, Lord de Mauley.








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