News Headlines - 13 August 2013

BBC News - Japanese town to scrap marooned 'tsunami boat'

A Japanese town has decided to scrap a marooned fishing boat which has become a symbol of the devastating 2011 tsunami, officials say.

BBC News - Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel has released 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal that will see peace talks resume this week.

UK borrowing costs rise to highest in two years - FT.com

UK 10-year borrowing costs have climbed to the highest for two years amid market doubts about whether Mark Carney, the new Bank of England governor, will be able to keep the lid on interest rates until 2016.

Inflation down in July: Relief for Bank of England Governor Mark Carney - The Independent

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gained ground in the central bank’s lengthy battle against inflation today as the cost of living eased back from its 14-month high in July.

Facebook buys machine translation start-up - Telegraph

Facebook has bought a speech recognition and machine translation start-up, in a move it hopes will connect users across language barriers.








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