News Headlines - 24 August 2013

Spanish police criticised for Gibraltar diving stunt - Telegraph

Spain was accused of a violating British sovereignty on Saturday after police divers entered the sea off Gibraltar and unfurled their flag in its waters.

Half of UK over-50s 'would choose to leave European Union' | Herald Scotland

In a nationwide poll of 11,211 people aged 50 and over, 45% said they would vote to leave the EU. Nearly two-thirds (66%) would prefer to have a referendum before the next general election, the Populus survey, conducted on behalf of Saga, also showed. The poll, the largest of its kind, is also significant because older people are more likely to vote than any other age group.

BBC News - MSF-backed hospitals treated Syria 'chemical victims'

Medecins Sans Frontieres says hospitals it supports in Syria treated about 3,600 patients with "neurotoxic symptoms", of whom 355 have died.

Needed at Microsoft - A Catch-Up Artist - NYTimes.com

The prospect of Mr. Gates’s riding to the rescue at Microsoft is intriguing but highly unlikely. Steven P. Jobs, the other celebrity entrepreneur of the early personal computer era, returned to Apple in 1997 and remade it. But in June, Mr. Gates brushed aside any suggestion that he would again lead Microsoft. The messiah option, he insisted, was not on the table. He had moved on, he said.

Classic Japan anti-war comic stirs history controversy | Reuters

A Japanese school board's bid to limit children's access to a classic anti-war comic has sparked an outcry from those who fear the move is part of a trend to whitewash the country's wartime past.








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