News Headlines - 09 September 2013

BBC News - Japan media: Euphoria over Olympics

Japanese media are euphoric about Tokyo being chosen to host the 2020 summer Olympics.

BBC pay-off row: Corporation chiefs defend £25m in pay-offs to just 150 staff as real ‘value for money’ - The Independent

The BBC Trust chairman and his predecessor, a former Director-General and four other senior figures in the corporation were today accused of playing a game of “whack-a-mole” as they attempted to blame each other for years of excessive redundancy packages funded by the licence fee.

How the NSA sabotaged the Internet | TechCentral

The New York Times, along with the Guardian and Pro Publica, has revealed that the NSA spent more than a decade compromising and sabotaging the encryption systems that underpin secure communications via the Internet. Since 2010, it has been able to decrypt vast swathes of this supposedly private information at will, and often in real time as it flows over the communication cables that the NSA now routinely taps.

Video: An Early Look at iOS 7 | PCMag.com

Ready for iOS 7? Apple's next mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is due out soon, but it's not publicly available just yet! We installed an early release that's exclusive to Apple app developers—which you can do, too, if you sign up to become an app developer and install the beta of iOS 7 (it costs $99, though.)

Climate change: Size of Arctic ice caps increases - The Independent

After last year's record low ice cover in the Arctic, the size of the northern ice caps appears to have increased this year.








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