News Headlines - 14 September 2013

U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Arms - NYTimes.com

The United States and Russia reached a sweeping agreement on Saturday that called for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of 2014 and indefinitely stalled the prospect of American airstrikes.

Hillary Clinton invokes Scottish Enlightenment in human rights plea | STV

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has marked the 600th anniversary of St Andrews University with an impassioned speech in defence of human rights. Mrs Clinton held up the example of the Scottish Enlightenment as she called for “more voices” to speak up for people’s right to contribute to society at a time when democracy was “under stress”.

Nick Clegg faces demands for deal with Labour - Telegraph

Nick Clegg is under pressure to prepare to share power with Ed Miliband if there is another hung parliament in 2015 after a poll found overwhelming support among Liberal Democrats for a coalition with Labour.

Dewani Uncle Criticises BBC Over Documentary

The uncle of murdered honeymooner Anni Dewani has accused documentary makers of interfering in the justice system ahead of a programme raising questions about the case against her alleged killer.

Behind Microsoft Deal, the Specter of a Nokia Android Phone - NYTimes.com

Before Microsoft reached a deal to buy Nokia’s phone business, there was a possibility that Nokia could have switched its smartphones to Google’s Android operating system sometime after late 2014. And now, it is clear that a Nokia Android phone was more than a possibility. It was real.








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