News Headlines - 26 September 2013

UK recovery in 2013 better than thought as GDP grows 0.7pc in second quarter - Telegraph

Britain's recovery this year has been stronger than thought but the economy remains fragile and continues to be weighed down by weak trade and business investment, official figures show.

Video games developers warned over ‘unfair practices’ - FT.com

A UK regulatory investigation into “free” video games that encourage young players to spend money on virtual goods has found numerous cases of “unfair commercial practices”. The Office of Fair Trading said some of the 38 popular apps and web-based games it examined were likely to breach consumer protection law and told developers to implement changes or face prosecution.

BBC News - Apple Maps flaw results in drivers crossing airport runway

An Alaskan airport has closed an aircraft access route because of a flaw with Apple's Maps app. Fairbanks International Airport told a local newspaper that in the past three weeks two motorists had driven along the taxiway and across one of its runways.

BBC News - Cyber-blackmailers 'abusing hundreds of UK children'

Hundreds of British children are being blackmailed into performing sex acts online, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre has warned.

Schoolgirl says she saw 'white woman' among Nairobi mall attackers as suspicion grows over Samantha Lewthwaite - Telegraph

A schoolgirl who saw her nine-year-old brother shot dead by terrorists in Nairobi has told her teachers she saw a white woman among the attackers.








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