News Headlines - 29 September 2013

BBC News - US shutdown looms amid political rifts over health law

The US government has less than 48 hours to avert a shutdown of government services amid political divisions over President Obama's healthcare law. On Sunday, the Republican-run House of Representatives voted to pull the law's funding, raising chances of a shutdown. The government needs to agree a new policy-wide spending bill before the US fiscal year ends at midnight on Monday.

630WPRO.COM | The Voice of Rhode Island - William and Kate’s Royal Coat of Arms Unveiled

Kensington Palace announced that Prince William and Kate, both 31, who welcomed their first child, George, in July, have a new Conjugal Coat of Arms which will, “represent them in heraldic terms as a married couple.”

Somali Community in U.S. Fears New Wave of Stigma After Kenya Attack - NYTimes.com

As American law enforcement agents pored over evidence collected from the deadly siege at a Nairobi shopping mall to learn, in part, whether those responsible had any ties to the United States, people of Somali descent here braced for what they fear could result in a new wave of stigmatization and scrutiny.

Plastic pad clogs Fukushima drain pipe amid toxic water problem - The Voice of Russia

A piece of plastic padding which clogged up a drain is thought to have caused the breakdown of a decontamination system at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator said Sunday. Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_09_29/Plastic-pad-clogs-Fukushima-drain-pipe-amid-toxic-water-problem-8452/

'Pokémon Origins' anime to air in the West, English trailer - Digital Spy

Pokémon Origins will air in the West, it has been confirmed. The anime, which spans four episodes, will launch on November 15 via the Pokémon TV mobile application. The miniseries tells the story of the first Pokémon games, Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version - both of which were originally released in 1996 for Game Boy.








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