News Headlines - 30 September 2013

U.S. government shutdown: What to expect if it happens - CBC News

The U.S. government could close its doors Tuesday if Congress can’t reach a deal on a temporary spending budget bill, and that would jeopardize the paycheques of more than 800,000 Americans, as well as the country’s economic recovery.

Steve Ballmer Cries At Microsoft Goodbye

Video of Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer's tearful farewell speech has emerged, showing the 57-year-old striding off to a song from Dirty Dancing.

Duck boats grounded after vessel catches fire - Telegraph

London Duck Tours has grounded its fleet of nine vessels after Sunday's incident in which 30 people had to leap into the Thames after one of the amphibious craft was engulfed by flames.

Super-camera to catch 50 times more drivers | Daily Express

The infra-red system is already catching nearly 50 times more offenders than current cameras. Called ZenGrab LaneWatch, the digital cameras can be attached to lampposts and are not required to have advance warning signs. Critics say the new system borders on the immoral and is just an exercise in making money.

Defending UK from foreign species costs £26 per person - Telegraph

It costs everyone in the country £26 each a year to defend the UK from foreign animals, birds and plants that are killing off our native species, new research shows.








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