News Headlines - 01 October 2013

Government Shuts Down in Budget Impasse - NYTimes.com

A flurry of last-minute moves by the House, Senate and White House late Monday failed to break a bitter budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law, setting in motion the first government shutdown in nearly two decades.

BBC News - Syria conflict: Chemical arms experts cross border

A team of international disarmament experts has arrived in Syria to begin work on dismantling the country's stockpile of chemical weapons.

Winston Churchill 'authorised use of chemical weapons' - Telegraph

The future prime minister sanctioned the 'most devastating chemical weapon ever devised' against the Russian Bolsheviks, according to a historian at the Wigtown Book Festival.

Boris hints at Tory leadership ambitions - Telegraph

Boris Johnson has indicated that he still has ambitions to lead the Conservative Party despite saying he will do “whatever he can” to help David Cameron win the next election.

BBC News - Japanese government to go ahead with sales tax rise

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said his government will raise the rate of sales tax to 8% from 1 April next year, from the current 5%.








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