News Headlines - 16 October 2013

UK unemployment data: 0.7% average pay rise dwarfed by inflation | theguardian.com

Britain's nascent economic recovery is yet to be felt in workers' pockets, with wages rising at a paltry 0.7% in the year to August while prices grow almost four times faster.

Amazon plans entry into smartphone market with HTC - FT.com

Amazon is working with HTC to develop a range of smartphones as the e-commerce company steps up efforts to compete with Apple and Google, according to people familiar with the project. One of the three devices discussed by the two companies is at an advanced stage of development, according to one person, but another warned that the timeline for launch has been changed before and Amazon may yet decide not to release the device.

BBC News - Russia 'regret' over attack on Dutch diplomat

Russia's foreign ministry has expressed regret after a Dutch diplomat was beaten up in Moscow. The Dutch foreign ministry summoned Russia's ambassador to explain after the diplomat was attacked in his flat. The incident comes amid rising tensions between the two countries.

Funeral of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke is called off after clashes | theguardian.com

The funeral in Italy of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke has been called off amid clashes outside the church between sympathisers and anti-fascist protesters.

Japan on gas, coal power building spree to fill nuclear void | Reuters

Japan plans to start up 14 new gas and coal-fired power plants by the end of 2014, allowing a switch away from pricey oil, as Tokyo struggles with a shutdown of nuclear reactors and energy imports drive a record trade deficit.








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