News Headlines - 25 October 2013

BBC News - 3D printer 'gun parts' found in Manchester raid

A 3D printer and suspected "homemade" gun components seized during police raids in Manchester are being examined. Officers initially thought they could be a "plastic magazine and trigger" which would make a "viable" gun.

Berlin declares Merkel's state calls 'safe' from NSA spying | DW.DE | 25.10.2013

Berlin has declared Chancellor Angela Merkel's communications as "absolutely safe" despite claims that US intelligence tapped her mobile phone. Media speculation focuses on the US embassy's proximity to Merkel's office.

US spying: Britain forced to sign EU statement expressing 'deep concern' - Telegraph

Britain has been forced to "silently acquiesce" to a European Union statement expressing "deep concern" over American spying and intelligence operations that have undermined trust between Europe's governments.

Oxfam Cuts 125 Staff as Annual Income Declines by $28.5 Million - Bloomberg

Oxfam, the Oxford, England-based development charity, is to cut 125 jobs and work in fewer countries after it saw its income fall to 367.9 million pounds ($595 million) in 2012-13 compared with 385.5 million pounds a year earlier.

Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant undamaged after quake | Reuters

The operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant said on Saturday there was no damage or spike in radiation levels at the station after a large earthquake struck in the ocean east of Japan, triggering a small tsunami.








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