News Headlines - 30 October 2013

Report: US Spy Agency Broke Into Google, Yahoo Networks

The U.S. National Security Agency is facing new accusations that it secretly broke into communication networks used by Internet giants Google and Yahoo to move data around the world.

BBC News - Press regulation: Papers lose Privy Council injunction bid

Newspaper publishers have lost a bid to stop ministers going to the Privy Council later to seek the Queen's approval for a royal charter on UK press regulation.

Phone hacking trial: Prosecution opens case against Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson - Telegraph

Andrew Edis QC begins setting out the Crown's case against Rebekah Brooks, the former News International chief executive, and Andy Coulson, the ex-News of the World editor who became David Cameron's spin doctor

Coming soon to a Google Glass near you: Mono earbuds! - CNET News

Google has shared images of its updated Glass. The company on Tuesday posted images of the new Google Glass, featuring a mono earbud and support for prescription glasses. It appears the device has no other hardware upgrades, but Google said it will also be compatible with shades it plans to offer at some point in the future.

Are plane seats getting smaller? - Telegraph

Discounting short-haul flights, seat widths had largely been on the up for longer flights. But that is a trend that seems increasingly to be in reverse. As noted in a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal, more and more airlines are including extra seats in a row. Ninety per cent of airlines have opted to include nine seats across newly acquired Boeing Dreamliners, for example, rather than a more comfortable eight. And for Boeing 777s, one of the plane manufacturer’s biggest selling models, the trend is very much to pack ‘em in, and pack ‘em tight.








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