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News Headlines - 31 December 2013

Google bids farewell to 2013 with animated disco dancing doodle

On New Year Eve 2013, Google has showcased a special disco dancing doodle. The doodle depicts numbers 2-0-1-3 moving on the dance floor, while the digit 4 is waiting alongside.

BBC News - Volgograd blasts: IOC 'confident' Games will be safe

The International Olympic Committee president says he has confidence that Russian authorities will deliver a "safe and secure" Games in Sochi.

Jenkins: it could take ten years to rebuild trust in Barclays - Telegraph

Antony Jenkins, chief executive of Barclays, has admitted it could take as long as a decade for the bank, which has been implicated in a number of banking scandals, to regain customer trust.

BBC News - Richard Haass talks end without deal in Northern Ireland

Talks to resolve some of the most divisive issues that have hampered the Northern Ireland peace process have broken up without agreement.

China blames religious extremism for attack in Xinjiang | Reuters

Chinese police said the nine people responsible for a deadly "terrorist attack" in the western region of Xinjiang were promoting religious extremism, state media reported on Tuesday. Xinjiang is home to a Turkic-speaking, Muslim people known as Uighurs, some of whom resent what they see as oppressive treatment by the government.

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ユーロ圏の危機克服がドイツに不可欠=メルケル独首相演説原稿 | Reuters




アマゾンにドイツから3枚の挑戦状  :日本経済新聞


シューマッハー氏意識不明 スキーで転倒 - モーターニュース : nikkansports.com




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News Headlines - 30 December 2013

Abenomics drives Nikkei to highest yearly gain since 1972 - Telegraph

Japan's main bourse has posted its steepest annual rise in more than 40 years following 12 months of "Abenomics", the new Japanese premier's suite of measures to catapult the economy out of a decades-long slump. The Nikkei rose for a ninth consecutive session to close 0.7pc higher on its final trading day of the year, bringing its full-year climb to 57pc, the highest since 1972.

Second deadly bomb blast hits Russia, raising security fears ahead of Olympics - The Globe and Mail

A bomb ripped apart a bus in Volgograd on Monday, killing 14 people in the second deadly attack blamed on suicide bombers in the southern Russian city in 24 hours and raising fears of Islamist attacks on the Winter Olympics. President Vladimir Putin, who has staked his prestige on February’s Sochi Games and dismissed threats from Chechen and other Islamist militants in the nearby North Caucasus, ordered tighter security nationwide after the morning rush-hour blast.

Chinese police kill eight Uighurs in Xinjiang clash - latimes.com

Police in China’s far western Xinjiang region killed eight people Monday when a group wielding knives and throwing explosives attacked a police station, local authorities said. The official Xinhua news agency referred to the incident in Yarkand county as a “terrorist attack,” and the incident comes just two weeks after 16 people were reported killed in a clash between police and ethnic Uighurs near the city of Kashgar, in the same vicinity.

France's 75% 'millionaire tax' to become law - Dec. 30, 2013

France's controversial "millionaire tax" is set to become law, allowing the government to levy a 75% tax on companies that pay salaries in excess of €1 million. The tax was approved by France's constitutional council on Sunday after an earlier version was deemed unconstitutional last year.

Evacuation in El Salvador as Chaparrastique volcano spits ash and gas — RT In motion

Authorities in El Salvador evacuated an area around the Chaparrastique volcano after it shot a cloud of gas and ash into the air on Sunday. The country's civil defense said a yellow alert had been issued and investigators had been sent to the area to look for signs of fresh lava, but added that none had been detected so far.

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イギリス空軍ボイジャー、初のアフガニスタン往復【動画】 | FlyTeam ニュース


(@ロンドン)揺れるシティー 英国とEUのはざまで:朝日新聞デジタル


エミレーツ航空、ドバイ/ロンドン・ガトウィック線にA380投入へ | FlyTeam ニュース


愛好者向けロンドン案内 米作家の旅行記を邦訳 | 千葉日報ウェブ




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News Headlines - 29 December 2013

Crew and passengers rescued after fire aboard a North Sea ferry - Telegraph

Seven people were airlifted to hospital after a fire broke out aboard a North Sea ferry. The fire started in the accommodation area of the MS King Seaways, which runs between North Shields, near Sunderland, and the Netherlands.

Scientists tell us their favourite jokes: 'An electron and a positron walked into a bar…' | The Observer

Science is a very serious business, so what tickles a rational mind? In a not very scientific experiment, we asked a sample of great minds for their favourite jokes

Facebook Dead as Teens Leave in Droves

A new study has emerged that says Facebook is “dead and buried,” especially among the younger set. A large group of teenagers aged 16 to 18 participated in the study, which spanned over a year’s time and throughout eight different countries. The results may greatly dismay Mark Zuckerberg, as the survey reveals Facebook has become “uncool” with teens who are leaving the site “in droves.” Young folks would much rather engage with less complicated sites, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter instead of spending time updating their Facebook profile and participating in organized, lengthy discussions.

Anelka faces 'race-hate' probe - Goal.com

Nicolas Anelka's goal celebration for West Bromwich Albion in Saturday's 3-3 draw at West Ham will be investigated by the English Football Association. The 34-year-old striker was alleged to have performed a gesture recognised as la quenelle in France, regarded by some as a reverse Nazi salute and linked to anti-Semetism, after scoring the first of his two goals.

China's one-child policy to change in the new year - The Independent

The Chinese government yesterday formalised its decision to amend authoritarian laws banning families from having more than one child, potentially creating an unprecedented baby boom in the world's most populated country.

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【あめりかノート】靖国参拝 オバマ政権の偽善 ワシントン駐在客員特派員・古森義久 - MSN産経ニュース


東京新聞:米予算決議が成立 大統領署名 政府閉鎖は回避


オバマ大統領、カニエ・ウェストの音楽は群を抜いていると語る (2013/12/28) | RO69(アールオーロック)


FNNニュース: アメリカの9歳少年、史上最年少で南米最高峰アコンガグア登頂成功


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News Headlines - 28 December 2013

Civilians Trying to Flee South Sudan Violence Are Caught Between Two Sides - NYTimes.com

When the shooting started last week, Othom Bol quickly fled with his wife and their three young children to what he thought would be the safety of the United Nations peacekeeping base on the outskirts of town.

Deadly Syrian Bomb Strikes Crowded Aleppo Market - NYTimes.com

Syrian government forces continued their bombing campaign in the northern city Aleppo on Saturday, with a single strike in a crowded vegetable market killing at least 21 people, activists and residents said.

Egyptian student dies during protests at campus - The Washington Post

Riot police moved into Egypt’s main Islamic university on Saturday, firing tear gas and breaking up a strike by students that threatened to disrupt midterms. One student was killed in the melee, an administration building was torched and students fled from exam rooms.

N Ireland: Final agreement 'must be struck' by Monday - ITV News

A final agreement on dealing with Northern Ireland's troubled past, parades and flags must be struck by Monday, the independent chairs of all-party talks has said. Earlier, Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party said part of the political deal proposed by former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass is "unworkable".

Buffet blast: British mother and daughter injured in Tenerife hotel explosion | Daily Star

Ross Browning, editor of Canarian Weekly, told Sky News the explosion took place in a metal buffet container by the pool which uses a flammable gel to keep food warm. He said: "It's awful what's happened and with so many people around, in many ways it's probably a miracle that only four people have been injured.

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CNN.co.jp : 米NSAの情報収集、NY連邦地裁は「合憲」


辺野古埋め立て承認「大きな一歩」 米上院議員ら歓迎:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 米空港で相次ぐ不正侵入、100億円のシステムでも防げず


ドイツ:無人ヘリで配送実験 医薬品対象、実用化は不透明 - 毎日新聞


幼い頃のハリーを描いた『ハリー・ポッター』がイギリスで舞台化 - クランクイン!


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News Headlines - 27 December 2013

2013: The Year in Pictures - The New York Times

Over and over, as I looked at these photographs, I saw the same fury and misery that had stricken Aunt Shirley’s sister, her feral lust to get even.

N.S.A. Phone Surveillance Is Lawful, Federal Judge Rules - NYTimes.com

A federal judge in New York on Friday ruled that the National Security Agency’s program that is systematically keeping phone records of all Americans is lawful, creating a conflict among lower courts and increasing the likelihood that the issue will be resolved by the Supreme Court.

BBC News - Beirut blast kills Sunni ex-minister Mohamad Chatah

Former Lebanese minister and opposition figure Mohamad Chatah has been killed by a car bomb in central Beirut. Four others were killed and at least 50 people were hurt in the attack.

Can Britain really overhaul the Germans? - Telegraph

It is not based on an especially rose-tinted view of Britain’s current resurgence, however. It’s true that we are now experiencing what Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has called “one of the strongest recoveries in the advanced world”, and that almost all of our key indicators are, for once, pointing simultaneously in the right direction. But that doesn’t mean we’ve gone from limping runner-up to gleaming medallist.

BBC News - Is Paris prepared if Seine floods?

In 1910 the river Seine in Paris rose eight metres above its normal level. Experts are now predicting that if a similar flood happened today, half a million homes could be lost and hundreds of thousands made homeless.

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オバマ大統領に被爆地訪問を要請 広島・長崎両市長:朝日新聞デジタル




独産業の半数以上で楽観的な見方強まる=業界調査 | ニューズウィーク日本版


英ボクシングデーの買い物客、前年比8%増 ショッピングセンターの客足は22%増加=調査会社 | Reuters


セックス・ピストルズ、伝説のイギリス・ラスト・ライヴの映像作品がBBCで放映に (2013/12/25) | RO69(アールオーロック)

ザ・セックス・ピストルズが1977年にイギリスで行った最後のライヴの映像が12月26日にBBCテレビで放送されると『ザ・ガーディアン』紙が伝えている。……この時の映像は、部分的にはテンプル監督の00年のピストルズ・ドキュメンタリー『NO FUTURE A SEX PISTOLS FILM』やピーター・スペンス監督による短編ドキュメンタリーでも使われたことはあるが、この伝説のライヴの映像が「驚異的なエネルギーとその神々しさの完全な形」で公開されるのは史上初のことだとテンプル監督は語っている。……ピストルズはこのライヴの後、年末からアメリカ・ツアーへと乗り出し、1978年1月にバンドはそのまま解散した。

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News Headlines - 26 December 2013

BBC News - Japan PM Shinzo Abe visits Yasukuni WW2 shrine

Japan's prime minister has infuriated China and South Korea by visiting a shrine that honours Japan's war dead, including some convicted war criminals. Shinzo Abe said his visit to Yasukuni was an anti-war gesture.

U.S. 'disappointed' in Japanese leader

The United States has joined China and South Korea in criticizing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for visiting a war shrine in Tokyo. "Japan is a valued ally and friend," said a statement from the American Embassy in Tokyo. "Nevertheless, the United States is disappointed that Japan's leadership has taken an action that will exacerbate tensions with Japan's neighbors."

Japan's Stock Rally Might Not Be Over

This year's rally in Japanese stocks pushed the Nikkei to finish above the psychological barrier of 16000 for the first time in six years Wednesday, but many money managers are holding on for even loftier heights.

BBC News - UK could be Europe's 'largest' economy by 2030

The UK will be in a position to overtake Germany as Europe's largest economy, according to the think tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR). The CEBR predicts that Germany will lose its current top spot in Europe by 2030. It cites the UK's population growth as an aid to economic acceleration.

Turkish PM reshuffles cabinet after 3 step down in corruption probe | Fox News

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday reshuffled his Cabinet after three key ministers resigned over a sweeping corruption and bribery scandal that has targeted his allies and rattled his government. Erdogan replaced Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, Interior Minister Muammer Guler and Erdogan Bayraktar, the minister for the environment and urban planning. All three men's sons were detained as part of the corruption investigation. They all deny any wrongdoing.

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米政権「失望している」 首相靖国参拝で異例の批判声明:朝日新聞デジタル


トルコ、政治対立が激化 汚職巡り3閣僚が辞意  :日本経済新聞




フランス、Facebook やYoutubeに課税?: The Voice of Russia

フランスの視聴覚最高評議会(CSA)は文化活動の財源を確保するためにYouTube,、Facebook и、Dailymotionといったサイトに課税する意向を現した。 CSAは、こうしたサイトは「ビデオ・オン・デマンド」のカテゴリーに属しており、フランスではこういったサービスには映画制作支援のための課税が行われる。CSAは政府に対し、サイトの収益スキームおよび収益額を調査し、公正に広告収益への課税を行うよう呼びかけた。

CNN.co.jp : 「ハンバーガーは不健康」 米マクドナルドが従業員に助言


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News Headlines - 25 December 2013

Queen tells how Prince George has brought joy in Christmas message | The Guardian

The Queen used her Christmas broadcast to speak about her great-grandson and future king, Prince George, describing how a new baby brings "happiness and hope".

Photo: Royals at Christmas

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the Christmas Day service at Sandringham on December 25, 2013 in King’s Lynn, England.

Severe flooding forces hundreds out of their homes on Christmas Day - Telegraph

Christmas was cancelled in tens of thousands of homes on Wednesday as severe wind and rain brought power cuts and flooding to swathes of Britain. Hundreds of homes were evacuated due to flooding in Kent and Surrey, while 50,000 homes across the country were left without power on Christmas Day.

BBC News - Bethlehem: Christmas crowds gather in town

Large crowds gathered in the biblical town of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations. Tourists packed Manger Square in a party atmosphere, a BBC correspondent says. The nearby Church of the Nativity sits on the spot where Jesus is said to have been born.

UPS backlog means missing Christmas gifts; Amazon responds - CNN.com

Santa wasn't the only one racing against the clock to get packages to homes Tuesday night. UPS was too. But the company's backlog left some Americans with gifts missing from under the Christmas tree Wednesday morning.

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ソフトバンク、米携帯4位買収へ 親会社と詰め  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ、14年観光テーマは世界遺産-ドイツ統一25周年なども | トラベルビジョン


ロンドンで一部警官、大みそかにスト計画-賃金引き上げ求め - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : マルタ、市民権を9300万円で販売へ? EU内移動で物議


CNN.co.jp : 「人材競争力」の世界ランキング、首位はスイス


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News Headlines - 24 December 2013

UN increases troops in South Sudan to 12,500 - The Washington Post

The U.N. Security Council has voted to temporarily increase the U.N. peacekeeping force in conflict-torn South Sudan to 12,500 troops from 7,000, a nearly 80 percent increase. The resolution adopted unanimously Tuesday by the U.N.’s most powerful body will also increase the U.N.’s international police contingent from 900 to 1,323.

Japan Provides Ammunition for UN Mission in Sudan

Japan has provided a shipment of ammunition to a United Nations peacekeeping mission in troubled South Sudan, making it the first time since WWII that Tokyo has given arms to a foreign military. Responding to requests by the U.N., Japan said it gave 10,000 bullets late Monday to the South Korean military, which is part of an international force dealing with violence that threatens to return South Sudan to civil war.

Japan's record budget spending highlights balancing act | Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday secured cabinet approval for a draft budget for the next fiscal year that aims to split the benefits of higher tax revenue between trimming fresh borrowing and stimulating the economy with record spending.

European shares post best pre-Christmas week since 1999 | Reuters

European stocks edged up on Tuesday, adding to the best run-in to Christmas since 1999, although trading in the shortened session was thin. Many centres such as Germany, Switzerland and Italy were already closed for the Christmas break.

Storms across Britain leave five dead and Christmas travel in chaos | theguardian.com

Five people have died since Monday and thousands have had Christmas disrupted after the UK was battered by strong winds and heavy rain causing widespread chaos to rail, road, air and ferry travel. Hundreds of travellers were left stranded at Gatwick airport because of cancelled flights and power cuts at the airport, and emergency services evacuated homes near the River Mole in Surrey, which was expected to rise to record levels late on Christmas Eve.

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東芝、英原発会社の株式50%取得 設備受注狙う  :日本経済新聞


タイ総選挙:立候補受付会場、デモ隊の妨害も - 毎日新聞




CNN.co.jp : アルカイダ系組織が異例の謝罪、イエメンの病院襲撃


CNN.co.jp : 北朝鮮の張成沢氏粛清、背後に事業を巡る争いか


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News Headlines - 23 December 2013

Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished - The Washington Post

“For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished,” he said. “I already won. As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that I had been trying to do was validated. Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.” “All I wanted was for the public to be able to have a say in how they are governed,” he said. “That is a milestone we left a long time ago. Right now, all we are looking at are stretch goals.”

South Sudan: the state that fell apart in a week | The Guardian

The first western journalist into South Sudan reports from Juba on the brutal and sudden descent into civil war

Pussy Riot Member: Release is PR Stunt

A member of Russian punk band Pussy Riot who was released from prison Monday denounced her release within hours. Maria Alyokhina told Russia's Dozhd television that she would have preferred to remain in prison. She said that her release was not "a humanitarian act," describing it instead as a public relations stunt.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47, dies aged 94 | theguardian.com

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the assault rifle that has killed more people than any other firearm in the world, has died aged 94. Kalashnikov, who was in his 20s when he created the AK-47 just after the second world war, died in his home city of Izhevsk near the Ural mountains, where his gun is still made, a spokesman for Udmurtia province's president said on state television. The spokesman did not give the cause of death. Kalashnikov was fitted with a pacemaker at a Moscow hospital in June and had been in hospital in Izhevsk since 17 November, state media reported.

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing receives royal pardon | The Guardian

Alan Turing, the second world war codebreaker who took his own life after undergoing chemical castration following a conviction for homosexual activity, has been granted a posthumous royal pardon 59 years after his death.

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CIA、コロンビアで秘密工作 ゲリラ幹部殺害など支援 - MSN産経ニュース


軟禁?の周永康氏、汚職1兆円超か 「死刑相当」と香港誌 - MSN産経ニュース


ドイツ10年債、一時2カ月ぶり高利回り-信頼感指数上昇で - Bloomberg

20日の欧州債市場ではドイツ10年債利回りが一時、10月以来の高さに達した。同国の消費者信頼感が6年ぶり高水準になるとのリポートを背景に、域内で最も安全とされるドイツ国債の需要が後退した。ドイツ国債の2年債と10年債の利回り格差 は約1カ月ぶりの大きな幅となった。米金融当局が量的緩和の縮小開始を決定したことから、長期債の需要が弱まった。

今週末見るべき映画「フォンターナ広場―イタリアの陰謀」 | エキサイトイズム

1969年12月、イタリアのミラノ。ドゥオモ大聖堂の裏にあるフォンターナ広場近くの全国農業銀行で爆発事件が起こる。死者17名、負傷者は88名。捜査当局は、左翼の仕業とみて、アナキストたちを拘束する。現場の指揮官カラブレージ警視は、アナキスト・グループのリーダー、ビネッリを信用していて、彼らの仕業と思っていない。不法拘留を受けたビネッリは、取調室から転落死を遂げる。自殺か他殺か、単なる事故死なのか。事件の真相をめぐって、多くの 関係者が次々と登場する。

バレンシア会長、リム氏のクラブ買収の動き認める - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 22 December 2013

US warns it might take further military action in South Sudan - Telegraph

US President Barack Obama has told Congress that he may take further military action to protect Americans in violence-plagued South Sudan. In a letter to Congress, Mr Obama said that about 46 US troops were deployed Saturday to help evacuate Americans. That's in addition to another 45 troops deployed to reinforce the US Embassy in Juba, the South Sudan capital.

Israel Demands End to US Spying

Israel has reacted angrily to reports the country was a target of espionage by the United States. Senior officials in Jerusalem are demanding an end to U.S. spying on Israel after revelations the National Security Agency intercepted e-mails from Israeli leaders.

Italian army reservist to be prosecuted for saving cat's life in Kosovo | theguardian.com

A question is to be raised in the Italian parliament over the case of an army officer who was sent for trial at a military court last week for saving the life of a dying cat. Lieutenant Barbara Balanzoni, a reservist who has since returned to her civilian job as an anaesthetist in Tuscany, is charged with gross insubordination. She committed the alleged offence while serving as medical officer at a Nato base in Kosovo.

Minister apologises for 'crude' Nigel Farage comment - Telegraph

A defence minister has apologised after making a crude personal remark about the leader of United Kingdom Independence Party on breakfast television. Anna Soubry, the minister responsible for veterans and soldiers' welfare, made the unprompted comments about Nigel Farage on the BBC Andrew Marr show shortly before 10am.

Christmas 2013: How to have a 'Horrible' Christmas - Telegraph

Season of goodwill? You must be joking, says Terry Deary, creator of 'Horrible Histories’, who picks his favourite surprisingly gruesome facts about Christmas

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イタリア下院、予算案めぐりレッタ内閣を信任 | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : スペインの泥棒の義憤、侵入先で性的虐待画像見つけ警察通報


中国の億万長者 フランスでのヘリコプター事故で行方不明に: The Voice of Russia


「シリア化学兵器廃棄、イギリス政府が関連化学物質の処分表明」 News i


ロンドン近郊の大型テーマパーク 大火災で閉鎖: The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 21 December 2013

Obama keeps eye on tense situation in South Sudan | Fox News

President Barack Obama said Saturday that continued violence and militancy in South Sudan would cost the world's newest country the support of the United States and other nations. Obama said South Sudan's leaders have a responsibility to help protect Americans, who came under fire hours earlier during an evacuation attempt.

BBC News - PM's Christmas message to troops in Afghanistan

The prime minister, who visited troops there last week, said British people should remember the "extraordinary sacrifices" made by UK forces overseas. The UK would not leave Afghanistan perfect, he wrote in the Sun on Sunday.

BBC News - Lockerbie anniversary: Memorials held for victims

Memorial events have been held across the UK to mark the 25th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing. Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was the only person jailed for the atrocity, which killed 270 people. But the legitimacy of his conviction has been questioned by some of the victims' families. The UK, US and Libyan governments have vowed to work together to reveal "the full facts" of the attack on 21 December 1988.

AFP: Bulgaria warns migration laws risk Britain's reputation

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev on Saturday warned Prime Minister David Cameron his tough rhetoric and policies on immigration risked damaging Britain's reputation and leaving it isolated. Plevneliev told The Observer newspaper that Britain should see itself as "a great global power that pioneered integration" and resist nationalist calls for hard laws to limit immigration.

Retailers panic and slash prices amid low sales - The Independent

Retailers have slashed their prices this weekend in the hope that shoppers will finally flood Britain’s high streets today after one of the slowest Christmases on record.

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オバマ大統領が今年最後の会見 来年も経済最優先に


オバマ氏、電話通話記録の大量収集を見直す方針 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


保釈のロシア石油王、ドイツが関与 21日にも母親と面会か - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ポルトガル 税務署・税関・地下鉄労働者らスト/広がる緊縮反対行動


来日外国人1千万人突破も…「英語通じない」 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


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▽御曹司の二つの顔――『熔ける 大王製紙前会長 井川意高の懺悔録』

井川意高『熔ける 大王製紙前会長 井川意高の懺悔録』(双葉社)


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News Headlines - 20 December 2013

N.S.A. Dragnet Included Allies, Aid Groups and Business Elite - NYTimes.com

Secret documents reveal more than 1,000 targets of American and British surveillance in recent years, including the office of an Israeli prime minister, heads of international aid organizations, foreign energy companies and a European Union official involved in antitrust battles with American technology businesses.

Obama orders military to report next year on changes to curb sexual assaults

President Obama expressed support for changes approved by Congress that aim to curb sexual assaults in the military, and he ordered the Pentagon to deliver a full report on its efforts at the end of next year. But Obama stopped short of endorsing broader reforms sought by some female members of Congress that would remove commanders from determining whether to pursue charges in rape and sexual assault cases and hand the decision to an independent military prosecutor.

BBC News - Canada Supreme Court strikes down prostitution laws

The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously struck down the nation's anti-prostitution laws. The high court deemed laws prohibiting brothels, communicating in public with clients and living on the profits of prostitution to be too sweeping. The ruling follows a court challenge filed by former and current sex workers. The justices' decision gives the Canadian government one year to craft new legislation. All nine of the court's judges ruled in favour of striking the laws down, finding they were "grossly disproportionate".

St. Nicholas to Santa: The Surprising Origins of Mr. Claus

Any kid can tell you where Santa Claus is from—the North Pole. But his historical journey is even longer and more fantastic than his annual, one-night circumnavigation of the globe.

Six Reasons NASA Should Build a Research Base on the Moon

In the December issue of New Space, McKay argues that America should set up a permanent manned research base on the moon. Here's why: 1. Maintaining U.S. influence 2. Paving the way for other applications 3. Learning more about the moon 4. Assessing the health impacts of living in space 5. Learning how to build and operate an extraterrestrial base 6. Becoming an interplanetary species

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CNN.co.jp : 今年のグーグル検索首位はマンデラ氏、2位P・ウォーカー




インドに故マンデラ氏しのぶ看板、でも写真はモーガン・フリーマン:AFPBB News

インドの実業家が南アフリカの故ネルソン・マンデラ(Nelson Mandela)元大統領をしのんで立てた看板に、マンデラ氏ではなく米俳優モーガン・フリーマン(Morgan Freeman)さんの写真を使ってしまった。……チェンナイ(Chennai)でAFPの電話取材に応じたチャンドラシェカールさんは、ポスターデザイナーのミスだと釈明。マンデラ氏本人の写真と差し替えると語った。このような間違いが、なぜ起こったのかは分からないという。

ロンドンの劇場で天井崩落 76人けが:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 「試験イヤ」 ハーバード大の爆発物騒ぎは学生の仕業


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News Headlines - 19 December 2013

Crisis in South Sudan Deepens

The South Sudanese government has lost control of territory north of the capital, as fighting that already has split the armed forces threatens to further divide the country. Civilians are continuing to flee the violence.

MI6 agents told to ignore abuse of US detainees in Afghanistan, Gibson report finds - The Independent

MI6 agents in Afghanistan were told they were not obliged to intervene if they witnessed suspected terrorists being harmed by their American captors, an official inquiry into allegations Britain was complicit in torture has disclosed. It also concluded that UK operatives "may have become inappropriately" involved in some cases of rendition of captives who were believed to be al-Qa'ida fighters.

Prince William's messages to Harry and Kate 'hacked by News of the World' | The Guardian

The News of the World intercepted and recorded intimate phone messages left between Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton, the Old Bailey has heard. The voicemails included William using a pet name for his future wife and describing to her how he had nearly been shot during a training exercise, and a message for his brother in which he put on a high-pitched voice and pretended to be Prince Harry's then girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

BBC News - London's Apollo Theatre's roof collapses

Part of a roof in the Apollo Theatre in central London has collapsed during a performance. The theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue was packed for a performance of the Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night-time. An eyewitness said she heard "a crackling" noise before the collapse at about 20:15 GMT.

BBC News - Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose resigns over money scandal

The governor of Japan's capital, Tokyo, has resigned after admitting he received money from a scandal-hit hospital chain ahead of an election. Naoki Inose described the 50m yen ($500,000; £300,000) payment as a personal loan from operator Tokushukai. He said he would resign to avoid affecting preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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米FOMCが債券購入を月額750億ドルに縮小、緩和継続を強調 | Reuters


金暴落、世界の金山に打撃-南アでは大量解雇で終末に似た光景 - Bloomberg




【ビジネスの裏側】中東民族衣装も「日本製」が大人気、世界で信用される「大阪繊維」の品質 - MSN産経west


ラジャ・カサブランカ 南米王者破り決勝進出 クラブW杯 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex サッカー


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News Headlines - 18 December 2013

Stocks Close at Record Highs as Fed Steps Back

U.S. stocks and gold swung higher, and U.S. Treasurys see-sawed, after the Federal Reserve announced it would take a small step toward paring back of its aggressive efforts to support the U.S. economy. The timing of the move surprised many investors, who had been expecting the Fed to hold off paring its $85 billion-a-month bond market purchases.

Pound spikes after surprise fall in UK unemployment - Telegraph

A bigger-than-expected fall in the unemployment has brought closer the likelihood of the Bank of England raising the base interest rate from its historic low. Official figures out this morning showed the jobless rate fell 0.3 percentage points to 7.4pc in the three months to October, meaning there were 2.39m out of work over the period. Economists had been expecting a smaller fall to 7.6pc.

Facebook, Zuckerberg, banks must face IPO lawsuit: judge | Reuters

Facebook Inc, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and dozens of banks must face a lawsuit accusing the social media company of misleading investors about its health before its $16 billion initial public offering, a federal judge said. In a decision made public on Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet in Manhattan said investors could pursue claims that Facebook should have prior to its May 2012 IPO disclosed internal projections on how increased mobile usage and product decisions might reduce future revenue.

BBC News - Are drones the future of modern warfare?

For the first time the Ministry of Defence and the RAF have opened up their drone operations to the media. The BBC's defence correspondent Jonathan Beale went to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire to see the latest unmanned aerial vehicles being used by the British military.

Bayern advance to Club World Cup final - UEFA Champions League - News - UEFA.com

UEFA Champions League holders FC Bayern München ensured a smooth passage to Saturday's FIFA Club World Cup final courtesy of a 3-0 defeat of Chinese outfit Guangzhou Evergrande FC.

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英国、ロンドンの空港で滑走路拡張検討 ヒースローなど候補  :日本経済新聞


ダイアナ元妃暗殺説を否定 証拠なしとロンドン警視庁 - MSN産経ニュース


フランス 金正恩の甥が行方不明か: The Voice of Russia


諮問委が自殺ほう助合法化を勧告、フランス:AFPBB News

フランスのフランソワ・オランド(Francois Hollande)大統領の要請で設置された諮問委員会は16日、同国で自殺ほう助を合法化すべきと勧告した。フランスでは悲劇的な自殺事例が相次いだことから、安楽死をめぐる議論が再燃している。  フランスでは安楽死は違法とされている。だが、11月に高齢夫婦の心中が2件立て続けに起きたことや、不治の病に侵され服毒自殺した母親を看取った際の痛ましい経験を語った政治家の告白に、フランス社会は大きな衝撃を受け、世論が動かされていた。

いがらしゆみこ氏の人気コミック  来年没後200年を迎えるフランス皇后 ジョゼフィーヌを描いたコミック「薔薇のジョゼフィーヌ」がついに電子書籍化 - MSN産経ニュース

大人気となった少女まんが「キャンディ・キャンディ」の作者として、世界的にも有名な漫画家のいがらしゆみこ氏が、フランス革命期の皇帝ナポレオンと結婚し、フランス皇后となった恋多き女性 ジョゼフィーヌ・ド・ボアルネ(1814年5月29日没)の波乱の生涯を描いた話題作です。ジョゼフィーヌは世界中の薔薇を蒐集したことでも有名で、来年2014年は没後200年となり、フランス国内で記念のイベントが行われる計画があります。

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News Headlines - 17 December 2013

BBC News - Russia offers Ukraine major economic assistance

Russia has given Ukraine a discount of almost a third on Russian gas and said it would buy billions of dollars' worth of Ukrainian government bonds. The moves come amid Russian attempts to stop Ukraine moving towards the EU.

Dr Abbas Khan: British doctor ‘murdered in jail’ by Syrian regime | Metro News

Syria has been accused of murdering a British surgeon who died in jail days before he was due to be released. Dr Abbas Khan ‘committed suicide’ by hanging himself by his pyjamas in his cell, the Syrian government said. But the British government and his family, who say he was ‘happy and looking forward to coming home’, rejected the claim.

Six years in a Peruvian jail for British women found with £1.5m of cocaine - The Independent

Two British women caught smuggling £1.5m of cocaine out of Peru have each been sentenced to six years and eight months in jail after apparently cutting a last-minute plea deal in a Lima court. Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, both 20, had faced maximum prison terms of 15 years. Despite acknowledging they knowingly attempted to board a plane with the drugs at Lima’s Jorge Chavez airport in August, they went into the sentencing hearing not knowing whether their admissions – made as part of the plea deal – would be fully accepted by prosecutors.

Japan unveils defence plan to counter China - FT.com

Japan has unveiled a more assertive defence strategy that includes increased military spending and a build-up of naval forces to counter China, in the most detailed expression yet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s vision of his country as a stronger and more independent military power.

BBC News - Severed hand kept alive on man's ankle

Chinese doctors have saved a man's severed hand by grafting it to his ankle, it is reported. Xiao Wei lost his right hand in an accident at work but could not have it reattached to his arm right away. Instead, the hand was kept alive by stitching it to Mr Wei's left ankle and "borrowing" a blood supply from arteries in the leg. A month later, surgeons were able to remove the hand and replant it back on his arm, according to Rex Features.

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ドイツ 国防相に初の女性: The Voice of Russia


アマゾンの賃金紛争、ドイツ国外にも広がる - WSJ.com


中央アフリカにフランスが軍事介入した3つの理由 | THE PAGE(ザ・ページ)


米への情報開示、スイス州立5行も合意=脱税ほう助問題 - WSJ.com


『風立ちぬ』アメリカ吹替版 二郎はジョセフ・G=レヴィッド、菜穂子はE・ブラント - Ameba News [アメーバニュース]


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News Headlines - 16 December 2013

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program - NYTimes.com

A Federal District Court judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency program that is systematically keeping records of all Americans’ phone calls most likely violates the Constitution, and he ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs’ personal calls and destroy the records of their calling history.

White House: No amnesty for Snowden

The White House echoed a long-held position Monday: There will be no amnesty for Edward Snowden.

Diana death: Scotland Yard 'rejects SAS link' - London Evening Standard

Scotland Yard has rejected the possibility that the SAS was involved in the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, it was claimed tonight. New police enquiries have been completed, although a formal statement will not be released until tomorrow.

Harvard Evacuated Over 'Explosives' Warning

Harvard University has issued an all-clear after four buildings were evacuated due to "unconfirmed reports of explosives" on campus. Students and staff were allowed to return to Sever, Thayer and Emerson Halls nearly four hours after the dormitory and classroom buildings were evacuated.

England v Afghanistan in 'football peace match' to mark end of War on Taliban - Mirror Online

David Cameron and former Premier League stars Michael Owen and John Hartson back 'truce game' idea to boost Afghan football

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CNN.co.jp : ソチ五輪、フランス大統領も欠席へ ドイツに続き


元ソニーのストリンガー氏、BBC取締役に : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


クロスワードパズル誕生100年、第1号はひし形:AFPBB News

文章によるヒントからタテヨコのマス目に単語を当てはめて完成させるクロスワードパズルが今年、誕生から100年を迎える。  世界初のクロスワードパズルとされるのは、1913年12月21日の米紙ニューヨークワールド(New York World)に掲載されたものだ。クリスマス直前の日曜紙面向けにアーサー・ワイン(Arthur Wynne)氏が考案し、「ワードクロス(Word Cross)」と名付けた。マス目は正方形ではなく、ひし形に配置され、ヒントとして「FUN」の3文字が横3マスに印刷されていた。

キャサリン妃、「テンパリー・ロンドン」のドレスで3D映像作品鑑賞:AFPBB News

英・ロンドン(London)市内にある自然史博物館(Natural History Museum)で11日、英ウィリアム王子(Prince William)とキャサリン妃(Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)が、動物学者デービッド・アッテンボロー(David Attenborough)氏が制作した3D映像作品「Natural History Museum Alive 3D」を鑑賞した。

イヤッホゥゥゥ!! イギリス海軍のクリスマスが楽しそうすぎる - ねとらぼ

こちらの写真は、クリスマスのメッセージや写真を送ってもらう企画「YULE THE WAVES」をアピールするのに使われており、企画ページにも掲載されています。

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News Headlines - 15 December 2013

Embassy says Japan diplomat stabbed in Yemen - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Assailants stabbed a Japanese diplomat in Yemen as the victim drove his car in the capital Sanaa, scene of a recent spate of attacks on foreigners, the embassy said. The consul and second secretary at the embassy suffered five stab wounds in the Sunday morning attack as he drove through the neighbourhood of Hadda, an embassy spokesman said. It was unclear if the attack was an attempt to kidnap the diplomat.

Syria: children killed as Aleppo hit by worst bombing in six months - Telegraph

Syrian government helicopters dropped barrels laden with explosives on residential districts of Aleppo on Sunday, killing dozens of people, including 16 children. In the worst bombing raids against the city in more than six months, local residents said the attack targeted at least nine different parts of the rebel held city, the TNT decimating shops, roads and entire apartment blocks.

BBC News - Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu ancestral home

Nelson Mandela's body has been laid to rest in a family plot, after political and religious leaders paid tribute to South Africa's first black president at a state funeral service.

British Library uploads more than a million public domain images to Flickr (Wired UK)

More than 300 years of illustrations from the archives of the British Library have been uploaded to Flickr Commons, and now the organisation wants help sifting through them.

BBC News - Peter O'Toole, Lawrence of Arabia star, dies aged 81

Actor Peter O'Toole, who starred in Sir David Lean's 1962 film classic Lawrence of Arabia, died on Saturday aged 81, his agent has said. He was being treated at London's Wellington hospital after a long illness, his agent added.

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ドイツ大連立、最大野党が与党入り正式承認  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ大連立政権発足、「脱原発」担当相設置へ : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


英ヘンリー王子が負傷兵らと南極点到達、英王室で初:AFPBB News

アフガニスタンやイラクでの戦闘で腕や脚を失うなどの傷を負った英、米、カナダ、オーストラリアの兵士らと共に約3週間の南極の旅に出ていた英国のヘンリー王子(Prince Harry、29)は13日、同国王室のメンバーとして初めて南極点に到達した。

イギリス人フードジャーナリストが食べ歩いた、日本人の知らない日本食 | ダ・ヴィンチ電子ナビ


6台のカメラからの映像を自由に切り替えて、ロンドン交響楽団の演奏を学び楽しむことができるサイト「LSO」 | mifdesign_antenna

ロンドン交響楽団(ロンドン・シンフォニー・オーケストラ/LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA)が演奏する、ラヴェルのボレロを見ることができるサイトです。面白いのは、演奏を映す6台のカメラを自由に切り替えることができるということ。

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News Headlines - 14 December 2013

allAfrica.com: South Africa: Mandela's Body Arrives in Qunu

The cortege of the late former President Nelson Mandela has arrived at his residence in Qunu, where he will be laid to rest on Sunday. The entourage, led by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), arrived just after 4pm.

S. African interpreter says he never murdered, raped anyone

The sign language interpreter accused of being a fraud at Nelson Mandela's memorial service denied allegations of rape and murder during an interview Saturday with USA TODAY Network.

RSA shares fall 7.2 per cent after it puts extra £135m of capital into Irish subsidiary - The Irish Times

Shares in British insurer RSA fell by 7.2 per cent in London yesterday after the company said it had provided another £135 million (€160 million) in capital to its Irish subsidiary to keep its regulatory reserve ratios above 200 per cent. This brings to £235 million the amount injected into RSA Ireland in the past five weeks. RSA also announced yesterday that chief executive Simon Lee had left with immediate effect, following its third profit warning in six weeks.

Christmas shopping online? You're not alone - Brits are the world's biggest Internet shoppers - Mirror Online

Brits are the world's biggest online shoppers, according to new research. People in the UK now spend a whopping £1,017 a year online, up by almost £150 from 2012. Research from Ofcom shows that three-quarters of Brits buy stuff on the Internet once a month, while 24 per cent make purchases every single week. Some 58 per cent of people said that shopping online was simply "easier" than going to the shops.

Egypt Sees First Snow Storm In Years

A winter storm has brought snow to Cairo for the first time in decades and has blanketed parts of the Middle East.

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張氏、処刑直前に拷問か 遺体に機関銃銃弾90発、「火炎放射器」で焼却観測も - MSN産経ニュース


永久追放処分のアームストロング氏に八百長疑惑:AFPBB News

禁止薬物の使用で自転車競技から永久追放処分を受けたランス・アームストロング(Lance Armstrong、米国)氏が大会で優勝するため、対戦相手を10万ドルで買収した疑いが明るみに出た。元選手のロベルト・ガッジオーリ(Roberto Gaggioli、イタリア)氏が伊紙コリエレ・デラ・セラ(Corriere della Sera)に明かした。
 1993年に米国で行われたミリオンダラーレース(Million Dollar Race)でのことだったと現在51歳のガッジオーリ氏は言う。

ノルウェー、受刑者あふれスウェーデンに「刑務所貸して」:AFPBB News




ゆったり「スローテレビ」が思わぬ人気、ノルウェー:AFPBB News

 NRKの番組制作局長ルネ・メクレブスト(Rune Moeklebust)氏は「これは文字通りのリアリティー番組。編集によって削られることもなく、リアルタイムで放映される正真正銘の現実だ」と語る。

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News Headlines - 13 December 2013

Gunman, 18, Wounds Classmate In Colorado School : NPR

A teenager who may have had a grudge against a teacher opened fire Friday with a shotgun at a suburban Denver high school, wounding a fellow student before killing himself.

Cameron: No To University Segregation

University leaders have withdrawn guidance on segregating men and women in lectures and speeches after David Cameron intervened.

Sudden rise in homelessness blamed on housing shortage and the 'bedroom tax' - The Independent

The number of homeless people is rising sharply under the twin pressures of the shortage of housing and the impact of the Government's welfare reforms, according to a new study.

YouTube revenues may rise by 50% to $5.6bn | The Guardian

YouTube's advertising revenues will rise by more than 50% to $5.6bn in 2013, according to a report that confirms the threat posed by the internet to traditional TV ads. The report by eMarketer claims that YouTube has become such a draw for advertisers that it will account for 11% of advertising revenues at Google, YouTube's parent. The eMarketer estimate tops previous predictions. In May, Morgan Stanley predicted that YouTube's gross revenues would reach $4bn in 2013, while Barclays suggested a likely figure of $3.6bn.

40-year-old foetus found in abdomen of Colombian OAP after check-up | Metro News

The 82-year-old had complained of abdominal pains, which doctors thought was gastroenteritis. However, medical professionals at Tunjuelito Hospital in Bogota, Colombia, discovered that it was in fact a rare lithopedion – or stone baby.

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ヒトラー・わが闘争:生存者に配慮 バイエルンで出版中止 - 毎日新聞




郵便物「家まで届けるの、もうやめます」 カナダ:朝日新聞デジタル


「風立ちぬ」ゴールデン・グローブ賞候補に : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)


名門バレンシアがついに身売りへ。財政面難を招いた市長の無謀な新スタジアム建設計画 | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 12 December 2013

North Korea executes Kim Jong-un's uncle as a traitor - Telegraph

The once-powerful uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been executed for treason after being branded "despicable human scum", according to the state news agency. Jang Song-thaek was a mentor to the young North Korean dictator and one of the regime's most influential figures until he was publicly purged last week. Video showed the 67-year-old Mr Jang being dragged out of his seat by police at a government meeting and official North Korean photographs were quickly doctored to remove all traces of him.

Ryanair's bikini calendar ad banned - Telegraph

The judge ruled that the calendar, released each year by the low-cost airline in support of charitable causes, was sexist. Ryanair said it would appeal the decision. The carrier published the advertisements late last year for its 2013 calendar, which featured more than a dozen scantily-clad female cabin crew. It said sales of the calendar had raised €100,000 (£84,000) for charity. But the adverts prompted an appeal by a consumer group, and this week a court in the southern city of Malaga ruled that the adverts treated the women as objects and were discriminatory, Spanish media reported.

BBC News - Bernie Ecclestone faces call for probe of his financial affairs

An MP is calling for a Serious Fraud Office probe into the financial affairs of Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone. It comes as a seven-week civil case over an £85m ($140m) damages claim against the billionaire, 83, concludes. He denies making corrupt payments to facilitate the sale of F1, and says he paid a German banker £10m because he was threatened over his tax affairs.

BBC Sport - London 2012: Did Olympic Games fail to inspire the next generation?

The latest figures from Sport England's Active People survey do show some positive developments. Overall, the number of people playing sport once a week for half an hour have been restored to the levels seen immediately after last year's Olympics, following a fall six months ago which was blamed on bad weather.

The worst football kits in English football - Telegraph

As Adidas says it does not want Chelsea shirts stocked in Newcastle-owner Mike Ashley's Sports Direct, we look at the worst kits in English football that probably shouldn't have made it to any shop... and then discover the French have it a lot worse.

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「オバマ大統領らが追悼式で「自分撮り」 批判起こる」 News i


EU、電気料金5年で17%上昇 相次ぎ原発運転延長  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : 火星定住計画に20万人が応募、2025年の実現目指す




「オバマは尖閣を日本領と認めよ」 アメリカの政策を誘導するために  WEDGE Infinity(ウェッジ)


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News Headlines - 11 December 2013

Scientology is a religion, rules Supreme Court - Telegraph

A woman who wants to marry in a Church of Scientology chapel has won a battle in the UK's highest court. Scientologist Louisa Hodkin took her fight to the Supreme Court after a High Court judge ruled that services run by Scientologists were not "acts of worship". Five Supreme Court justices analysed the case at a hearing in London in July and ruled in her favour on Wednesday, announcing that the Scientology church was a "place of meeting for religious worship".

All signs suggest Obama's interpreter for the deaf was fake

The international deaf community is up in arms as claims emerged the signed-language interpreter on stage at Nelson Mandela's memorial service was a fake. As Mr Mandela's funeral was streamed live around the world, Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen, the first deaf woman to be elected to the South African Parliament tweeted: "ANC-linked interpreter on the stage with dep president of ANC is signing rubbish. He cannot sign. Please get him off." Many other members of the deaf community, including the hearing-impaired and qualified interpreters took to social media to express their outrage, labelling the man who was tasked with signing President Barack Obama's speech a "charlatan".

Uruguay approves world's first national marketplace for legal marijuana | Fox News

Uruguay has become the first country to create a national marketplace for legal marijuana, with the government regulating the production, sales and use of pot in a bold bid to control addiction and drug violence.

Nokia will release a 'low-cost' Android phone in 2014- The Inquirer

FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia reportedly will release a low-cost Android smartphone next year, despite Microsoft's imminent takeover of the company. That's according to The Verge, which managed to get hold of more information about a leaked device called the "Nokia Normandy" that was spotted by @evleaks in November. The report claims that the device will launch in 2014 as a "low-cost" Android phone, with the firm planning to replace its Series 40 operating system found on its Asha line of feature phones with Google's mobile operating system.

More than 80 flights cancelled at London airports due to fog | Reuters

Thousands of air passengers were held up at London airports early on Wednesday morning after thick fog caused more than 80 flights to be cancelled or delayed. About 60 flights were cancelled at Heathrow due to poor visibility, and dozens of departures were delayed. More than 20 flights were cancelled from London City Airport and flights from Gatwick were running late.

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TPP閣僚会合が終了 年内の妥結ならず| ytv 読売テレビ


世界を揺るがすアメリカ政府機関の盗聴疑惑がゲーム業界にも飛び火。スノーデン氏の告発を発端にバーチャルスパイの存在が明らかに - 4Gamer.net

12月9日にThe New York Timesが報じた記事によると,NSAは「ターゲットの豊富なコミュニケーションネットワーク」の盗聴行為を正当化し,何百万人もの“攻撃的な性格の人”が集まりやすいバーチャルワールドで盗聴していることを2008年の内部報告書でまとめており,少なくとも2006年頃から実際に活動していたという。……あくまでもThe New York Timesの取材に基づくものであり,真偽のほどは定かではないが,具体的な捜査対象として「World of Warcraft」や「Second Life」,「Xbox Live」などが記事内で挙がっている。

フランスの裁判所、電子たばこ産業に一撃を加える - WSJ.com


ドイツ・ポスト 無人機による郵便配達実験に成功: The Voice of Russia

ドイツを代表する郵便・物流株式会社ドイツ・ポストは、無人機を使用した郵便物の配達実験に成功した。 この実験は9日、ボンで行われた。テスト飛行の際、無人機は、ライン川の一方の側にある薬局から、対岸にある会社の本部オフィスに薬品の入った小包を届けた。

サッカークラブ経営、到来するドイツ最強の時代  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 10 December 2013

Will Handshake With Castro Lead to Headache for Obama? - NYTimes.com

President Obama shook hands with President Raúl Castro of Cuba on Tuesday, offering a friendly gesture freighted with symbolism to one of America’s most enduring Cold War foes.

BBC News - General Motors names Mary Barra as new boss

US car giant General Motors (GM) has named product development chief Mary Barra to the post of chief executive. She will replace Daniel Akerson, and be the first woman to run a US carmaker.

BBC News - Graham Norton warned over World Aids Day ribbon

Graham Norton and his production company So Television have been reprimanded by the BBC after he wore a World Aids Day ribbon on air. The presenter and his guests all sported the charity emblem on his BBC One chat show broadcast on 29 November.

Climate Change Will Affect Ultrasonic Bat Signals

Echolocation allows bats to stalk their insect and plant prey and also keeps them from flying into houses, trees, and telephone poles... But a changing climate could hamper the ability of some bat species to hunt effectively using sound, according to a new study.

Video: Godzilla: first trailer for 2014 film released - Telegraph

This trailer is being released to promote the forthcoming film of Godzilla in May 2014, directed by British director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.

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「全日空、羽田発着のロンドン便を開設へ」 News i


【London】政府が推奨!? ライフスタイルとなった自転車の最新事情 日経トレンディネット


地下鉄の廃熱を使って、ロンドン500世帯に暖房を提供 « WIRED.jp

イズリントン特別区の500世帯に安価な暖房を提供する。地下鉄駅の通気口以外に、UK Power Networks社の変電所からも廃熱を集め、イズリントンの暖房ネットワーク「Bunhill Heat and Power」(BHP)を活用して届ける。……地下鉄の廃熱を使うというプロジェクトは、今回が初めてではない。フランスの公営住宅を運営するParis Habitatは2010年に、公営住宅の暖房に、地下鉄から得た熱を利用すると発表した。

「ラドリー ロンドン」が「ホリー・フルトン」とコラボしたカプセルコレクションを発表。|VOGUE

イギリスの代表的なハンドバッグ&レザーグッズ・ブランド「ラドリー ロンドン」から、12月中旬より、ロンドンファッションを牽引する期待の若手デザイナー、ホリー・フルトンとのコラボレーションによるカプセルコレクションが登場する。

英作家コリン・ウィルソンさん死去 「アウトサイダー」:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 09 December 2013

Major tech companies unite to call for new limits on surveillance - The Washington Post

Eight of the nation’s largest technology companies called on President Obama and Congress on Monday to impose strict new curbs on surveillance that, if enacted, would dramatically reshape intelligence operations that U.S. officials have portrayed as integral to the war on terrorism.

Phuket News: PM dissolves House, but anti-Thaksin protest continues

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra announced the dissolution of the House of Representatives on Monday after a huge turnout of anti-government protesters determined to end to the "Thaksin regime" - but the protest continued.

Japan PM Abe's ratings slide after state secrets act | Reuters

Support for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe slid in opinion polls after his ruling coalition steamrolled through parliament a tough secrecy act that critics fear could muzzle media and allow officials to hide misdeeds.

Peter Higgs: I wouldn't be productive enough for today's academic system | The Guardian

Peter Higgs, the British physicist who gave his name to the Higgs boson, believes no university would employ him in today's academic system because he would not be considered "productive" enough.

'Alien-like creature' revealed as PR stunt - Telegraph

It was a mystery that took the internet by storm but the Bristol harbour 'alien' has been exposed as an elaborate stunt to promote a new TV show

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CNN.co.jp : ドイツ大統領、ソチ五輪欠席へ 人権侵害に抗議


英・サッカー八百長で6人拘束 隠し撮りを公開


ニュース:『シャーロック』効果!? イギリスで"シャーロック"が人気の名前に!? | 海外ドラマNAVI

英Radio Timesによれば、2012年にイギリスで届けが出された新生児の中で、"シャーロック"と名づけられた赤ちゃんは5人。決して多い人数ではないが、イギリスの国家統計局が毎年公開している人気の名前ランキングのための調査では、1996年以降、男の子の名前に"シャーロック"は登場していなかったという。しかし、2012年に5人の"シャーロック君"が登場したことで、新たに生まれた男の子の名前3,416位(全4,805位中)に躍り出た。

アスペルガー症候群と告白 英歌手スーザン・ボイルさん - MSN産経フォト


CNN.co.jp : 欧州各都市の「親善度」調査、首位はブダペスト


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News Headlines - 08 December 2013

Goodbye, Lenin: Protesters raise the stakes at Kiev rally as they topple statue of former Communist leader - The Independent
Protesters calling for an end to the Ukrainian government’s pro-Russian stance decapitated and toppled a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Kiev on Sunday night as hundreds of thousands denounced the administration’s move away from Europe toward Moscow.
Thai opposition protesters prepare for 'final showdown' | The Australian
THAILAND'S strife-hit capital Bangkok is bracing for fresh opposition protests described as "judgment day" by demonstrators seeking to overthrow the embattled premier, despite her offer of early elections.
MPs' 9% pay rise set to embarrass party leaders | The Observer
David Cameron and Ed Miliband will face embarrassment this week when it is announced that MPs will be paid an annual salary of £74,000 from 2015 despite their calls for "cheaper politics".
Chemical experts called in following the unexplained death of man found inside tent | Mail Online
Chemical and radiation experts were today called in following the unexplained death of a man found inside a tent in a field. Police said that there was a ‘strong odour of chemicals’ inside the tent in Port Meadow, Oxford, and officials from the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear team had been sent to the scene. The body was discovered this afternoon by a passer-by, who became concerned about what he could see and looked inside the tent, before smelling the chemicals and immediately calling police.
Football fix inquiry reaches Championship - Telegraph
Six people have been arrested after a second investigation uncovered allegations of professional footballers taking cash to fix games for betting syndicates. Sam Sodje, a former Portsmouth player, allegedly agreed to arrange for a Championship player to get booked deliberately during a recent match, for £30,000.

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TPP日米協議 激しい議論の応酬か NHKニュース


英管制システムに不具合、空の便に混乱:AFPBB News

英国で7日、航空管制システムに技術的な問題が発生し、ロンドンの(London)のヒースロー空港(Heathrow Airport)などで数百便が欠航となり、数千人が影響を受けた。

【世界おもしろ法律事典】英の新措置法「貧乏な移民は来ないで」 - MSN産経ニュース


完璧な人間なんていますか?スイスのショーウインドウに設置された、身体障がい者のマネキン「Pro Infirmis «Because who is perfect?»」 | mifdesign_antenna

12月3日は国際障害者デー(the International Day of Persons with Disabilities)でした。この日にスイスのバーンホフ通りのショーウインドウに、いつも目にしているマネキンとは少し違うマネキンが飾られた。これは、事故や病気で身体に障碍を持つ人たちの体を採寸して作られた、特別なマネキンでした。このプロジェクトを行ったのはPro Infirmis。スイスで障碍者の地位の平等や機会均等に尽力している団体です。

仏カイエ・デュ・シネマ誌が選ぶ2013年の映画ベスト10 - Ameba News [アメーバニュース]

1.「Stranger by the Lake(英題)」(アラン・ギロディ監督)
7.「La jalousie(原題)」(フィリップ・ガレル監督)
8.「Nobody’s Daughter Haewon(英題)」(ホン・サンス監督)
9.「You and the Night(英題)」(ヤン・ゴンザレス監督)
10.「La bataille de Solférino(原題)」(ジュスティーヌ・トリエ監督)

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News Headlines - 07 December 2013

Obama, Bush, Clinton to attend Mandela services

President Obama will travel to South Africa next week to attend services for Nelson Mandela, the White House said Friday.

U.S. war veteran released by North Korea returns home | Reuters

An 85-year-old Korean War veteran held for more than a month by North Korea as a war criminal arrived in San Francisco on Saturday to be reunited with his family North Korea detained Merrill E. Newman for crimes it accused him of committing during the conflict six decades ago as a member of the U.S. special forces. He was released for humanitarian reasons after he apologized, the country's state news agency said.

Video: Officials apologises for severe delays at UK airports - Telegraph

National Air Traffic Service Operations Manager, Juliet Kennedy, has apologised for any inconveniance caused following a "software problem" which has resulted in severe delays at many airports in the UK and Ireland

BBC News - Prince's South Pole race 'suspended'

Prince Harry and his fellow competitors will no longer race to the South Pole because of safety concerns, the charity Walking With The Wounded has confirmed.

BBC Sport - David Moyes: Manchester United manager thankful for home support

Not an awful lot is going David Moyes's way at the moment so you can understand why the Manchester United manager is grateful that many of his team's fans remain on his side.

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CNN.co.jp : フランス軍が軍事介入を開始、無政府状態の中央アフリカ


ヨーロッパ北部で猛烈な嵐、高潮被害も| ytv 読売テレビ


ルー米財務長官:ボルカールールは「ロンドンの鯨」再発防止 - Bloomberg


ラジオでIQテストを受けて墓穴を掘ったロンドン市長 | ニューズウィーク日本版 オフィシャルサイト


ナタリー - いつの間にかイギリスで人気者に、taffyが一部始終を語る


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News Headlines - 06 December 2013

AFP: Japanese parliament passes controversial secrets law

Japan's parliament on Friday adopted a law on protecting state secrets despite a public outcry, with strong opposition from the media and academics who fear it will infringe on the right to information and free expression.

Nelson Mandela's death: South Africa mourns loss of its ‘greatest son’ - The Independent

Nelson Mandela dreamt that South Africa would become “a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world”. And in the hours of shock and loss that followed the announcement of his death, hundreds of mourners, black and white together, gathered outside his home in the Johannesburg suburb of Houghton where he had died surrounded by his family, and created a little microcosm of that nation.

Killer Marine told he 'increased risk of revenge attacks' and sentenced to minimum 10 years - Telegraph

Royal Marine filmed executing injured Taliban insurgent in cold blood is given ten year minimum jail sentence, as judge tells him: "You have betrayed all British service personnel"

World Cup 2014 draw: Italy game will leave a physical scar on England - Telegraph

England’s opening match against Italy in Manaus will be a 14-man encounter because of the punishing heat and humidity.

World Cup: England face tough campaign ahead - The Scotsman

THE DRAW IN FULL GROUP A Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon GROUP B Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia GROUP C Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan GROUP D Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy GROUP E Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras GROUP F Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria GROUP G Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA GROUP H Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic

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マンデラ氏の存在が政治への志を支えてくれた=オバマ米大統領 - WSJ.com


オバマ米大統領、NSA改革を提案へ プライバシーめぐる国民の懸念に配慮 | Reuters


オバマ大統領、セキュリティの問題でiPhone使わせてもらえない : ギズモード・ジャパン


ヨーロッパ、ネパールの航空会社を乗入禁止に | FlyTeam ニュース

欧州連合の運輸部門ではヨーロッパへの乗り入れ禁止航空会社のリスト、「EU航空安全リスト(the EU air safety list)」を更新、新たにネパールの全ての航空会社の乗り入れを禁止すると発表しました。ネパール航空当局、ネパールの航空会社数社からの聞き取りなどを踏まえて、禁止リストに加えたもの。EUは今後、航空の安全性向上のため、ネパール当局などと協力し、対応策のサポートなどを行っていくとしています。対象はネパール航空、ブッダ・エアなど17社です。

「イギリスなどヨーロッパ北部で大型の嵐、死者・行方不明者も」 News i


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News Headlines - 05 December 2013

World leaders honor Mandela as champion of freedom and reconciliation | Reuters

Nelson Mandela was hailed on Thursday as a "hero of our time" as tributes poured in from world leaders on the death of the man who led the triumphant fight against apartheid in South Africa and became that country's first black president.

Militants attack hospital at Yemen's Defense Ministry - CNN.com

Militants staged a deadly attack on Yemen's Defense Ministry on Thursday, ramming the building with an explosives-laden vehicle, followed by gunmen who battled security forces inside. The attack targeted a hospital at the Defense Ministry complex, Yemen's state-run Saba news agency reported... Ministry official said four foreign doctors were among the dead. Also, a relative of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi died in the attack, the government said. It did not name the relative.

King of Thailand calls for calm in birthday speech | euronews

Thailand’s revered King Bhumibol Abulyadej is celebrating his eighty sixth birthday amid a truce after days of violent protests in Bangkok... King Bhumibol Abulyadej appealed for calm, saying: “All Thais should consider this very much and focus on doing their duties according to their responsibilities for the greater interest – which is the security and stability of the country,” he said.

Japan state secrets bill on track to become law despite protests | Reuters

A Japanese state secrets bill toughening penalties for leaks came a step closer to becoming law on Thursday when ruling parties forced it through a parliamentary panel amid protests it will muzzle the media and help cover up official misdeeds.

Independent Press Standards Organisation: New press regulator to be functional by spring after agreement reached - Mirror Online

Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/independent-press-standards-organisation-new-2894802#ixzz2meKPgMrD Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

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CNN.co.jp : 仏当局、アラファト氏の毒殺説否定 夫人は反論


200万件の盗難パスワードがマルウェアサーバに、大手サイトのアカウントも発見 - ITmedia エンタープライズ


中国人民銀行、金融機関に「ビットコイン」の取引について警告 | Reuters


日本の「和食」無形文化遺産に登録決定 NHKニュース


「風立ちぬ」に最優秀アニメ賞 NY映画批評家協会:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 04 December 2013

Kim Jong-un's uncle 'purged' by North Korea military - Telegraph

The uncle and mentor to Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has apparently been purged by a resurgent military faction in Pyongyang. Jang Song-thaek has not been seen in public since late November, when two of his closest aides were executed in public after being found guilty of corruption and activities that ran counter to the policies of the Workers' Party of Korea, according to a report by South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Taiwan Seeks Peace Talks Over China Air Defense Zone

Taiwan appealed for peace talks on Tuesday after China established an air defense zone over the East China Sea, enraging Japan. Analysts think the call for peace will help Taiwan stay on the good side of both China and Japan as they square off against each other.

Japan caught in dilemma over China air defence zone - FT.com

Any Asian country trying to preserve its hold on remote territory coveted by China, the region’s increasingly powerful and assertive giant, faces a daunting challenge. For Japan, the task of retaining control of the disputed Senkaku Islands is especially fraught – as the delicately orchestrated visit to Tokyo by US vice-president Joe Biden highlighted this week.

Major Hezbollah Figure Is Assassinated Near Beirut - NYTimes.com

Hassane Laqees was a major player in the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah from its inception three decades ago to its current intervention in Syria’s civil war. Over the years, he survived several assassination attempts.

BBC News - Autumn Statement: Plan to raise state pension age sooner

The government is planning to bring forward the date when people need to be 68 to draw the state pension, Chancellor George Osborne will announce in his Autumn Statement later. The change, currently set for 2046, may now happen in the mid-2030s, affecting people now in their forties and below.

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ドイツ議会 極右政党の非合法化を申請 NHKニュース


「心身に深刻な後遺症」 ドイツ、18歳未満の美容整形禁止 | 朝鮮日報

 世界整形学界の2010年の調査によると、ドイツで美容整形手術を受けた人は人口1000人当たり約5人。このうちおよそ10%が青少年だとCDUは明らかにした。 この調査で、韓国の美容整形人口は1000人当たり16人で、世界1位だった。

オバマ米大統領のおじに永住権、飲酒運転での逮捕歴も | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : ダイアナ妃「お気に入り」の白いドレス、ロンドンで競売に



  ◇W杯抽選方法 出場32チームは1次リーグで、4チームずつAからHまでの8組に振り分けられる。抽選は次の手順で行われる。

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News Headlines - 03 December 2013

Guardian ‘may face terrorism charges’ over Edward Snowden leaks | Metro News

Police are examining whether The Guardian should be investigated for terrorism offences over its handling of data leaked by Edward Snowden. Asst Comm Cressida Dick said police were looking to see whether any offences had been committed by the newspaper. The intervention by the Met Police’s senior counter-terrorism officer came after editor Alan Rusbridger told MPs he was a patriot who had kept the leaked names of British spies under wraps.

Britain expected to enter talks with China over cyber spying - The Independent

Britain is expected to enter talks with China over the controversial issue of cyber spying after David Cameron raised the issue during his trade mission to the region. The Prime Minister articulated his concerns over allegations of Chinese cyber hacking during talks with Li Keqiang, the Chinese premier, on the second day of his trade mission to the country.

David Cameron rules out tax cuts until end of decade - Telegraph

The Prime Minister said that delivering Conservative ambitions of tax cuts for higher-income households would have to wait until the deficit was “dealt with”. Only when the public finances are in surplus will ministers be able to cut taxes on the middle class, Mr Cameron said. A married couples’ allowance to the better-off would be a top priority when the money was available, he indicated.

BBC News - Most Tube and bus fares to rise with inflation

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that Tube, train and bus fares across the capital city are, on average, going up in line with inflation. Some Tube season ticketholders will see a rise of 1% above inflation.

London Mayor Boris Johnson fails simple IQ test live on radio | Daily Star

The Mayor of London fluffed all his answers when he was put on the spot during his weekly radio show yesterday. Eton-educated Boris - seen as a future Tory leader - failed all three IQ questions he was asked. But he was also clueless about the X Factor, who's on I'm A Celebrity - and even struggled on much a single Tube fare costs.

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「首相と米副大統領が会談、中国に防空識別圏撤回要求へ」 News i


英首相:チベット独立支持せず 会談で中国首相に- 毎日新聞


ドイツの年末商戦、懸念は「ストより降雪」=アマゾン独子会社 | Reuters

米インターネット小売り大手アマゾン・ドットコム のドイツ子会社を率いるラルフ・クレーバー氏は29日、ロイターとのインタビューで、クリスマス商戦では従業員ストライキよりも降雪による商品配達への影響が心配で、ストの圧力に屈するつもりはないと強調した。クレーバー氏は「この話は労働組合主導のストに参加した少数派のことだ。アマゾンは公正な雇用主で、労働者の多くが勤続14年以上。大半の労働者は賃金の高い良い仕事だと話す」と述べた。労組ベルディは今年、賃金と待遇をめぐる労使紛争からライプチヒとバートヘルスフェルトの物流センターで一連のストに突入した。ベルディは25日、全正規従業員の約5分の1に当たる約1000人がストに参加したと発表。一方アマゾンはスト参加を800人弱とみている。

独アウディ、16年から小型SUVをドイツで生産  :日本経済新聞


欧州自動車販売に底入れ感、11月はスペインとフランスが増加 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 02 December 2013

Lee Rigby murder trial hears how attacker had 'pure evil' in his eyes | The Guardian

A court has heard how one of Lee Rigby's attackers had "pure evil" in his eyes as witnesses described how the young soldier was repeatedly stabbed and hacked with a cleaver in a south London street.

Gunman Killed in Rare Iceland Police Shooting - ABC News

Police in Iceland said Monday they shot dead a gunman — the first time armed police have killed someone in the nation. Iceland, which has a tiny population of around 320,000, has a low crime rate and gun violence is extremely rare. Its regular police force does not carry firearms. Haraldur Johannessen, National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police, said Monday's incident was unprecedented.

BBC News - UN implicates Bashar al-Assad in Syria war crimes

The UN's human rights chief has said an inquiry has produced evidence that war crimes were authorised in Syria at the "highest level", including by President Bashar al-Assad.

Natwest and RBS customers hit by IT problems on Cyber Monday | theguardian.com

Natwest and its parent company RBS are grappling with the latest blow to their brand reputation amid widespread reports of customers having their debit and credit cards declined in shops across the UK on what was also one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

BBC News - Fast & Furious 7 to 'go ahead' after Walker's death

Fast & Furious 7 will still go ahead following the sudden death one of its stars, Paul Walker, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The trade magazine quotes a source who said the production is facing a delay but the film will still be released.

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ウクライナ:首都で10万人デモ…250人超の負傷者- 毎日新聞


デヴィッド・ベッカム、ユース入団式で性的いじめを受けた過去 - シネマトゥデイ


Amazon、宅配ピザのように30分で商品を届ける無人ヘリ配送サービス「Prime Air」を発表 - インターネットコム

米国 Amazon.com は12月1日、無人ヘリを利用した配送サービス「Amazon Prime Air」を発表した。早ければ、2015年に米国でサービスを開始する可能性があるという。

作曲部門の特別賞に山中さん ジュネーブ国際音楽コン:朝日新聞デジタル


英誌が選ぶ「原作を超えた映画ベスト50」 - 映画.com

3.「The Painted Veil(原題)」(2006・日本未公開)/サマセット・モーム「五彩のヴェール」
7.「ミーン・ガールズ」(2004)/ロザリンド・ワイズマン「Queen Bees and Wannabees」(邦訳なし)
16.「博士の異常な愛情 または私は如何にして心配するのを止めて水爆を愛するようになったか」(1964)/ピーター・ジョージ「破滅への二時間(赤い警報)」
20.「ミレニアム ドラゴン・タトゥーの女」(2009)/スティーグ・ラーソン

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News Headlines - 01 December 2013

Ukraine pro-EU protests: ‘It’s not a rally, it’s a revolution’ - The Independent

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Kiev on Sunday, calling for the resignation of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his government in the biggest demonstrations in the capital since the “Orange Revolution” of nine years ago.

Train derails in New York, killing 4 - CNN.com

Rail cars flipped over when a passenger train derailed in New York Sunday morning, killing at least four people and injuring dozens more.

Glasgow crash helicopter model faced safety fears last year - FT.com

European air safety authorities issued a directive last year requiring preflight inspections of the type of helicopter that crashed into a Glasgow pub on Friday night, after cracks were detected in part of the main rotor hub shaft of one aircraft.

Japan’s drugs companies open up to western treatment - FT.com

The decision by one of Japan’s largest pharmaceutical groups to name a European as its chief executive designate reflects growing international openness in the world’s second-largest medicines market at a time of intensifying competition.

Martin Jol sacked by Fulham as Rene Meulensteen appointed as manager | Mail Online

Martin Jol was finally sacked by Fulham on Sunday after the club’s dismal start to the season. The Dutchman was summoned to a crisis meeting by chief executive Alistair Mackintosh at the club’s Motspur Park training HQ, when Jol’s two-and-a-half-year spell at Craven Cottage was brought to an end. The final straw was Fulham’s limp 3-0 surrender to West Ham on Saturday.

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ドイツ:社民党員投票が焦点 保革大連立- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


防空識別圏 米航空会社はフライトプラン提出 NHKニュース


【アメリカを読む】大統領が謝罪と反省と平謝り…オバマケアまた後退、従来基準の保険販売認め - MSN産経ニュース


ロンドンで自転車の死亡事故が相次ぐ、市に緊急対策求める声:AFPBB News

 ボリス・ジョンソン(Boris Johnson)市長は、コストが安く、環境に優しく、健康維持に一役買うとして、自転車に乗るメリットを強調しているものの、自転車利用者を守るための対策が不十分だとして市長に批判的な人たちもいる。同市長はLBCラジオに対し、最近の自転車事故に心が痛むと述べる一方、「人々が道路交通の法規に従わない限り、どんなに交通工学に投資しても命を救うことはできない」と明言した。

ドイツ鉄道、国際展開急ぐ 国内には綻びも  :日本経済新聞


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