News Headlines - 22 December 2013

US warns it might take further military action in South Sudan - Telegraph

US President Barack Obama has told Congress that he may take further military action to protect Americans in violence-plagued South Sudan. In a letter to Congress, Mr Obama said that about 46 US troops were deployed Saturday to help evacuate Americans. That's in addition to another 45 troops deployed to reinforce the US Embassy in Juba, the South Sudan capital.

Israel Demands End to US Spying

Israel has reacted angrily to reports the country was a target of espionage by the United States. Senior officials in Jerusalem are demanding an end to U.S. spying on Israel after revelations the National Security Agency intercepted e-mails from Israeli leaders.

Italian army reservist to be prosecuted for saving cat's life in Kosovo | theguardian.com

A question is to be raised in the Italian parliament over the case of an army officer who was sent for trial at a military court last week for saving the life of a dying cat. Lieutenant Barbara Balanzoni, a reservist who has since returned to her civilian job as an anaesthetist in Tuscany, is charged with gross insubordination. She committed the alleged offence while serving as medical officer at a Nato base in Kosovo.

Minister apologises for 'crude' Nigel Farage comment - Telegraph

A defence minister has apologised after making a crude personal remark about the leader of United Kingdom Independence Party on breakfast television. Anna Soubry, the minister responsible for veterans and soldiers' welfare, made the unprompted comments about Nigel Farage on the BBC Andrew Marr show shortly before 10am.

Christmas 2013: How to have a 'Horrible' Christmas - Telegraph

Season of goodwill? You must be joking, says Terry Deary, creator of 'Horrible Histories’, who picks his favourite surprisingly gruesome facts about Christmas








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