News Headlines - 28 December 2013

Civilians Trying to Flee South Sudan Violence Are Caught Between Two Sides - NYTimes.com

When the shooting started last week, Othom Bol quickly fled with his wife and their three young children to what he thought would be the safety of the United Nations peacekeeping base on the outskirts of town.

Deadly Syrian Bomb Strikes Crowded Aleppo Market - NYTimes.com

Syrian government forces continued their bombing campaign in the northern city Aleppo on Saturday, with a single strike in a crowded vegetable market killing at least 21 people, activists and residents said.

Egyptian student dies during protests at campus - The Washington Post

Riot police moved into Egypt’s main Islamic university on Saturday, firing tear gas and breaking up a strike by students that threatened to disrupt midterms. One student was killed in the melee, an administration building was torched and students fled from exam rooms.

N Ireland: Final agreement 'must be struck' by Monday - ITV News

A final agreement on dealing with Northern Ireland's troubled past, parades and flags must be struck by Monday, the independent chairs of all-party talks has said. Earlier, Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party said part of the political deal proposed by former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass is "unworkable".

Buffet blast: British mother and daughter injured in Tenerife hotel explosion | Daily Star

Ross Browning, editor of Canarian Weekly, told Sky News the explosion took place in a metal buffet container by the pool which uses a flammable gel to keep food warm. He said: "It's awful what's happened and with so many people around, in many ways it's probably a miracle that only four people have been injured.








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