News Headlines - 26 January 2014

BBC News - Ukraine crisis: Yanukovych 'concessions' fail to end unrest

Violence has continued in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, after President Viktor Yanukovych promised to make concessions to try to end the country's crisis.
As dawn broke on Saturday, fires still burned in the city centre. Overnight, protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas.

BBC News - Thailand protesters block early election vote

Protesters in Thailand have surrounded polling stations, blocking early voting ahead of next week's general election, officials say.
One of their leaders has been shot dead during a clash with government supporters just outside the capital, Bangkok. Advance voting has reportedly been cancelled in a number of locations.

Heinrich Himmler's private letters found in Tel Aviv bank vault | Haaretz

So how did Heinrich Himmler’s personal letters end up in a Tel Aviv bank vault, and why have they only come to light 69 years after the SS chief committed suicide at the end of World War II?
German newspaper Die Welt has reported that 700 letters written by Himmler ended up in a Tel Aviv bank vault. The paper plans to publish some of them in the coming weeks.

BBC News - E-cigarettes to be stubbed out for under-18s

Under-18s in England are to be banned from buying electronic cigarettes, the government has announced.
Experts say it is not yet known what harm the tobacco-free devices could inflict and that their contents could be damaging young people's health.

GM crops containing fish oil nutrients could be grown in UK within months - Telegraph

Genetically modified crops rich in fish oil nutrients could be grown in Britain for the first time within just three months after scientists applied to carry out field trials.
The researchers hope to produce the world’s first sustainable plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, normally found in oily fish, by “cutting and pasting” genes taken from marine algae.








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