News Headlines - 25 February 2014

IRA Hyde Park bombing: Suspect John Downey cleared of 1982 attack over 'reckless blunder' by cops - Mirror Online

An IRA terror suspect allegedly involved in the 1982 Hyde Park bombing has walked free because of a “monumental blunder” by police.
The case against John Downey, 62, collapsed after a senior judge heard the defendant was among the alleged terrorists who had received a letter protecting them from prosecution.
Downey got the document from officials in 2007 as a result of a “reckless” error by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Harriet Harman accuses Daily Mail of smear campaign - The Irish Times

British Labour Party deputy leader Harriet Harman has said she has nothing to apologise for over the involvement of a civil rights organisation she used to work for with a paedophile rights campaign.
Ms Harman said she had never “colluded” with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) while she was legal officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) in the 1970s.

Obama to Karzai: No Post-2014 Presence Without Signed Security Agreement

President Obama called Afghan President Karzai on Tuesday to reiterate that there will be no U.S. troop presence on the ground in Afghanistan unless the Afghan government signs a bilateral security agreement.

Inside the Mansion of Ukraine's Former Leader - WSJ.com

A visitor posed in a bathtub at the mansion near Kiev on Saturday. Protesters took full control of Mr. Yanukovych's residence and provided free access to Ukrainians and the media.

Japan Skate Heroine Mao Asada Hits Back at Tokyo 2020 Chief - The Jakarta Globe

Asada on Thursday brushed aside the 76-year-old’s scoffing.
“I’m human. I happen to fail,” Asada told a news conference when asked about Mori’s remarks. “I don’t care at all now, but I’m afraid that perhaps Mr. Mori is now slightly regretting making such remarks.”








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