News Headlines - 28 February 2014

Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox said it was filing for bankruptcy protection and that 750,000 of its customers' bitcoins and 100,000 of its own had been lost.
At market prices charted by the CoinDesk bitcoin index, that would represent a loss of $473 million.

BBC News - Ukraine crisis: 'Russians occupy' Crimea airports

Ukraine's interior minister has accused Russian naval forces of occupying Sevastopol airport in the autonomous region of Crimea. Arsen Avakov called their presence an "armed invasion".
But Russia's Black Sea Fleet has denied that Russian servicemen are taking part.

Seoul: NKorea fired Scuds for 1st time since '09 - Houston Chronicle

The short-range Scud missiles North Korea fired into the sea Thursday were a type it hasn't launched since 2009, South Korea confirmed Friday, though analysts say the apparent protest over U.S.-South Korean military drills were likely not a prelude to higher tensions.

BBC News - MI5 spy controlled UK Nazi group, files reveal

An MI5 agent pretending to have Gestapo links secretly controlled a vast network of UK-based Nazi sympathisers, newly-released files reveal.

'Three-parent babies' could be born in Britain next year - Telegraph

The first three-parent babies could be born by 2015 after the government set out new draft regulations which will allow donor DNA from a 'second mother' to be implanted into a defective egg.








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