News Headlines - 27 March 2014

48 years on death row: Japanese man finally released - Channel 4 News

As a Japanese man is released after 48 years on death row - a new report shows that publicly disclosed executions jumped nearly 15 per cent in 2013.

Russia antagonist Tymoshenko will run for Ukraine presidency - latimes.com

Yulia V. Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine who led her nation's "Orange Revolution," declared her intention to run for the presidency, pledging Thursday to lead her nation out of economic and political turmoil and "return" Crimea to Ukraine sovereignty after its annexation by Russia.

BBC News - Turkey moves to block YouTube access after 'audio leak'

Earlier, what appeared to be a leaked audio recording of Turkish officials discussing Syria appeared on YouTube.
It relates to a discussion of possible military operations in Syria, which was apparently attended by Turkey's intelligence chief, its foreign minister and the deputy head of the armed forces.

China Showcases Rising Maritime Power in Hunt for Malaysian Jet - Businessweek

China, in the midst of a military buildup challenging the U.S. and Japan, is showcasing its expanded capabilities in the search for Malaysia’s missing plane by deploying hardware from satellites to warships to an icebreaker.

FA welcomes Nations League but confusion over Uefa plans remains | The Guardian

Uefa has approved the tournament, first revealed by the Guardian in October, which will result in the 54 nations being split into four divisions based on ranking. These divisions will then be divided into four pools – the winners of which will play-off to earn a place in Euro 2020 – offering the chance for a weaker country to qualify from the lower-ranked Division D. On current rankings England would feature in Division A, with other top sides such as Spain, Italy and Germany.








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