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News Headlines - 30 April 2014

BBC News - Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams held over Jean McConville murder

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has been arrested by Northern Ireland police in connection with the 1972 murder of Jean McConville.
He presented himself to police on Wednesday evening and was arrested.
Speaking before his arrest, Mr Adams said he was "innocent of any part" in the murder.

'Fights' As IT Glitch Sparks Long Airport Queues

Fights among airport passengers have been reported after long queues formed at passport control desks due to IT problems.
A fault affecting UK Border Force computers on Wednesday afternoon led to travel disruption and extra staff have been brought in to try to reduce the lengthy lines.
Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester are among the airports across the country that were hit.

Assailants Attack Train Station in Restive Western China - NYTimes.com

Assailants with explosives and knives killed three people and wounded at least 79 Wednesday evening outside a railroad station in Urumqi, the capital of western China’s restive Xinjiang region where President Xi Jinping had just concluded a visit, state news media reported, calling it a brazen terrorist assault.

Germany, Japan say G7 won't waver on further Russian sanctions | Reuters

Germany's Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday leading industrial powers would stand united on further sanctions against Russia if needed, despite Moscow's threat to retaliate against foreign energy companies.

Facebook launches mobile ad network to rival Google and Twitter | theguardian.com

Facebook Inc rolled out a new service that it envisions will distribute ads across a network of mobile applications, opening the door to a new source of revenue for the Internet social network.

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今年中にも経済規模で米国を追い越す - The Voice of Russia


ロンドンでにわか「不動産ブーム」 ウクライナ制裁避けた富豪らの買い漁りか - MSN産経ニュース


ロンドン地下鉄、28日夜に48時間スト突入へ-労使交渉が決裂 - Bloomberg


財務省前ペン破裂 ロンドンテロと同じ爆薬 NHKニュース


マックイーンの回顧展、ロンドンで2015年に開催決定:AFPBB News

2011年に米ニューヨークのメトロポリタン美術館(Metropolitan Museum of Art)で開催され、大成功を収めた故アレキサンダー・マックイーン(Alexander McQueen)の回顧展「Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty」が2015年3月14日から7月19日まで、英ロンドンのヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館(Victoria and Albert Museum、V&A)で開催されることになった。

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News Headlines - 29 April 2014

BBC News - Former Tory MP Mercer resigns after Commons suspension

A former Tory MP has resigned after he was suspended from the Commons for six months for allegedly asking questions in Parliament in return for money.

Ian Comfort: Tube driver on vodka charge is found dead | Metro News

A Tube driver facing jail for driving a train while drunk has died at his home.
Ian Comfort’s body was found days before he was due to face claims that he drank a bottle of vodka as he ferried 500 people.

Northern Ireland's block on gay marriage bill faces legal action | The Guardian

Amnesty International says those who used veto to block bill are 'trying in vain to hold back the tide of equality'

Good news on the economy, but statistics don’t tell the whole story - Telegraph

Tuesday’s first-quarter GDP figures, showing output growth of 0.8pc were a tad disappointing for the City, where something a bit higher had been anticipated.
All the same, it was more or less where the Bank of England’s February Inflation Report predicted it would be, so the figures have no implications for interest rates.

Meet the cast of Star Wars Episode VII | theguardian.com

When Lucasfilm and Disney announced the cast of the new Star Wars film on Tuesday, fans fell into two camps: those celebrating the return of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, and those furiously Googling the new (young) cast members. Meet the new class of Star Wars stars:

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EUの制裁対象にロシア軍トップ NHKニュース


カナダとフランス、経済水域めぐり対立再燃:AFPBB News


スペイン:1-3月失業率は25.9%、2四半期連続で上昇 - Bloomberg


【ライブレポート】きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、「ボンジュールサバー」|MSN トピックス


【現地 速報レポート】ヨーロッパ最大規模のアジア映画祭が開催! | TABIZINE


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News Headlines - 28 April 2014

Leeds teacher killed: 15-year-old pupil arrested after Anne Maguire stabbed to death in front of class full of students in Corpus Christi Catholic College - The Independent

Anne Maguire – described by her beloved pupils as ‘the school’s own mother’ – devoted her life to education. But on Monday, at her Catholic college in Leeds, a 15-year-old boy allegedly entered the room, pulled out a knife, and repeatedly stabbed the married 61-year-old. Never before has a British teacher been killed in front of a class full of students

Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running 'racist' campaign | The Guardian

The first cross-party campaign to condemn Nigel Farage's party as racist is to be launched this week amid fresh polls showing Ukip may come first across England in the European elections in May.

Exiled Russian Environmentalist Wins International Prize | The Moscow Times

A Russian environmentalist who fled Russia under the threat of imprisonment has won an ecology prize for his work protecting the area around the site of this year's Sochi Olympic Games.

Irishman Dave Grennan discovers his third supernova using a telescope he made himself in his garden shed - Irish Mirror Online

Dave Grennan made the spectacular discovery on Good Friday using a device he made himself in his own back garden

World’s Best Restaurants 2014: the top 50 in full - Telegraph

Copenhagen's Noma has retaken the number one slot in The World’s Best Restaurants Awards. Here are the 50 top restaurants, with links to Telegraph reviews

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北朝鮮国防当局者、スイス政府資金で研修参加-年間1740万円か - Bloomberg


ファイザー、アストラゼネカへの買収提案を確認―10兆円以上に - WSJ.com


世界最大のブルーダイヤ、来月競売へ スイス:AFPBB News


【欧州サッカー】投げ込まれたバナナ食べたアウベス 人種差別に「ユーモアで対応」 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 27 April 2014

Obama warns EU over Russian sanctions - Telegraph

Barack Obama has warned Europe not to duck out of tougher sanctions on Russia, as the White House revealed that new measures to be imposed today will hit Russia’s defence industry.
The fresh round of US sanctions is expected to target more members of the Kremlin’s inner circle along with companies in their control, according to a senior aide to Mr Obama.

South Korean PM resigns over government response to ferry disaster

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won announced his resignation on Sunday over the government response to the ferry disaster, in which it was first announced that everyone had been rescued, focusing attention on poor regulatory controls.

Pope Francis declares sainthood for John Paul II, John XXIII - Hindustan Times

Pope Francis on Sunday proclaimed as saints his influential predecessors John Paul II and John XXIII at an historic ceremony attended by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in St Peter's Square.
"We declare and define as saints the blessed John XXIII and John Paul II," the Catholic leader said in a Latin prayer, as pilgrims and foreign dignitaries applauded and chanted: "Amen!"

GE Battles for Alstom as Siemens Wins French Support - Bloomberg

Jeffrey Immelt is trying to defend General Electric Co.’s largest-ever acquisition, after French officials imperiled the attempt by urging Alstom SA to consider a rival offer from Germany’s Siemens AG.

Praying mantises get to test out worlds smallest 3D glasses - ITV News

Newcastle University are conducting a research programme to understand 3D vision in the praying mantis. To do this the team have attached pairs of 3D glasses - the world’s tiniest - with beeswax to the insects.

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東京新聞:英、日本の尖閣領有権に疑問 「固有の領土」支持せず


米軍の比「再拠点」協定、28日署名 オバマ氏訪問直前:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 軍投入しスラム街を「占拠」、W杯開幕控え ブラジル


CNN.co.jp : ウクライナが東部に兵力1万5千人集結か ロシア国防省


ネットの世界だけを信じた英国人少年…衝撃の事件を基にしたスリラーが日本公開- 最新ニュース|MSN トピックス

実際に起きた衝撃的なインターネット犯罪を、映画『ユージュアル・サスペクツ』のブライアン・シンガー製作総指揮で映画化した英国発のスリラー『U Want Me 2 Kill Him/ユー・ウォント・ミー・トゥ・キル・ヒム』が5月24日より新宿シネマカリテで公開されることが決まった。

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News Headlines - 26 April 2014

Hillsborough insults added to Wikipedia pages using GOVERNMENT computers - Mirror Online

Wikipedia internet entries were doctored by people using GOVERNMENT computers to mock the Hillsborough tragedy.
The Cabinet Office tonight launched an urgent enquiry into the security breach after it emerged PCs on Whitehall’s secure intranet were used to post sick taunts about the football disaster.

Councils will get power to block new betting shops - The Independent

New restrictions on betting shops will be introduced this week, ministers pledged last night, amid fears of a growing use of high-stakes machines fuelling gambling addiction.

UK invests £200 million on icebreaker to boost polar research efforts : Tech Times

The UK government has announced that it will be investing in a new state-of-the-art polar research vessel. The announcement was made by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne this Friday.

Apple to introduce speed sensors in cars to stop drivers texting at the wheel | Mail Online

The electronic giants have filed a patent for a system that could bar access to an iPhone's messaging apps while a user is driving.
Sensors installed in phones would be able to detect the speed of the vehicle and work out where someone was sitting. This would allow passengers to send messages without any restrictions.

U.S., Japan unlikely to wrap up trade deal by May TPP talks: Japan official | Reuters

Japan and the United States have found "common ground" to forge a two-way trade deal, but may not be able to resolve remaining sticking points in time for a mid-May meeting of top negotiators seeking a broad regional deal, a senior Japanese official said.

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CNN.co.jp : 米女優ジョディ・フォスターさんが同性婚


本国フランスで、初登場NO.1! 映画『イヴ・サンローラン』9/6公開決定! | マイナビニュース

20世紀から現在に至るまで、揺るぎなき地位を築いたハイブランドの創始者にしてフランスが世界に誇る伝説のファッションデザイナー、イヴ・サンローラン。彼の輝かしいキャリアと人生の、その光と影を描いた感動作『イヴ・サンローラン』(原題:YVES SAINT LAURENT)の邦題と日本の公開初日が9/6(土)に決定しました。

森三中・大島に、記念撮影やサインを求める観客が殺到!-ウディネ・ファーイースト映画祭 - シネマトゥデイ


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News Headlines - 25 April 2014

Fears over North Korea nuclear test as Barack Obama arrives in Seoul | theguardian.com

Barack Obama arrived in Seoul on Friday to growing signs North Korea was preparing for another nuclear test... Obama is expected to offer personal condolences to his counterpart Park Geun-Hye over the tragedy, but the South's unpredictable northern neighbour is set to dominate the agenda.

Obama urges Japan, Korea to move forward despite ‘comfort women’ legacy - The Globe and Mail

President Barack Obama says Japan’s use of South Korean “comfort women” during the Second World War was a terrible and egregious violation of human rights... Obama urged both Japan and South Korea to move beyond the heartache of the past, noting that their interests “so clearly converge” on other fronts.

Tony Blair: west must take sides against growing threat of radical Islam | theguardian.com

Western military intervention in the Middle East has so far failed due to the distorting impact of an Islamic extremism so opposed to modernity that it could yet engender global catastrophe, Tony Blair warned on Wednesday in a keynote speech on the state of politics in the Middle East.

Airline official says drunk passenger arrested after causing hijack scare in Bali, Indonesia | Fox News

An airline official says a drunk passenger on a Virgin Australia flight who caused a hijack scare has been arrested for creating a disturbance after the plane landed on Indonesia's resort island of Bali.

Moyes sacking: I’ll bring the smiles back - local hero Giggs hits right notes in his first address - The Independent

It’s the black chair that always gets them. David Moyes thought he might look “stupid” in it, so he checked no one was looking before settling back, while Ryan Giggs expressed the same sentiment that Sir Alex Ferguson always felt about the biggest seat in British football.

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イタリア格付け見通し「安定的」に変更=フィッチ - ロイターニュース


フランスの格付けAAに維持、財政赤字見通し改善で-S&P - Bloomberg


「血染めの布」の血痕、ルイ16世のものではない?DNA研究:AFPBB News

フランス国王ルイ16世(Louis XVI)が1793年にパリ(Paris)で処刑された際、民衆がその血に浸して持ち帰ったとされる「血染めの布」について、その真正性に新たな疑問を投げかけるDNA分析の結果が24日、英科学誌ネイチャー(Nature)系オンライン科学誌「サイエンティフィック・リポーツ(Scientific Reports)」に発表された。

男性長寿世界一のリカタ氏が死去 イタリア、111歳 - MSN産経ニュース


あきらめない日本人に注目 NHK BSプレミアム「巨大建築物語」 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex

NHK BSプレミアムは26日、ザ・プレミアム「驚き!ニッポンの底力 巨大建築物語」(午後9時~同10時59分)を放映する。……海外では13年11月にトルコ・ボスポラス海峡にヨーロッパとアジアをつなぐ夢の海底トンネルが開通。計画から150年、世界中のゼネコンが尻込みする“海の難所”での工事を成功させたのは日本の技術だった。

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News Headlines - 24 April 2014

Obama says US will defend Japan in island dispute with China | theguardian.com

The US is duty-bound to come to Japan’s aid in the event of a conflict with China over a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea, Barack Obama declared at the start of a tour of Asia aimed at reassuring Washington’s allies in the face of threats to stability from North Korea and an increasingly assertive China.

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin warns of 'consequences' after Slavyansk skirmish | The Guardian

Thousands of Russian troops launched exercises along the Ukrainian border on Thursday and President Vladimir Putin threatened "consequences" after the Kiev government attempted to wrest back control from pro-Moscow separatists in the east of the country.

GE’s Savoir Faire Gives Immelt Hope to Win French ‘Jewel’ Alstom - Bloomberg

GE is in talks to buy Alstom SA (ALO), the builder of steam turbines for nuclear plants, people with knowledge of the matter said, in what would be the U.S. company’s biggest acquisition. The deal would exclude Alstom’s transport unit, the builder of the iconic Train a Grande Vitesse, or super-fast trains, to make it more palatable politically, one of the people said.

Microsoft beats Wall Street on new CEO debut | Reuters

Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) new chief executive got off to a winning start with Wall Street on Thursday as the world's largest software company eased past analysts' profit estimates despite the pressure of falling computer sales.

BBC News - Gherkin skyscraper in receivership after defaults

London's Gherkin skyscraper has been placed into receivership by its creditors after one of its owners was placed in insolvency. Germany's IVG Immobilien, which co-owns the 40-storey Gherkin with private equity firm Evans Randall, filed for insolvency last year.

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オバマ大統領「尖閣は安保の対象」、日米首脳が同盟の重要性確認 | Reuters


市川崑監督のアニメ映画、米国で発見 1935年製作:朝日新聞デジタル


J.CrewとSophia Webster (ソフィア ウェブスター) のコラボコレクションが公開 – THE FASHION POST

J.Crew (J.クルー) と、英国人デザイナーの Sophia Webster (ソフィア ウェブスター) とのコラボレーションによる、フットウェア・コレクションが公開された。
同デザイナーの定番シルエットに、J.Crew のウィメンズウェア・コレクションで使用されたプリント&パターン、ファブリック、カラーをあしらったアイテムで構成されている。



ニュース:イギリス国民の好きな探偵・刑事キャラクター10人!【刑事編】 | 海外ドラマNAVI

4月19日に英Channel5で放送された番組『Britain's Favourite Detectives』(イギリス国民のお気に入りの探偵・刑事たち)で、TVの人気探偵・刑事キャラクター10人が発表された。探偵編では、シャーロック・ホームズ(『SHERLOCK シャーロック』)やエルキュール・ポワロ(『名探偵ポワロ』)など、鉄板キャラクターが登場したが、刑事編では新旧の名刑事たちがランクインしている。
□サム・タイラーとジーン・ハント(『時空刑事1973 LIFE ON MARS』)/演:ジョン・シム(サム)、フィリップ・グレニスター(ジーン)

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News Headlines - 23 April 2014

Obama’s First Order of Business in Tokyo: Sushi From the Master - NYTimes.com

To all the perks afforded the leader of the free world, add this one: Within about 90 minutes of arriving in Tokyo on Wednesday, President Obama sat down for a meal prepared by an octogenarian sushi chef whom some regard as the master of all masters.
The chef, Jiro Ono, was the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary film, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” by the director David Gelb, which was featured at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, among other events.

Tony Blair warns on radical Islam threat - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Tony Blair has urged a deal with Bashar Assad in Syria and further Nato involvement in Libya as part of a "titanic" struggle against radical Islam.
The former prime minister said the West had to focus its efforts on tackling religious extremism, insisting it lay behind most of world's most intractable problems.

Russian planes shadowed by RAF - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

British military aircraft were scrambled to investigate Russian planes which flew close to UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed.
Officials said Typhoon aircraft were dispatched from Scottish base RAF Leuchars after the Russian presence was detected.

Apple expands buybacks by $30 billion, OKs 7-for-1 stock split | Reuters

Apple Inc has approved another $30 billion (17.8 billion pounds) in share buybacks till the end of 2015 and authorized a rarely seen seven-for-one stock split, addressing calls to share more of its cash hoard while broadening the stock's appeal to individual investors.

Facebook first revenue grows 72 percent on rising mobile ads | Reuters

Facebook said that mobile ads represented 59 percent of its ad revenue in the first quarter, up from 30 percent in the year-ago period. Facebook's overall revenue grew 72 percent year-on-year to $2.5 billion in the first quarter, above the $2.36 billion expected by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ米大統領、4カ国歴訪 「アジア重視」強調へ


米、ポーランドとバルト3国に陸軍部隊を派遣 600人規模:AFPBB News


[ワレサ 連帯の男]アンジェイ・ワイダ監督最新作 ワレサ元ポーランド大統領の闘いを描く | マイナビニュース

巨匠アンジェイ・ワイダ監督の最新作「ワレサ 連帯の男」が公開中だ。東欧の民主化から25年。グダニスク・レーニン造船所における労働者をテーマに描いた「大理石の男」(1977年)、「鉄の男」(81年)につながる作品となった。独立自主管理労組「連帯」の初代委員長でノーベル平和賞受賞者、元ポーランド大統領のレフ・ワレサの闘いと家族の日々を、実際の映像を盛り込みながら生き生きと映し出している。

『サッカー・ドキュメンタリー RISE AS ONE』 をFOXスポーツ&エンターテイメントで日本独占放送!|FOX SPORTS ジャパン

全米FOX SPORTSが満を持してお届けする『サッカー・ドキュメンタリー RISE AS ONE』の初回エピソードでは、東日本大震災が起きた2011年にドイツで開催されたFIFA女子ワールドカップで初優勝を遂げた女子サッカー日本代表“なでしこジャパン”の結束の力が紹介されています。大会得点王と最優秀選手(MVP)に輝いた澤穂希選手や佐々木則夫監督のオリジナルインタビューのほか、2010年まで5年間にわたり福島第1原発で働いていた丸山桂里奈選手がかつて在籍していたチームの本拠地があった福島を再訪する姿に密着し、東日本大震災からの復興を目指す福島に対する熱い思いをお届けします。ワールドカップ初優勝したなでしこジャパンの快進撃を振り返るとともに、この勝利が日本にどれほどの影響を与えたのか、その深層に迫ります。



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News Headlines - 22 April 2014

U.S.-Japan squabble over beef threatens Trans-Pacific Partnership - latimes.com

After more than four years and 20 rounds of negotiations, the world's biggest free-trade deal in a generation has come down in good part to this: the United States and Japan squabbling over beef.

North Korea Said to Be Readying Nuclear Test - NYTimes.com

Just days before President Obama is to arrive in South Korea, North Korea has increased activities at its main nuclear test site, raising suspicions in Seoul and Washington that the country may be preparing to conduct a new underground nuclear test, the South Korean Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

A dictator in diapers: Rare childhood photos of North Korea's Kim Jong-un emerge

Photographs of Kim Jong-un as a boy have emerged during a concert for the North Korean air force.
Pictures showing the 31-year-old North Korean leader as a chubby toddler, saluting while in uniform, were shown on KCTV, the country’s state broadcaster.

BBC News - Visualisation 'shows asteroid hits'

Information on the frequency with which the Earth is hit by asteroids has been released by the B612 foundation, which includes astronauts and scientists.

BBC News - Shakespeare's England: Where do you find it today?

The inns, brothels, battlefields and towns of England are sprinkled throughout William Shakespeare's plays. On the Bard's 450th birthday, take a tour of the "sceptred isle" that inspired his works - and look at how the locations have changed.

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フランス、経済成長予想を上方修正へ=報道 | Reuters


スペインの銀行不良債権比率:2月は13.7%に低下-景気回復で - Bloomberg


「ユダヤ人殺し」という名の町、改名めぐり住民投票へ スペイン:AFPBB News

スペイン北部の小さな町「カストリージョ・マタフディオス(Castrillo Matajudios)」──スペイン語で「ユダヤ人殺しの砦」を意味する──で、町の名前が時代にそぐわないとの町民からの意見を受け、この町長が21日、町名変更の是非を問う住民投票の実施を発表した。

若返り進むも30代選手の活躍が目立つブンデスリーガ : スポーツ報知


【欧州サッカー】マンUがモイズ監督解任 6年契約も1年持たず - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 21 April 2014

South Korea president says ferry captain's actions were like 'murder' | theguardian.com

South Korea's president has accused the captain of the ferry that sank last week of “murdering” more than 300 passengers, most of whom were teenagers on a school trip, as four more members of his crew were detained on Monday.

BBC News - China seizes Japanese cargo ship over pre-war debt

China's seizure of a Japanese cargo ship over a pre-war debt could hit business ties, Japan's top government spokesman has warned.

PM 'Divides' UK Over Christianity Comments

A group of leading public figures has warned that comments made by David Cameron about the UK being a Christian country could cause "alienation and division".
More than 50 writers, scientists, broadcasters and academics have signed an open letter expressing concern at the "negative consequences" of the Prime Minister's assertion in a country where most people do not describe themselves as Christian.

Brown warns Scots of pensions costs | The Times

Scottish people face a huge pensions bill should the country leave the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown will warn today, as he makes his most significant political intervention since leaving No 10.

David Moyes will be sacked as Manchester United manager after losing support of the club's Glazer family owners - Telegraph

David Moyes will be sacked as Manchester United manager on Tuesday after the club’s owners, the Glazer family, decided to end the Scot’s disastrous tenure at Old Trafford.
Ryan Giggs, with Nicky Butt as his assistant, will take charge until the end of the season. Giggs has served as player-coach under Moyes while Butt has worked with the reserves.

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トルコ、独自URLのttt検討 wwwやめて管理強化:朝日新聞デジタル


ロシア大統領、クリミア・タタール人の名誉回復に向け大統領令に署名 | Reuters


米国が引き続きワースト1、日本が初のランクイン--スパム送信国(ソフォス) | ScanNetSecurity


【話題動画】目指したのは中国からドイツまで。三千マイルを歩いた男性の実話 | TABIZINE

中国からドイツまで徒歩で旅をするという、驚くような計画を実行したのは、ドイツ人のChristoph Rehageさん。彼は、北京から故郷バート・ネンドルフ(Bad Nenndorf)へ5千マイルを歩いて帰ろうと考えました。

マンU香川 モイズ監督に毛嫌いされ…来季去就のカギは 独・恩師の動向 - ZAKZAK


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News Headlines - 20 April 2014

Deadly gun attack in eastern Ukraine shakes fragile Geneva accord | Reuters

The incident triggered a war of words between Moscow and Ukraine's western-backed government with each questioning the other's compliance with the agreement, brokered last week in Geneva, to end a crisis that has made Russia's ties with the West more fraught than at any time since the Cold War.

Ubuntu 14.04 Set to Power 'First Commercially Available Ubuntu Tablets' - Gizbot

Here's some great news for all you hardcore Ubuntu fans out there. According to reports, Canonical is releasing Ubuntu 14.04, which is basically a Long Term Support (LTS) edition for desktops and servers, alongside an update to the versions of Ubuntu for phones and tablets.

Pfizer eyes AstraZeneca to create industry giant - Telegraph

British pharmaceuticals group AstraZeneca has received a preliminary approach from US peer Pfizer about a potential deal that could create an industry giant worth more than £150bn.

Bentley reveals hybrid-powered luxury car - Telegraph

Luxury car-maker uses Beijing motor show to reveal combined petrol and electric-powered version of flagship Mulsanne

How Brendan Rodgers used tribute to the 96 to edge Liverpool closer to Premier League title - Mirror Online

Rodgers said: “We had the ­memorial service this week, marking 25 years since the disaster, which was really touching . We used words from Margaret Aspinall, where she said, ‘Stress is difficult but also good because it gives you a determination to fight’.

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小僧寿し/ロンドンの寿し業者を子会社化 | 流通ニュース

小僧寿しは4月18日、英国ロンドン市所在の寿し事業者のMAITRADING社とSUSHI LICIOUS社の発行済み株式の全部を取得し、両社を子会社化する協議を開始したと発表した。 MAITRADINGは、英国ロンドン市の高級デパートであるハロッズ内のフードホールと、高級住宅街であるメイフェアに、持ち帰り寿し店を各1店展開する。……SUSHI LICIOUSは、上記の店舗の商品供給を専門に行う食品工場の資産管理会社。

ゴミにならない「食べられるボトル」を、ロンドンの学生が開発 « WIRED.jp


マンU名将のワイン競売へ 香港とロンドンで - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


コミックナタリー - 漱石主役にロンドン描く、星野泰視の新連載「メイザース」


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News Headlines - 19 April 2014

Rail chaos hits Easter getaway with thousands of passengers stranded | Mail Online

The great Easter getaway got off to a nightmare start last night as travel chaos hit one of Britain’s busiest stations.
Thousands of Eurostar passengers were stranded at St Pancras station in London after a man died on a train line in France and a train broke down.
Stations, motorways and airports are likely to remain congested over the break, with more than six million Britons planning trips.

Police arrest man over murder of former Continuity IRA leader Tommy Crossan | Mail Online

Police in Belfast have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Republican hard-liner Tommy Crossan.
PSNI officers detained the 26-year-old suspect less than 24 hours after the former Continuity IRA leader was gunned down in broad daylight.

Quango boss appointed by David Cameron resigns after it emerges he was declared bankrupt - Telegraph

Tony Caplin, the former head of the Public Works Loans Board, resigned on Saturday night after it emerged he was declared bankrupt in 2012

Data sharing 'borderline insane' - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Government plans to share taxpayers' data with private firms were condemned as "borderline insane" by a senior Tory MP.
Under the proposals, HM Revenue and Customs would be allowed to release anonymised information to third parties including companies, researchers and public bodies where there is a public benefit.

Guess What? Almost 37% of Steam Purchases are Never Played! - n3rdabl3

According to a recent report by Ars Technica, who took the time to dive into Valve’s Steam service to find the facts, those of us who frequently purchase games only really play 63.1% of them, with a further 17% of those games getting played for an hour or less.

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イタリア政府、景気促進に向け所得減税を承認 - WSJ.com


スペイン、中南米投資の中継地に 言語や文化など共通  :日本経済新聞


スペイン・モンドラゴンの主力企業が倒産 | JAcom 農業協同組合新聞


ドイツ・日本のメーカー、韓国で米国産車の販売拡大 米韓FTA発効で | Reuters


イースターに「世界の卵」展、ドイツ:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 18 April 2014

BBC News - South Korea ferry disaster: Sewol captain 'arrested'

The captain of a South Korean ferry that capsized and sank earlier this week has been arrested, Yonhap news agency reports.
The South Korean agency said Lee Joon-seok faced charges including negligence of duty and violation of maritime law.

Avalanche kills at least 12 guides in deadliest incident on Mount Everest | Reuters

An avalanche sweeping down Mount Everest killed at least 12 Nepali guides on Friday in what may be the deadliest single incident on the world's highest peak.

Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika wins reelection - latimes.com

Algeria’s ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika secured a fourth five-year tenure Friday after amassing nearly 82% of votes, according to initial results announced by Interior Minister Tayeb Belaiz.

BBC News - Japan to launch reduced Pacific whale hunt next week

Japan says it will begin hunting whales in the Pacific Ocean next week, after cancelling whaling off Antarctica in line with an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling.

BBC News - Hitachi seals £2.7bn train-building deal

Japanese firm Hitachi has secured £2.7bn of funding for its contract to bring new high-speed trains to a key route between London and Edinburgh.

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米議会 アジア担当部署の増強を NHKニュース




コラム:中国マネーがあおるロンドン住宅バブル | Reuters






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News Headlines - 17 April 2014

Ukraine crisis: Geneva talks produce agreement on defusing conflict | The Guardian

The US, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have reached agreement on a series of immediate steps aimed at pulling eastern Ukraine back from the brink of war.
The deal, clinched after a dramatic extended meeting in Geneva, calls for the disarming of all illegal groups. In the next few days they would have to vacate all the government buildings and public spaces they have occupied over the course of the crisis.

Putin’s 10-point plan to destroy Ukraine

As those concerned with Ukraine waited skeptically for April 16 peace talks among Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the United States in Geneva, Russian President Vladimir Putin heated up the conflict, suggesting that he will not stop until Ukraine is destroyed as a sovereign nation.
He called Ukrainians and Russian one nation and threatened with a full-scale invasion of the Russian army.

BBC News - Caroline Lucas: Judgement 'not cause for celebration'

Green MP Caroline Lucas and four co-defendants have been cleared of obstructing a public highway and a public order offence during an anti-fracking protest in Balcombe, West Sussex.
The group were arrested outside energy company Cuadrilla's exploratory oil drilling site on 19 August last year.

'Don't scrap 2021 census' say MPs

The 2021 census should not be scrapped, as alternative methods for collecting information about the country's population would not provide a proper replacement, MPs have said.
The Government has indicated that the 2011 census could have been the last, ending the system of data collection carried out every 10 years since 1801 with only one interruption due to the Second World War in 1941.

BBC News - S Korea ferry: Bad weather hampers search for survivors

Emergency services are still searching for more than 270 people missing after a ship carrying 475 people sank.
Officials say 179 people have been rescued. Most of the passengers were pupils at the same high school.

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ウクライナ、事態収拾の糸口探る 米ロなど4者協議  :日本経済新聞


【東京五輪】ロンドン五輪の「経験役立てて」 英国大使館がセミナー開く  - MSN産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : ロンドンの理髪店が金正恩ポスター、北朝鮮がクレーム?


欧州連合で「国境なきポルノ映画」が実現した?:AFPBB News

「私が18歳だったときは、フランスで禁止されているポルノ映画を観るために(国境を越えてドイツの)ケール(Kehl)に行こうとしたら、税関を通過するだけで2時間半かかった」と、ドイツ国境に近い地域で育ったダウル氏は、仏紙デルニエール・ヌーベル・ダルザス(Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace)に語った。

マンC選手、世界で最も稼ぐ 平均年俸9.2億円:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 16 April 2014

295 missing as school-trip ferry sinks off South Korea | The Times

Navy and coastguard divers began an urgent search today for hundreds of high school students and other passengers feared trapped in a ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea this morning.
Nearly 300 people were still missing hours after the ferry carrying 477 passengers — including 325 high school students headed to a resort island in the East China Sea — sank near the island of Byungpoong.

US official: Russia-Ukraine talks last attempt to ease tension before new sanctions on Moscow | Fox News

A senior U.S. official says high-stakes diplomatic meetings in Geneva on Thursday to try to ease burgeoning violence in eastern Ukraine will mark Kiev's final attempt to engage with Russia before the West hits Moscow with additional economic sanctions.

Pakistani Taliban End Ceasefire

Islamist militants in Pakistan, referred to as the Pakistani Taliban, have formally ended a 40-day cease-fire that they called to engage in peace talks with the government. The move has raised fears of renewed suicide bombings and terrorist attacks in the country.

BBC News - Heartbleed hack case sees first arrest in Canada

A 19-year-old Canadian became the first person to be arrested in relation to the Heartbleed security breach.
Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes from London, Ontario was accused of hacking into the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)'s website last Friday by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The RCMP say Mr Solis-Reyes then stole 900 social insurance numbers.

Scientist Apologizes for Mistakes in Stem Cell Research

A Japanese scientist who co-authored what was deemed breakthrough stem cell research issued an apology Wednesday over mistakes that were found in the research.

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ウクライナ東部、親ロ派排除へ軍投入 銃撃戦で死者か  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ:中国人夫妻スパイ、「保護費」受給で返還命令 - 毎日新聞


伊元首相、社会奉仕へ 自宅軟禁は回避 - MSN産経ニュース


中日新聞:ドイツは失敗したか<6> 脱原発という合理主義:社説


バルサ関係者?怪文書がネット拡散 : nikkansports.com


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News Headlines - 15 April 2014

Ukrainian Troops Move Against Pro-Russian Separatists

Ukrainian airborne troops have landed at an airport in the east of the country, at the start of an apparent crackdown on pro-Russian separatists occupying government buildings in 10 localities near the Russian border.

UN denounces UK's 'boys' club sexist culture' - ITV News

Sexism in the UK is more pervasive and "in your face" than other countries, a United Nations (UN) investigator has claimed.
UN special rapporteur on violence against women Rashida Manjoo said there is a "boys' club sexist culture" in Britain that influences perceptions of women and girls.

BBC News - Dave Lee Travis charged with indecent assault

Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been charged with one count of indecent assault under Operation Yewtree... The fresh charge comes after Mr Travis was cleared of 12 counts of indecent assault in February. He faces a retrial on two outstanding charges.

As Boston marks bombing anniversary, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev awaits trial - CNN.com

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested on April 19, 2013, after a massive manhunt following an overnight shootout with police in suburban Watertown that left his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev -- the other man wanted in the bombings -- dead. Authorities say Tsarnaev and his brother were responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.

David Moyes Faces Defining Sequence as Manchester United Manager | Bleacher Report

David Moyes is facing a make-or-break sequence as Manchester United manager, as the Red Devils take aim at their final five Premier League matches of 2013-14.
The pivotal season-ending stretch starts on Sunday, when Moyes will lead his underachieving squad up against his former club Everton at Goodison Park.

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オバマ大統領の来日、23日夜に 25日まで滞在:朝日新聞デジタル


ヨーロッパ最大規模のゲームショウ「Gamescom 2014」記者発表会を開催 - GAME Watch

ドイツケルンにあるコンベンションセンターKoelnmesseを運営する独Koelnmesseは4月14日、東京都内にて日本のメディアを対象に記者会見を開催し、Koelnmesseにおいて2014年8月に開催を予定しているGamescom 2014の概要を発表した。Gamescom 2014は、8月13日から17日までの日程で開催を予定し、入場料は11.5ユーロより。

北欧発 人生を記録するウエアラブルカメラ  :日本経済新聞


気候変動: スイス、京都議定書の温室効果ガス削減義務を達成 - swissinfo.ch


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News Headlines - 14 April 2014

BBC News - Washington Post and Guardian share Pulitzer Prize

The Guardian and Washington Post have shared the Pulitzer Prize for public service journalism for a series of stories on US electronic spying. Their reporting was based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Ukraine struggles as east slips out of its control - Businessweek

Over the past 10 days, more than a dozen government offices in eastern Ukraine have been taken over by pro-Russian forces, with most of the seizures following the same pattern. Aggressive gangs, sometimes carrying firearms and wearing military fatigues, storm the buildings. The Ukrainian flag is replaced with a Russian one. Then local men move in to hold them.

Google Patents Tiny Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses | TechCrunch

Google has a new patent application with the USPTO (via 9to5Google), which takes one of the basic concepts of Glass and extends it even further, embedding tiny cameras that could be embedded in contact lenses for various uses, including photographing what a wearer sees, or providing the basic input for a contact-based assistive device for the visually impaired.

World's most complete mammoth born 43,000 years ago to be shown at Natural History Museum - AOL Travel UK

The baby mammoth will be the centrepiece of a special three-month exhibition at the popular London museum... This will be the first time the find has been shown in Western Europe.

Video: CGI artist turns three-year-old son into YouTube action hero - Telegraph

DreamWorks artist uses his special effects skills to turn his toddler into a superhero in a series of epic YouTube videos

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CNN.co.jp : ウクライナ、親ロシア派に最後通告 国連安保理が緊急会合


イタリア反政府デモ 治安部隊と激しく衝突


仏高校で500人をDNA鑑定、レイプ犯特定へ:AFPBB News




リアルすぎてちょっぴり怖い!? 一目見た瞬間鳥肌ざわざわ、イタリアに登場した3Dタトゥー | Pouch[ポーチ]

イタリア・フロジノーネのタトゥースタジオ『Lippo Tattoo(リッポ・タトゥー)』が手掛けたのは、蜘蛛が蝶が花が、あたかもそこに存在しているかのような3Dタトゥー!! ひょえー、リアルすぎてちょっぴり恐怖だよおおお!!

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News Headlines - 13 April 2014

Russia calls on UN as Ukraine sends troops to eastern cities - FT.com

Russia late on Sunday night denounced Kiev’s decision to crack down with military force on the unrest in eastern Ukraine cities as a “criminal order”.
The Russian foreign ministry said it had called for an urgent debate on the situation in the United Nations Security Council.

Partial Afghan Election Results Put Abdullah in Lead

Preliminary and partial official results from Afghanistan’s April 5 presidential election show a close contest between opposition politician Abdullah Abdullah and former finance minister Ashraf Ghani.

'Deeply worrying': Parliamentary watchdog investigating claims public money used to fund 'gay sex party at Tory conference' | Mail Online

Claims that a Tory official used taxpayers' money to fund a gay sex party at £2,500-a-night hotel are to be investigated by Parliament's expenses watchdog.
A senior aide is alleged to have booked out a suite at the lavish Light ApartHotel in central Manchester during a Conservative Party Conference, and used the hook-up app Grindr to invite young men to his rooms.

Duchess of Cambridge ends second baby gossip as she drinks wine at vineyard on New Zealand trip - London Evening Standard

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared to pour cold water on speculation that Prince George could soon have a brother or sister when she told wine-makers she was really enjoying being able to drink again after giving birth.

Emissions rising to 'unprecedented levels,' UN climate change panel warns | CTV News

The United Nations' expert panel on climate change is highlighting the disconnect between international goals to fight global warming and what's actually being done to attain them.
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must drop by 40-70 per cent by 2050 to keep the global temperature rise below the 2-degree C cap set in UN climate talks, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in a report released Sunday.

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オバマ政権、サムスンに激怒 大統領を商業利用 露骨な宣伝手法 - ZAKZAK


米国vsロシア 大統領年収比較 オバマ氏4900万円 プーチン氏は… - MSN産経ニュース


スペイン 州独立是非の投票認めず NHKニュース




今すぐパリに行きたくなる!エールフランスの新広告が超オシャレ! - ISUTA(イスタ)


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News Headlines - 12 April 2014

Several police buildings seized in Ukraine - Al Jazeera English

A group of pro-Russian men armed with automatic weapons have taken control of the police headquarters in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, 150 km from the Russian border, local officials and witnesses said.
An organised military unit of over 20 men wearing matching military fatigues and carrying automatic weapon took over the building around 1700 GMT after arriving on at least two buses.

Black box batteries dying, Australia sees long haul in hunt for MH370 - Hindustan Times

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner resumed on Saturday, five weeks after the plane disappeared from radar screens, amid fears that batteries powering signals from the black box recorder on board were about to die.

BBC News - Gatwick Airport Christmas Eve chaos a 'wake-up call'

The chaos at Gatwick Airport on Christmas Eve should be "a wake-up call for airports across the UK", a report by MPs has said.
More than 11,000 passengers at the West Sussex airport were affected by delays and cancellations on 24 December.

Three London IPOs launch while bubble fears weigh on market - Telegraph

The City breathed a sigh of relief this morning as three London listings made it over the line, raising over £700m, despite a recent sell-off in wider markets.
UK pipe manufacturer Polypipe, hospital group Cambian and Edinburgh-based laboratory testing group Exova all began trading on the London Stock Exchange this morning.

The Heartbleed Bug Creates Concerns for Business

The Heartbleed Bug has been making the rounds on the news lately, after having staggering impacts on Internet and computer usage, both in the United States and worldwide.
The true impact of the bug may not be known for a long time to come. The bug is a basic flaw in OpenSSL, which is what gives us a secure line on the web when we are doing things such as sending an email, making a purchase or chatting on an instant messenger.

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暗号化ソフト欠陥、NSAは2年前から認識-情報収集に利用 - Bloomberg


ヒトラー模様のマグカップ、ドイツで回収騒ぎに - IRORIO(イロリオ)




ユニクロ、ベルリンに11日欧州最大店開業  :日本経済新聞


イギリスのヌードルは武士に守られているのであーる | roomie(ルーミー)

しかし2011年、アジアンフード大好きイギリス人・クリスによって、イギリスのインスタントヌードルの歴史に革命が起きたのです。その革命児が、イギリスで誕生した『Kabuto Noodles(カブト・ヌードルズ)』。

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News Headlines - 11 April 2014

High Court Order to Stop Whaling may be Convenient for Japan : Nature World News

Whaling for profit is banned internationally, and Japan could have ignored the court order and gone the way of Iceland and Norway, which openly defy the international ban against whaling. Japan is one of the largest buyers of Icelandic whale meat. Japan also conducts other "scientific" whaling operations in other parts of the world, and the ICJ ruling does not apply to those operations.
However, some people close to the situation suggest that the ICJ ruling may have given Japan a convenient political way out of a sensitive situation.

BBC News - Japan approves energy plan backing nuclear power

The Japanese government has approved an energy plan that backs the use of nuclear power, despite public anxiety after the Fukushima disaster.
The plan reverses an earlier decision to phase out nuclear power by a previous government.

Journalists who broke NSA story in Guardian dedicate award to Snowden | theguardian.com

The journalists who first revealed the extent of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities dedicated a prestigious award on Friday to their source, Edward Snowden.
Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras had earlier cleared immigration at John F Kennedy airport in New York without a hitch as they arrived to share a George Polk Award for national security reporting with Ewen MacAskill of the Guardian and Barton Gellman of the Washington Post. The Polk awards are administered by Long Island University.

GM chief reportedly received 2011 email about steering problems | theguardian.com

Documents quoted by House energy and commerce committee chair called into question the company's version of events

A Crisis Of Leadership At The Co-Operative Group Is Also A Crisis Of Values - Forbes

A crisis of leadership and corporate governance at Co-operative Group, the UK’s largest mutual business, has been making a lot of people very agitated. It is not just because of a litany of unfortunate events, but because it represents the clash of two worlds. How that clash is resolved will be critical to business, important to the banking sector, and could have a wider impact on thinking on corporate governance today.

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中・東欧「強い指導者」に期待 経済格差で内向き志向  :日本経済新聞


「欧州へのガス供給、困難に」 プーチン氏が警告:朝日新聞デジタル


これが北欧流 出産無料、6時間後退院もケア充実  :日本経済新聞


身体パーツの培養ラボを訪ねて:幹細胞と3Dプリントでつくる鼻、耳、心臓 « WIRED.jp


東洋ゴム工業、イタリア セリエA「ACミラン」とのプレミアムスポンサー契約に合意 - Car Watch

東洋ゴム工業は4月11日、イタリア セリエA「ACミラン」とのプレミアムスポンサー契約に合意したと発表した。契約は2015-2016シーズン(2016年6月)まで。ACミランとプレミアムスポンサー契約を結ぶのは日本企業として初という。

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News Headlines - 10 April 2014

BBC News - Omagh bombing: Background

High profile republican Seamus Daly has been charged with murdering 29 people in the Real IRA bomb attack on Omagh in 1998.
The attack was the single worst atrocity during more than 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland.

US the latest battleground in Scottish referendum debate | theguardian.com

The United States may not have a say in Scotland's forthcoming independence referendum but that has not prevented leaders from both sides of the debate from seeking to sway opinion and enlist support in Washington and New York.

Israel imposes economic sanctions against Palestinians : euronews

Israel imposed economic sanctions against the Palestinians on Thursday in retaliation for their leadership signing international conventions, moves that further complicate U.S. efforts to keep peace talks from collapsing before an April 29 deadline.

Scientists name world's 100 most unique and endangered birds | theguardian.com

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Yale University assessed the world's 9,993 bird species according to their evolutionary distinctiveness and global extinction risk to produce a list of the world's 100 most Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (Edge) species.

Early humans had children with Neanderthals- study - The Voice of Russia

A real genetic shake-up came about as a team of scientists compared the full genomes of the two species. They concluded that most Europeans and Asians have between 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA, which would, most importantly, help to reveal if the Neanderthals died out altogether. Most experts grew increasingly uncertain about this.

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ロンドン金融街の実力か、シティーで一番高いビルの建設復活も - Bloomberg


ロンドンがゴーストタウン化-金持ち外国人のせいで市民住めず - Bloomberg


ドイツ銀為替女性セールスがシンガポール当局と不適切な交信 - Bloomberg

ドイツ銀行 は、ロンドン在勤の為替セールスマンの女性をシンガポール通貨庁 (MAS、中央銀行に相当)との不適切なやり取りを理由に先月休職扱いとした。

東京新聞:ドイツは失敗したか<3> エネルギー不安に備え


米国のミサイル駆逐艦 黒海へ入る - The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 09 April 2014

Japanese scientist Haruko Obokata apologises for 'false' stem cell data | Mail Online

A Japanese scientist who published a paper claiming ordinary cells could be turned into stem cells by bathing them in acid has today been forced to apologise after she was accused of falsifying data... She said she did not agree with retracting the research, claiming that cell transformation had been 'confirmed many times for a fact' and vowed to prove it if she is allowed back into a lab.

BBC News - Japan's Olympus sued by six banks over accounting fraud

Japan's Olympus faces lawsuits from six banks seeking compensation over false financial statements from 2000 to 2011... The accounting scandal was made public when Mr Woodford was dismissed from his post after challenging chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and the board over suspiciously large payments related to acquisitions.

U.S. accuses Russian agents of stirring eastern Ukraine unrest | Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russian agents and special forces on Tuesday of stirring separatist unrest in eastern Ukraine, saying Moscow could be trying to prepare for military action as it had in Crimea.

Titanic insurance claim: Officer Charles Lightoller may have 'played down' iceberg claims to dodge negligence claims - Mirror Online

The most senior officer to survive the Titanic may have played down the iceberg collision to dodge negligence claims, insurance documents reveal.
Second officer Charles Lightoller said he felt a “slight jar” when the luxury liner hit a “small and low-lying” iceberg.

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover captures Mysterious Glint | French Tribune

UFO and extraterrestrial believers are excited over a mysterious glint in a photo taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover. They are taking it as evidence for existence of life in the vast emptiness of space.

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アイルランド大統領が初の英訪問 NHKニュース


フランス 公共放送のスタジオをデモ隊が占拠 NHKニュース


ウクライナ東部 デモ隊による政府庁舎占拠続く NHKニュース


安倍首相、スペイン訪問へ 夏に中南米も検討-北海道新聞


紅茶の国、イギリスにコーヒー旋風 - モードな街角 - 朝日新聞デジタル&w


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News Headlines - 08 April 2014

BBC News - New French PM Manuel Valls vows cuts in tax and spending

The new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has vowed to cut both taxes and spending in a bid to make the French economy more competitive.

Need for food banks is caused by welfare cuts, research shows | The Guardian

The government's welfare reforms, including benefit sanctions and the bedroom tax, are a central factor in the explosion in the numbers of impoverished people turning to charity food banks, an academic study has said.

What if Angela Merkel was a heroin addict? - Telegraph

Spanish pop group Amaral have teamed up with illustrator Alberto González Vázquez to create a video for their latest single Ratonera, using cartoon illustrations to depict an alternate reality where politicians from around the world have fallen on hard times: Angela Merkel injects heroin, Barack Obama has enlisted in the Army, Silvio Berlusconi is a crack addict and Mariano Rajoy is a victim of domestic violence.

'World's oldest' message in a bottle arrives home - The Local

A fisherman pulled the beer bottle with the scribbled message out of the Baltic off the northern city of Kiel last month.
It contained a postcard dated May 17th, 1913 written by a man named Richard Platz.
The modest Danish postcard had two German stamps on it and a polite message asking the finder to send it on to his address in Berlin.

BBC News - Ebola outbreak 'most challenging' as Guinea deaths pass 100

The number of people believed to have been killed by the Ebola virus in Guinea has passed 100, the UN World Health Organization says.

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コラム:ウクライナ侵攻ならロシアは自滅の道へ | Reuters


ドイツ大使館 ドイツ総領事館 - ドイツ外務省、北朝鮮大使を召喚 webapp


地下鉄で飲食する女性たち、写真投稿に怒り広がる 英ロンドン:AFPBB News

問題になっているのは、地下鉄内で飲食している女性の写真を投稿するよう不特定多数の人々に呼びかける「Women Who Eat on Tubes(地下鉄の車内でものを食べる女性たち)」と題されたページだ。
 このページについては、SNS上の新たな「ストレンジャー・シェイミング(stranger shaming、他人に恥じをかかせる)」行為だと主張する声も上がっているが、7日までに1万6000人を超えるメンバーが集まった。

BABYMETALが世界的フェス参戦!メタリカ、SLAYERと共演 » dwango.jp news

2 月に発売された1st アルバムが全米ビルボード総合チャートにランクインするなど海外での人気も急上昇中のメタルダンスユニット・BABYMETAL。
そのベビメタが、7 月4~6 日(現地時間)にイギリスで開催される大型ロックフェス「Sonisphere Festival UK」に初出演することが決定した。

カサビアンのトムとサージ、自らロンドンの街中に謎めいたメッセージを塗る (2014/04/07) | RO69(アールオーロック)


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News Headlines - 07 April 2014

Quebec Liberals replace separatists with majority gov't - AMERICAS

The anti-separatist Quebec Liberal Party won a majority government in provincial elections on April 7, eliminating the possibility of a new referendum on separation from Canada for several years.

Michael Hayden under fire for Dianne Feinstein comment - POLITICO.com

Senate Democrats ripped former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Monday for describing Sen. Dianne Feinstein as “emotional,” calling Hayden’s remarks both a “baseless smear” and condescending.

'National pride is shrinking in the UK' - Telegraph

National pride is shrinking across large parts of the UK with many people feeling stronger ties to their neighbourhood and the wider world, a BBC survey has found. Experts said the findings in the survey for the Corporation’s Who Do We Think We Are? project may be due to the influence of the world wide web on cultural attitudes.

Middle class better off during financial crisis, says study - Telegraph

The recent squeeze on living standards has been exaggerated and many middle-income families actually became better off during the financial crisis, research has suggested. A report by the Social Market Foundation (SMF), a think tank, found that many middle-income families prospered during the downturn by taking on more work and cutting their costs.

BBC News - Global dip in renewable energy investment

Global investment in renewables fell by 14% during 2013, but the percentage of electricity generated by renewable sources still grew, a report shows.

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Windows XPの延長サポート契約をイギリスとオランダの政府がMicrosoftと締結 - GIGAZINE

日本時間4月9日(水)にWindows XPのサポートは切れることになりますが、4月9日以降もXPを安心して使い続けられるよう、イギリスとオランダの政府がMicrosoftと延長サポートの契約を交わしたことが明らかになりました。

「Windows XP」、サポート終了後も使う企業は77%--英調査 - ZDNet Japan

AppSenseによると、英国企業の77%が、サポート期限が過ぎても引き続きWindows XPを業務に使用する予定だという。さらなる懸念としては、同OSに存在する脆弱性について多数の警告がなされているにもかかわらず、68%もの企業が有償での延長サポートに支出する「予定はない」と回答していることが挙げられる。

タバコの箱から警告表示をなくす動き イギリス|けあとも


CNN.co.jp : 米、日本にイージス艦2隻を追加配備へ 北朝鮮の脅威に対抗


北欧のデザイナー23人がデザインした手ぬぐいを展示 東京のスウェーデン大使館で - はてなブックマークニュース


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News Headlines - 06 April 2014

More ships rush to probe possible black box signals | The Japan Times

Three separate but fleeting sounds from deep in the Indian Ocean offered new hope Sunday in the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, as officials rushed to determine whether they were signals from the plane’s black boxes before their beacons fall silent.

US sending 2 warships to Japan to counter NKorea | Boston Herald

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel delivered a two-pronged warning to Asia Pacific nations Sunday, announcing that the U.S. will send two additional ballistic missile destroyers to Japan to counter the North Korean threat, and saying China must better respect its neighbors.

Free-trade deal with Japan not a certainty, says Tony Abbott | theguardian.com

Tony Abbott has cast doubt on whether or not he will secure a free-trade agreement with Japan on his Asian visit because negotiations have apparently stalled on the issue of agriculture.

Buy-1-get-1-free deals should be scrapped to cut food waste: House of Lords committee - The Economic Times

British supermarkets should scrap offers such as "buy one get one free" to help end the "morally repugnant" waste of millions of tonnes of food, a House of Lords committee has said.

Miller clings on to cabinet post amid media ‘witch hunt’ - FT.com

Maria Miller was clinging on to her cabinet post last night as senior colleagues depicted the culture secretary embroiled in an expenses row as the victim of “media antipathy” for her role in pushing through press regulation.

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日本、尖閣防衛義務の確認促す 米に再三要請と報道 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


米雇用統計 失業率6.7%で前月同水準維持


英国で大論争、交通標識にアポストロフィーは必要か:AFPBB News

バトルの波は今、大学の街ケンブリッジ(Cambridge)に押し寄せている。たとえば「キングズ・ロード」の標識は、「King's Road」から「Kings Road」に変えられた。

猫から人へ結核感染 イギリスで患者2人確認 世界初 | 防災情報【ハザードラボ】

イギリスで猫から人への結核の感染が世界で初めて確認された。 公衆衛生の研究執行機関「パブリックヘルス・イングランド(PHE)」によると、猫から感染したとされるのは、イギリス南部のハンプシャー州とバークシャー州に住む患者2人。 両州では9匹の猫に「ウシ型結核菌」の感染が確認されていて、猫と接触した24人を検査したところ、2人の感染が確認された。現在、2人は治療を受けている。

フランス 殺人事件の「証人」として犬を尋問 - The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 05 April 2014

BBC News - Afghanistan election: Presidential poll hailed a 'success'

Afghan and Western leaders have praised the turnout in Afghanistan's presidential election, describing the vote as a success.

BBC News - France pulls out of Rwanda genocide commemorations

The French government has announced that it is pulling out of the 20th anniversary commemorations on Monday for the Rwandan genocide.
The decision follows an accusation by the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, that France participated in the mass killings in 1994.

BBC News - Martin McGuinness to attend banquet with Queen when President Higgins visits UK

Martin McGuinness will attend a banquet hosted by the Queen during next week's state visit to Britain by Irish President Michael D Higgins.

Yorkshire Mine Plays Vital Role in Search for Life on Mars

A potash mine in Yorkshire is being used to test technology which could eventually go on to search for life on Mars.
Scientists believe that conditions in the Boulby mine on the north-east coast of England are similar to those on the Red Planet.

Wettest winter since records began damage Sutton Coldfield's dragonfly and damselfly populations | Sutton Coldfield Observer

THE wettest winter since records began could have damaged Sutton Coldfield’s dragonfly and damselfly populations for years to come.
The Canal and River Trust has warned that the wettest winter on record could have had a lasting impact on populations of dragonflies and damselflies in Sutton Coldfield.

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コラム:英国に学ぶ「成熟した債権国」への道=山口曜一郎氏 | Reuters


エールフランスKLM、より厳しい経営姿勢が必要 - WSJ.com


エアバス、1-3月期の純受注急減―キャンセル相次ぐ - WSJ.com


全身の3Dスキャンから歯のインプラント技術まで:フランスの医療関連企業、注目の10社が集結 - MONOist(モノイスト)


インダストリー4.0:ドイツが描く第4次産業革命「インダストリー4.0」とは? - MONOist(モノイスト)

「インダストリー4.0(Industrie 4.0)」という言葉をご存じだろうか? 「インダストリー4.0」は、ドイツ政府が産官学の総力を結集しモノづくりの高度化を目指す戦略的プロジェクトだ。インダストリー4.0とは何なのか。同プロジェクトに参画するドイツBeckhoff Automationグループに所属する筆者が解説する。

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News Headlines - 04 April 2014

BBC News - Japan's Rakuten to halt whale meat sales after ruling

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten says it has told its online retailers to stop selling whale meat.
The company said the decision followed a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague ordering Japan to stop its annual hunt in the Antarctic.
Japan called off the whale hunt after the ruling.

Honda lawn mower sets new Guinness World record| ZigWheels.com

Mowing the lawn will no longer be a tedious task - thanks to Honda’s 1,000cc Mean Mower which has broken the Guinness World Records (GWR) Title for the fastest lawn mower. This new mower has set a new world record of 185kmph in Tarragona, Spain.

Google pays $1.4 million fine in Italy over StreetView concerns | Reuters

Google has paid a 1 million euro ($1.4 million) fine imposed by Italy's data protection watchdog over complaints that cars it used to record images on Italian streets in 2010 were not clearly recognizable, the regulator said on Thursday.

BBC News - Animal robotics: German scientists make bionic kangaroo

A team of engineers in Germany has produced a bionic kangaroo, capable of jumping and then recovering its balance.
It is also able to recover energy when jumping, storing it for use in its next jump.

The Worst Places To Get Stung By A Bee: Nostril, Lip, Penis – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science

Smith is a graduate student at Cornell University, who studies the behaviour and evolution of honeybees. In this line of work, stings are a common and inevitable hazard. “If you’re wearing shorts and doing bee work, a bee can get up there easily,” he says. “But I was really surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

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JPモルガン、「ロンドンの鯨」事件の部署を別部門と統合へ - Bloomberg


ロンドンの大気汚染最悪 英首相もジョギング取りやめ:朝日新聞デジタル


金持ち外国人向け高級住宅もうたくさん-ロンドン市民が怒り - Bloomberg

シェリル・コインさんは今週、他のロンドン市民らとともに市庁舎の前で「大金持ちのための家はもういらない!」のシュプレヒコールを繰り返した。市庁舎の中ではボリス・ジョンソン市長が、香港企業ハチソン・ワンポア が最大3500戸の住宅を建設する許可を出そうとしていた。その建設予定地の周辺住民が、海賊の格好をして抗議に繰り出した。

【ビデオ】ロンドンの高級ショッピング街で、ランボルギーニがクラッシュ! - Autoblog 日本版

この映像は、数多くのスーパーカーの動画を紹介しているYouTubeチャンネル『Shmee150』にアップされたもの。高級な店舗や住居が立ち並ぶロンドン市内ナイツブリッジ地区のスローンストリートで、マツダ「デミオ」が路地からゆっくりと表通りに右折してくる。そこに猛スピードのマットブラックのアヴェンタドールが突っ込んでくる! アヴェンタドールはデミオと接触した後、路上駐車していたBMW「3シリーズ」にもぶつかり停止。

F1シューマッハーさん、意識戻る瞬間も 代理人明かす:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 03 April 2014

Turkey's Twitter ban lifted - CNN.com

The announcement comes a day after a Turkish court ruled that the country's ban on Twitter violates the right to free expression and demanded that citizens' access to the popular microblogging service be restored.

Culture secretary Maria Miller apologises over mortgage expenses | theguardian.com

Maria Miller, the culture secretary, has apologised to parliament and is expected to repay £5,800 following an inquiry into her expense claims, in which she breached the MPs' code of conduct by failing to fully co-operate.

Hillsborough fans ‘not to blame for their deaths’ - The Scotsman

RELATIVES of the 96 people who died in the Hillsborough disaster said it was “music to our ears” to hear a coroner say that none of the victims was to blame for their own deaths.

BBC News - Mozilla boss Brendan Eich resigns after gay marriage storm

The chief executive of Mozilla - the company best known for its Firefox browser - has stepped down. Brendan Eich was appointed just last month but came in for heavy criticism for his views on same-sex marriage.

Television: 'Silicon Valley,' an Initial Offering Worth the Risk

Sitcom startups are notoriously iffy. Characters have to be established, themes articulated, running gags precisely positioned. Investors (viewers) must be found, and seduced by the promise of payoffs to come.

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ハロー、ぼくの名前はポール・スミスだよ | roomie(ルーミー)

世界でも人気ファッションブランドの一つとして知られる「ポール・スミス」。1976年に、パリのホテルの一室で行われたメンズコレクションの発表から、今日に至るまでの彼の軌跡を追った展覧会がロンドンの「Design Museum」で開催されています。

【ビデオ】英のスーパーカーメーカー、Arashの工場と「AF8」のダイノテストを見学! - Autoblog 日本版




YOSHIKI、ソロ公演は東京と初の大阪 | BARKS

YOSHIKIにとっても初となるソロワールドツアー<Yoshiki Classical World Tour>で、アメリカ、メキシコ、ロシア、ドイツ、フランス、イギリス、中国、タイに続き、東京、大阪、台北の3公演の開催が発表された。もちろん2013年9月にリリースとなったYOSHIKIソロアルバム『YOSHIKI CLASSICAL』を引っさげてのツアーである。

ボーイ・ジョージ、美しき七変化 | BARKS


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News Headlines - 02 April 2014

Chile earthquake: Tsunami warning triggered, thousands evacuated and six killed as area declared a disaster zone - The Independent

A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Chile claiming six lives, triggering small landslides and generating a tsunami.
Three northern regions of the country have been declared disaster areas after the quake struck at 20:46 local time (23:46 GMT).

François Hollande appoints estranged partner, Ségolène Royal, to key position in ‘government of combat’ | National Post

French President François Hollande has handed his estranged partner and the mother of his four children, Ségolène Royal, a key position in his new “government of combat,” a move aimed at reviving the Socialist Party after a crushing defeat in municipal voting.

Japanese mobsters launch their own website | theguardian.com

Japan's biggest organised crime syndicate has launched its own website, complete with a corporate song and a strong anti-drugs message, as the yakuza looks to turn around its outdated image and falling membership.

Queen's old toys among items to go on display in exhibition of royal childhood | The Guardian

The Queen's old toys, including two treasured rocking horses, Parisian dolls attired in French haute couture and the little wicker pram she enjoyed pushing as a two-year-old are to go on display.
The exhibition at Buckingham Palace, Royal Childhood, will allow a small glimpse into the toy boxes and wardrobes of generations of young royals.

BBC Sport - Jose Mourinho: Chelsea boss angry at 'joke' PSG goal

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho criticised his side's "joke" defending and blamed his misfiring strikers after a 3-1 defeat by Paris St-Germain left their Champions League campaign in trouble.

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チリ北部でM8.2の地震 日本へ津波到達の恐れ:朝日新聞デジタル


70年代に盗難のゴーギャンら絵画、伊警察が回収 (AFP=時事)

1970年代に英ロンドン(London)で盗まれたフランスの代表的な画家ポール・ゴーギャン(Paul Gauguin)とピエール・ボナール(Pierre Bonnard)の絵画2点をイタリア警察が取り戻していたことが分かった。イタリア文化省が2日、明らかにした。

ロンドンに世界の蝶が集結:AFPBB News

ロンドン(London)の自然史博物館(Natural History Museum)で3月31日、世界の蝶やガを集めた特別展「センセーショナル・バタフライズ(Sensational Butterflies)」の報道向け撮影会が行われた。

【東京五輪】「責務重要」と竹田氏 IOCマーケティング担う - MSN産経ニュース


バルセロナに選手の移籍禁止処分 18歳未満選手で違反  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 01 April 2014

Stap cells: research paper on stem cell breakthrough was partly falsified | theguardian.com

A Japanese scientist partly falsified a research paper that announced a breakthrough in the production of stem cells, the government-funded laboratory involved has announced.

So Japan can't hunt whales any more? That doesn't mean they're safe | theguardian.com

Flying high over the Derwent, our tiny aircraft, bound for the Tasmanian south-west wilderness, almost tipped its wings in salute. Far below us, heading for its honorary home port in Hobart after another season spent in the Southern Ocean combating the Japanese whalers, was the Bob Barker, Sea Shepherd's flagship, "back from saving our whales", said Fin, our young pilot.

BBC News - Japan raises sales tax for first time in 17 years

Japan has raised its consumption tax for the first time in 17 years in an attempt to rein in public debt.
From Tuesday, sales tax will increase from 5% to 8%. It will rise again, to 10%, in October 2015.

Nestle Japan introduces new Kit Kat PIZZA oven bake version of 2-fingered classic | Mail Online

Nestle Japan introduced the KitKat Bake on March 24 under the slogan 'Have a bake, have a Kit Kat'.
The company worked with Japanese confectioner Takagi to produce a bar that can be cooked in the oven, transforming the snack from a slightly unappetising looking pale stick into a crispy double-fingered biscuit in just two minutes.

April Fools' Day jokes 2014 – the best on the web | theguardian.com

The best April fools' day jokes from the press and the web – share any you've spotted in the comments below

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ユーロ圏:2月失業率11.9%にとどまる-イタリアは過去最悪 - Bloomberg

ユーロ圏の2月の失業率 は前月と同水準の11.9%だった。ドイツで改善が続く一方イタリアでは過去最悪の失業率を記録するなど、域内雇用市場回復のまだら模様が浮き彫りになった。

教皇とオバマ米大統領が初会見 贈物交換は野菜・草花の種とメダル・著書 : クリスチャントゥデイ


欧米12行に集団訴訟―為替操作疑惑で - WSJ.com




ダビンチ作?真贋論争 日本で15年保存、イタリアへ:朝日新聞デジタル


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