News Headlines - 05 April 2014

BBC News - Afghanistan election: Presidential poll hailed a 'success'

Afghan and Western leaders have praised the turnout in Afghanistan's presidential election, describing the vote as a success.

BBC News - France pulls out of Rwanda genocide commemorations

The French government has announced that it is pulling out of the 20th anniversary commemorations on Monday for the Rwandan genocide.
The decision follows an accusation by the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, that France participated in the mass killings in 1994.

BBC News - Martin McGuinness to attend banquet with Queen when President Higgins visits UK

Martin McGuinness will attend a banquet hosted by the Queen during next week's state visit to Britain by Irish President Michael D Higgins.

Yorkshire Mine Plays Vital Role in Search for Life on Mars

A potash mine in Yorkshire is being used to test technology which could eventually go on to search for life on Mars.
Scientists believe that conditions in the Boulby mine on the north-east coast of England are similar to those on the Red Planet.

Wettest winter since records began damage Sutton Coldfield's dragonfly and damselfly populations | Sutton Coldfield Observer

THE wettest winter since records began could have damaged Sutton Coldfield’s dragonfly and damselfly populations for years to come.
The Canal and River Trust has warned that the wettest winter on record could have had a lasting impact on populations of dragonflies and damselflies in Sutton Coldfield.








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