News Headlines - 07 April 2014

Quebec Liberals replace separatists with majority gov't - AMERICAS

The anti-separatist Quebec Liberal Party won a majority government in provincial elections on April 7, eliminating the possibility of a new referendum on separation from Canada for several years.

Michael Hayden under fire for Dianne Feinstein comment - POLITICO.com

Senate Democrats ripped former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Monday for describing Sen. Dianne Feinstein as “emotional,” calling Hayden’s remarks both a “baseless smear” and condescending.

'National pride is shrinking in the UK' - Telegraph

National pride is shrinking across large parts of the UK with many people feeling stronger ties to their neighbourhood and the wider world, a BBC survey has found. Experts said the findings in the survey for the Corporation’s Who Do We Think We Are? project may be due to the influence of the world wide web on cultural attitudes.

Middle class better off during financial crisis, says study - Telegraph

The recent squeeze on living standards has been exaggerated and many middle-income families actually became better off during the financial crisis, research has suggested. A report by the Social Market Foundation (SMF), a think tank, found that many middle-income families prospered during the downturn by taking on more work and cutting their costs.

BBC News - Global dip in renewable energy investment

Global investment in renewables fell by 14% during 2013, but the percentage of electricity generated by renewable sources still grew, a report shows.








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