News Headlines - 13 April 2014

Russia calls on UN as Ukraine sends troops to eastern cities - FT.com

Russia late on Sunday night denounced Kiev’s decision to crack down with military force on the unrest in eastern Ukraine cities as a “criminal order”.
The Russian foreign ministry said it had called for an urgent debate on the situation in the United Nations Security Council.

Partial Afghan Election Results Put Abdullah in Lead

Preliminary and partial official results from Afghanistan’s April 5 presidential election show a close contest between opposition politician Abdullah Abdullah and former finance minister Ashraf Ghani.

'Deeply worrying': Parliamentary watchdog investigating claims public money used to fund 'gay sex party at Tory conference' | Mail Online

Claims that a Tory official used taxpayers' money to fund a gay sex party at £2,500-a-night hotel are to be investigated by Parliament's expenses watchdog.
A senior aide is alleged to have booked out a suite at the lavish Light ApartHotel in central Manchester during a Conservative Party Conference, and used the hook-up app Grindr to invite young men to his rooms.

Duchess of Cambridge ends second baby gossip as she drinks wine at vineyard on New Zealand trip - London Evening Standard

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared to pour cold water on speculation that Prince George could soon have a brother or sister when she told wine-makers she was really enjoying being able to drink again after giving birth.

Emissions rising to 'unprecedented levels,' UN climate change panel warns | CTV News

The United Nations' expert panel on climate change is highlighting the disconnect between international goals to fight global warming and what's actually being done to attain them.
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must drop by 40-70 per cent by 2050 to keep the global temperature rise below the 2-degree C cap set in UN climate talks, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in a report released Sunday.








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