News Headlines - 26 April 2014

Hillsborough insults added to Wikipedia pages using GOVERNMENT computers - Mirror Online

Wikipedia internet entries were doctored by people using GOVERNMENT computers to mock the Hillsborough tragedy.
The Cabinet Office tonight launched an urgent enquiry into the security breach after it emerged PCs on Whitehall’s secure intranet were used to post sick taunts about the football disaster.

Councils will get power to block new betting shops - The Independent

New restrictions on betting shops will be introduced this week, ministers pledged last night, amid fears of a growing use of high-stakes machines fuelling gambling addiction.

UK invests £200 million on icebreaker to boost polar research efforts : Tech Times

The UK government has announced that it will be investing in a new state-of-the-art polar research vessel. The announcement was made by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne this Friday.

Apple to introduce speed sensors in cars to stop drivers texting at the wheel | Mail Online

The electronic giants have filed a patent for a system that could bar access to an iPhone's messaging apps while a user is driving.
Sensors installed in phones would be able to detect the speed of the vehicle and work out where someone was sitting. This would allow passengers to send messages without any restrictions.

U.S., Japan unlikely to wrap up trade deal by May TPP talks: Japan official | Reuters

Japan and the United States have found "common ground" to forge a two-way trade deal, but may not be able to resolve remaining sticking points in time for a mid-May meeting of top negotiators seeking a broad regional deal, a senior Japanese official said.








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