News Headlines - 28 April 2014

Leeds teacher killed: 15-year-old pupil arrested after Anne Maguire stabbed to death in front of class full of students in Corpus Christi Catholic College - The Independent

Anne Maguire – described by her beloved pupils as ‘the school’s own mother’ – devoted her life to education. But on Monday, at her Catholic college in Leeds, a 15-year-old boy allegedly entered the room, pulled out a knife, and repeatedly stabbed the married 61-year-old. Never before has a British teacher been killed in front of a class full of students

Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running 'racist' campaign | The Guardian

The first cross-party campaign to condemn Nigel Farage's party as racist is to be launched this week amid fresh polls showing Ukip may come first across England in the European elections in May.

Exiled Russian Environmentalist Wins International Prize | The Moscow Times

A Russian environmentalist who fled Russia under the threat of imprisonment has won an ecology prize for his work protecting the area around the site of this year's Sochi Olympic Games.

Irishman Dave Grennan discovers his third supernova using a telescope he made himself in his garden shed - Irish Mirror Online

Dave Grennan made the spectacular discovery on Good Friday using a device he made himself in his own back garden

World’s Best Restaurants 2014: the top 50 in full - Telegraph

Copenhagen's Noma has retaken the number one slot in The World’s Best Restaurants Awards. Here are the 50 top restaurants, with links to Telegraph reviews








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