News Headlines - 21 June 2014

Continued separatist attacks put strain on fledgling Ukraine ceasefire | theguardian.com

Pro-Russian separatists attacked Ukrainian posts on the border with Russia and a military base and tried to storm an airforce base overnight into Saturday, government forces said, putting a Ukrainian unilateral ceasefire under pressure.

Outrage follows sexist outburst at Tokyo meeting - CNN.com

Outrage is growing in Japan after lawmakers hurled sexist comments at an assemblywoman giving a speech this week about the need for more services for women.

David Blunkett to stand down from parliament at 2015 election | The Guardian

Former home secretary David Blunkett is to stand down from parliament at the next general election.
Blunkett said it was clear that Ed Miliband would want "new faces in ministerial office and a clear break with the past" if Labour won next year's election as he informed his Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituents of his decision.

Time for Apple's iWatch? - Telegraph

As the rumour mill goes into overdrive over the iWatch reportedly preparing for prodiction, how big an impact will it make on the wearables market, asks Rhiannon Williams

BBC News - MPs say UK government 'too slow' on marine conservation

Last year, the government designated 27 marine conservation zones in the UK, while a further 37 zones could be designated by the end of 2015.
However, 127 areas are recommended for protection and the Environmental Audit Committee criticised a "lack of government commitment" on the issue.








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