News Headlines - 22 June 2014

BBC News - Sunni militants 'seize Iraq's western border crossings'

The Iraqi government appears to have lost control of its western borders after Sunni militants reportedly captured crossings to Syria and Jordan.
Officials said the rebels took two key crossings in Anbar on Sunday, a day after seizing one at Qaim, a town in the province that borders Syria.

BBC News - PM to call 'unprecedented' vote on Juncker EU appointment

David Cameron will call for a vote from fellow EU leaders on the next European Commission president if there is an attempt to rubber-stamp Jean-Claude Juncker in the role.

HS3: Chancellor will outline proposal to create high-speed rail link connecting Leeds and Manchester - The Independent

A plan to boost the economy of the North by building England’s third high-speed rail link – HS3 – between Manchester and Leeds will be outlined by George Osborne today.

Google Considering Investment in New Trans-Pacific Cable - WSJ

Google Inc. is weighing an investment in a new, multimillion-dollar cable across the Pacific Ocean, people familiar with the matter said, a move that comes as big technology companies send an increasing amount of traffic across private networks.

'Magic island' appears out of nowhere on Titan, Saturn's biggest moon, then quickly disappears - The Independent

A “magic island” has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere in one of the hydrocarbon seas on Saturn's giant planet-like moon, Titan, only to later disappear.








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