News Headlines - 30 June 2014

ISIS in Iraq: What is a caliphate? - CBC News

When the jihadists within the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) declared a caliphate, or new Islamic state, covering a large swath of territory in the two countries, they were reintroducing a political and theological concept that dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Israel vows to punish Hamas after bodies of missing teens found in West Bank

The bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers were found in the occupied West Bank today and Israel vowed to punish Hamas, the Palestinian group it accuses of abducting and killing them.

Rolf Harris will be stripped of BAFTA Fellowship and could lose CBE from Queen - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Rolf Harris will be stripped of the BAFTA Fellowship he was awarded two years ago, and could lose his CBE from the Queen after being found guilty of indecent assault.

My ‘third arrow’ will fell Japan’s economic demons - FT.com

Since I introduced a package of measures to revive Japan’s economy, there are three questions I am regularly asked about our country’s prospects. First, people want to know whether I am genuinely committed to the “third arrow” of Abenomics. Make no mistake: I am.

BBC News - Fireball meteor caught on camera by a Devon observatory

A fireball meteor which passed over the UK on Monday has been caught on camera by a Devon observatory... It is reported to have broken into several pieces as it entered the Earth's atmosphere.








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