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News Headlines - 31 July 2014

Are these selfies proof that Putin IS operating in the Ukraine? Photographs posted by 'Russian soldier' on Instagram were taken over the border | Mail Online

Alexander Sotkin, who says he is a communications specialist on social media, has been posting selfies to his Instagram page showing him operating military equipment... He has come under attack in his home country, where Russians have bombarded him on social media with messages criticising him for his actions.

A nation unites in memory of the Great War - Telegraph

The nation will come together today to begin commemorations of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
On Aug 1 1914, Germany declared war on Russia, which led to the loss of millions of lives and changed the course of history. Dozens of exhibitions and performances will be held across the country.

Police apologise after naked dead body left uncovered in the street for hours - Telegraph

Police have apologised after the naked body of a man who died after falling from a balcony was left uncovered in the street for more than three hours in broad daylight.

Video: Life hack: the perfect way to slice a watermelon - Telegraph

Using a long knife and some ingenuity, he has the entire fruit chopped into neat, even cubes and sealed in plastic bags in under two minutes ready for snacks or salads .

Around Europe in 18 cheeses - Telegraph

Where to find Europe's best cheeses, from a monastic hard cheese to crumbly Caerphilly, Bavarian Blue and Bulgarian green

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【周永康事件の衝撃 (上)】600日かけた「本丸」攻め 周氏、元妻を殺害か 江沢民氏はそれを知り激怒 - MSN産経ニュース


ソニー:4-6月期は予想外の黒字-ゲーム機、映画がけん引 - Bloomberg

今期に構造改革の徹底を図るソニー の4-6月期連結純損益は268億円の黒字となり、予想外の黒字を計上した。ゲーム機や映画分野が業績のけん引役となったほか、資産売却も寄与した。

独VWの第2四半期営業利益は3.1%減、為替レートが影響 | Reuters


時事ドットコム:英国は印象は「まずい食事と大酒」 外国人へのイメージ調査で判明


独のミステリーサークルに観光客 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 30 July 2014

Energy Companies Rethinking Russia After New Round of Sanctions - NYTimes.com

The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine — and the tougher round of sanctions against Russia that followed — is prompting some big multinational energy companies to take a fresh look at the ramifications of the crisis.

China to Publish Unemployment Rate for Big Cities - WSJ

China will publish unemployment rates for big cities at an appropriate time to better reflect the country's job market, said the State Council, or the nation's cabinet, in a meeting Wednesday.

British Airways to be sued over pilot sexual abuse claims - The Independent

British Airways it to be sued by a group of women and young girls over allegations that the airline’s now deceased pilot, Simon Wood, sexually abused children in African schools and orphanages.

Cappuccino coming up: European cargo ship on its way to space station - CBS News

A powerful Ariane 5 rocket carrying the European Space Agency's fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle cargo ship roared to life and climbed away from French Guiana Tuesday, kicking off a two-week flight to deliver more than seven tons of equipment and supplies -- including cappuccino and tiramisu -- to the International Space Station.

Celtic face Champions League elimination after losing qualifier 1st leg 4-1 to Legia Warsaw - Mirror Online

Celtic’s Champions League hopes are in tatters after a 4-1 thrashing in Poland.
And it could have been far worse for the Scots as opponents Legia Warsaw also missed two penalties.

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中国 周永康氏が「重大な規律違反」 NHKニュース


新疆ウイグル自治区で暴徒が襲撃、数十人死傷 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : エボラ流行は「悪化の一途」、ボランティアも退避


CNN.co.jp : 北京のマックからバーガーが消えた 食肉回収で在庫切れ


ドイツ銀とバークレイズ監視検討、為替操作でNY当局-関係者 - Bloomberg

トレーダーによる外国為替指標レートの操作疑惑に関する調査の一環として、米ニューヨーク州金融サービス局は、ドイツ最大の銀行であるドイツ銀行 と英銀バークレイズ に対し、両行を監視下に置くことを受け入れるよう迫っている。

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News Headlines - 29 July 2014

China Says Former Security Chief Is Being Investigated for Corruption - NYTimes.com

President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption among the Chinese elite took public aim on Tuesday at its biggest target so far, when the Communist Party announced an investigation of Zhou Yongkang, the former chief of domestic security.

Government Offices Attacked, Dozens Killed by Group in Western China - WSJ

A group of assailants launched coordinated attacks on government and police buildings in China's far-western Xinjiang region on Monday, leaving dozens of people dead a day before the mostly Muslim area was set to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Ebola medical 'hero' dies in Sierra Leone | DW.DE

A senior Sierra Leone doctor who led the fight against Ebola has died. Sheik Umar Khan had contracted the virus while treating more than 100 patients. Ebola's spread in western Africa is the largest ever.

Airbus Cancels Skymark's A380 Order - WSJ

Airbus Group NV said Tuesday that it canceled an order from Japan's Skymark Airlines for six A380 superjumbo jets, the latest sign of the European plane maker's struggles to gain wide acceptance of the plane.

Driverless cars heading onto British roads in 2015 - Telegraph

The Government wants to change the rules to allow companies to start running trials of cars that do not need a human driver on UK streets, industry sources said.
It means the first computer-controlled vehicles will be seen on quiet British streets by January next year.

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エアバス、損害賠償訴訟も スカイマークA380解約交渉  :日本経済新聞


「大麻禁止の連邦法、撤廃を」 NYタイムズ社説:朝日新聞デジタル

米紙ニューヨーク・タイムズ(NYT)は27日、大麻の所持や使用を禁止する 米国の連邦法を撤廃し、禁止するかどうかは州に委ねるべきだと主張する社説を掲載した。 かつて、米国で制定された禁酒法と大麻を禁止する法律を比較し、 「アルコールよりずっと危険性が低い物質を禁止するために、社会に大きな損失をもたらしている」と述べた。

【鼓動】娯楽用マリフアナ解禁から半年 波紋広がる米コロラド州 吸引違法運転や州外への流出相次ぐ - MSN産経ニュース


ロシアがマクドナルドを国内で提訴、対米関係悪化で標的に | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : 調査団、墜落現場に依然入れず マレーシア機撃墜


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News Headlines - 28 July 2014

Israeli rejects blame for deaths at U.N. shelter - CNN.com

The Israeli military denied Sunday that it was responsible for anyone killed last week when a mortar hit the courtyard of a U.N. school that was shelter to many Gaza residents.
Officials from the United Nations and the Palestinian government said 16 people were killed and hundreds wounded on Thursday when the school in northern Gaza was struck.

Israel-Gaza conflict: We have to prepare for a long campaign, warns Netanyahu - The Independent

Speaking after the news of the death of 10 children in Gaza City, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, said: “We have to be prepared for a prolonged campaign. We will continue to act aggressively and with judgement until the completion of our mission: defending our citizens, soldiers and children.”

Britain cuts EU migrants' access to welfare payments - Yahoo News UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday set out new welfare rules to cut European migrants' access to social security payments, marking the latest in a string of British measures aimed at addressing voters' concerns over immigration.

Aid Group: 2 Americans Have Ebola in Liberia - ABC News

Two American aid workers have tested positive for the Ebola virus while working to combat an outbreak of the deadly disease at a hospital in Liberia, a relief group official said.

Student’s photo of "Beast of Bodmin" could indicate large cats are breeding | Exeter Express and Echo

Experts say a teenager's snaps of what appears to be a large cat could indicate they are breeding... There has been speculation the animal in the images could be the mythical 'Beast of Bodmin'.

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CNN.co.jp : 「ビッグマック指数」、最安価格はウクライナ 政情反映か


CNN.co.jp : 絶対の機密保持を目指して――オバマ大統領のブラックベリーを作った男


パナマのノリエガ元将軍、ゲーム会社提訴 殺人者として描写 :日本経済新聞


イタリア座礁客船、最後の航海 2年半経て現場から港へ:朝日新聞デジタル


中国期限切れ食肉問題、上海福喜の全製品回収へ=米親会社OSI | Reuters


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News Headlines - 27 July 2014

Israel-Gaza conflict: Obama and Pope call for peace as child death toll rises - Telegraph

President Barack Obama has urged Israel to halt the Gaza offensive immediately, as new figures showed that 218 Palestinian children have been killed in the conflict so far.

Islamist militants kidnap wife of Cameroonian official - LA Times

Islamist militants believed to be associated with the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram kidnapped the wife of a Cameroonian vice prime minister Sunday, in a worrying sign that the violence in northeastern Nigeria is spreading beyond its borders.

Vladimir Putin facing multi-million dollar lawsuit for aiding separatists who shot down MH17, lawyers say | National Post

Vladimir Putin is facing a multi-million dollar legal action for his alleged role in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

Shinzo Abe faces rising disenchantment in Japan - FT.com

Shinzo Abe has spent much of his premiership trumpeting his achievements to foreigners, particularly those of Abenomics, his programme to kick-start the Japanese economy. But discontent is stirring at home.

Schoolgirl 'Beheads' Classmate In Japan

A 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl is being held in police custody after she admitted murdering her classmate and dismembering her body.
The teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was arrested on Sunday after the body of 15-year-old Aiwa Matsuo was discovered in the city of Sasebo, in Japan's southwestern Nagasaki Prefecture.

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ロンドンで反イスラエルデモ 豪州やフランスでも


アルジェリア機墜落、2つ目のブラックボックス回収:AFPBB News

ブルキナファソの首都ワガドゥグ(Ouagadougou)からアルジェリアの首都アルジェ(Algiers)に向かう途中、西アフリカのマリに墜落したアルジェリア航空(Air Algerie)AH5017便の2つ目のブラックボックスが26日、墜落現場から回収された。

サッカー=FA会長、同協会は「男性と白人が多過ぎる」 | Reuters


モウリーニョ:「あのサラリーでショーを獲得したら死んでいた」 - Goal.com


ロンドンが熱狂、JAPANカルチャーを発信する美女ユニット・YANAKIKUが“きもコス”着こなしパフォーマンス - モデルプレス

日本文化の愉しさを世界に広げることを目的に結成されたポップガールズデュオのYANAKIKU(ヤナキク)が現地時間26日、イギリス・ロンドンのEARLS COURT ONEにて開催中の「ホンモノの日本」を発信する日本文化の総合展示「HYPER JAPAN 2014(ハイパー・ジャパン)」でライブパフォーマンスを披露した。

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News Headlines - 26 July 2014

Safety and interactivity highlights of Hitachi’s new train - E & T Magazine

Hitachi Rail Europe has unveiled design of its new commuter train for the UK introducing smartphone-connected seats and advanced safety features... The AT200 train builds on technology developed for Hitachi’s intercity Express Train but comes with a completely new design which, as Hitachi said, was created using insights from passengers and train operators alike.

Jaguar Land Rover to Cut Prices on 3 Models in China - WSJ

Premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover PLC has slashed prices for two Range Rover sport-utility vehicles and a Jaguar sports car by up to 19% in China amid increased scrutiny by the Chinese government of foreign car makers' pricing policies.

Rail workers’ four-day strike to hit ‘get away’ weekend - Yorkshire Post

A four-day strike by staff from East Midlands Trains (EMT) in both Leeds and the Midlands is due to take place from tomorrow in a dispute over pay.

Google offers $30 worth unlimited music subscription on Chromecast for free

The Google Play Music All Access subscription will be available to US users and the offer will not be applicable to existing Google Play Music all-access subscription. Google has also reduced the price of Chromecast by $5 and users who by the $35 device by September will receive the $30 worth subscription from Google. A monthly subscription in Google Music costs $9.99.

Many dinosaurs were ‘fluffy like a chick’, new research suggest - The Independent

Almost every dinosaur was either covered in feathers, or had the capacity to grow fluffy 'chick-like' feathers, new findings suggest. The discovery of 150 million year old fossils in Siberia have the potential to change our portrayal of the animals, researchers say.

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【岐路に立つ米国】職権を乱用、オバマ大統領提訴決議案を可決 下院委員会 - MSN産経ニュース


ロシア中銀、予想外の利上げ 政策金利8%「インフレ率抑制目指す」 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


シャープ、イタリアの太陽電池事業から撤退 | Reuters

シャープは24日、 イタリアの電力大手エネルなどと共同出資している薄膜太陽電池工場の合弁を解消すると発表した。33.3%の持ち分を1ユーロでエネルに売却する。これにより、2010年から展開してきたイタリアでの太陽電池事業から撤退する。

アゼルバイジャン、2016年にF1ヨーロッパGP開催が決定 【 F1-Gate.com 】


【IOC】五輪後の「遺産」高評価 ロンドンから2年、経済効果2・4兆円超 - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 25 July 2014

Chicken factories inspected by FSA as Tesco reveals surprise spot check | The Guardian

The chicken factories at the centre of revelations over food poisoning contamination were checked by Food Standards Agency inspectors on Friday, as sources reported that Tesco auditors had found failings during a surprise middle-of-the-night inspection at an abattoir in Wales.

EU expands Russian oligarch sanctions blacklist in wake of MH17 crash | The Guardian

The European Union has expanded its blacklist of Russians subject to sanctions and broad economic measures against Moscow are looking increasingly likely following the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 despite deep divisions among the 28 EU member states.

Japanese fans talk about the evolution of 'Godzilla' | PoconoRecord.com

The Associated Press spoke with some Japanese about their views on how their favorite mutated reptile has changed, including whether they welcome the latest rendition in full computer-graphic glory — so different from their Godzilla, that actor in a rubber suit, who waded into pools and smashed miniature models.

Japan to open bids for Kansai, Osaka airports operating rights in Oct. | Reuters

Japan will in October invite bids for the operating rights for a major international airport, an official said on Friday, in a deal expected to be among the biggest in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's drive to draw private funds into public infrastructure.

Didier Drogba returns to Chelsea: The Ivorian striker's Stamford Bridge highlights - The Independent

With the news that Didier Drogba has returned to West London on a one-year deal, Chelsea fans will be excited at the prospect of seeing a club legend back playing at Stamford Bridge.

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CNN.co.jp : 預言者ヨナの墓、ISISが破壊 キリスト教などの聖地


米英の情報機関員を監視 独、スパイ疑惑に対抗か - MSN産経ニュース


ナチスの暗号を破った数学者、チューリングの伝記映画:カンバーバッチ主演の予告動画が公開 « WIRED.jp

ナチス・ドイツの暗号を破ったことで有名だが、不幸な運命をたどった数学者アラン・チューリングを描いた伝記映画『The Imitation Game』の予告編が公開された。主役はベネディクト・カンバーバッチだ。

アマゾン、赤字幅18倍に スマホ・クラウド投資かさみ:朝日新聞デジタル


12年の強力な太陽風、地球をニアミス NASA:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 24 July 2014

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry | The Guardian

Three of the UK’s leading supermarkets have launched emergency investigations into their chicken supplies after a Guardian investigation uncovered a catalogue of alleged hygiene failings in the poultry industry.

Japanese monkeys' abnormal blood linked to Fukushima disaster – study | theguardian.com

Wild monkeys in the Fukushima region of Japan have blood abnormalities linked to the radioactive fall-out from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a new scientific study that may help increase the understanding of radiation on human health.

Japan Exports Continue to Disappoint - WSJ

Japan's run of monthly trade deficits reached the two-year mark in June as exports fell while imports increased, reinforcing the view that the deficits are here to stay for the once powerful exporter nation.

Dramatic pictures show wreckage of Taiwan plane crash that killed 48 people - Mirror Online

These dramatic pictures show the wreckage of the second international airline disaster in less than a week.

Less than 10% of human DNA has functional role, claim scientists | The Guardian

More than 90% of human DNA is doing nothing very useful, and large stretches may be no more than biological baggage that has built up over years of evolution, Oxford researchers claim.

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ノルウェー、テロ情報で空港警備を強化 シリア過激派の関連か - WSJ


CNN.co.jp : フェイスブックが増収増益、モバイル広告拡大 4~6月期


平凡なお知らせを『世界最高のプレスリリース』で発表 | AdGang

先日ロンドンに拠点をおくPR会社「Houston PR」は、恐らく世界で初めてプレスリリースを宇宙空間へ打ち上げることでメディアやステークホルダーに向けて公表しました。

ロンドン地下鉄公式ブランド、日本での本格展開を開始 | ファッションプレス

2013年末にイギリス本国、そして日本では2014年1月にドーバー ストリート マーケット(DOVER STREET MARKET)のみでローンチした、ロンドン地下鉄150周年オフィシャルプロジェクト 「ROUNDEL by LONDON UNDERGROUND」。このプロジェクトが、2014年秋冬シーズンより日本国内で本格展開されることが決定した。



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News Headlines - 23 July 2014

Hillary Clinton: How badly does she want to be President? - Telegraph

With three muck-raking books out before Hillary Clinton has even announced her intention to run and new claims about Bill’s womanising, the presidential race looks set to be a very dirty fight

Seven days: 18–24 July 2014 : Nature News & Comment

Haruko Obokata, the author of two stem-cell papers that were retracted from Nature after she was found guilty of scientific misconduct, should not lose her PhD, an investigative panel ruled last week.

Japanese officials order removal of war memorial for Korean labourers | theguardian.com

The government in Gunma prefecture, north-west of Tokyo, has ordered it removed after what the Asahi Shimbun newspaper described as petitions from "anti-Korean" groups and individuals complaining that it was anti-Japanese and had become the focus of political activity in a publicly owned space.

Why 'Frozen' Was Such a Big Box-Office Hit in Japan

One factor that helped contribute to the success of Frozen was the local voice and song casting. Anna and Elsa were voiced by Sayaka Kanda and Takako Matsu, two singers and actresses whose performances received almost universal acclaim... Ari no Mama de, which translates roughly as “just as it is” and is the Japanese rendition of the “Let It Go” phrase, worked exceptionally well, and the independent-girl-power theme was a part of the film’s appeal in a conformist society that is beginning to deal with ingrained chauvinism.

Cristiano Ronaldo left dumfounded and shocked by antics of Japanese TV presenter | Mail Online

As one of the world's most famous footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo is used to making TV appearances.
But the 29-year-old would have experienced few as strange as his appearance on Japanese screens this week.

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マックCEO「だまされた」 中国の期限切れ鶏肉で - MSN産経ニュース


【期限切れ鶏肉】外資たたき? 中国紙、「米子会社」を強調 - MSN産経ニュース


マレーシア機撃墜、「親ロ派が誤射」の可能性高まる=米当局者 | Reuters


英エリザベス女王所有の競走馬から薬物の陽性反応 写真1枚 国際ニュース:AFPBB News

英国のエリザベス女王(Queen Elizabeth II)が所有する競走馬が、薬物検査で陽性反応を示した。バッキンガム宮殿(Buckingham Palace)が22日、発表した。
 昨年、英国競馬で最も権威の高い、アスコット競馬場(Ascot Racecourse)でのゴールドカップ(Gold Cup 2013、G1、芝約4023メートル)で優勝したエスティメート(Estimate)から、禁止薬物のモルヒネの陽性反応が検出された。

マンC のリザーブチーム、フランス人MFが人種差別を受け試合を中止に – サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 22 July 2014

FAA Halts U.S. Flights to Tel Aviv | Fox Business

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday shut down U.S. flights in and out of Israel for up to 24-hours amid escalating violence in the region.

China food scandal spreads, drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan | Reuters

The latest food scandal in China is spreading fast, dragging in U.S. coffee chain Starbucks, Burger King Worldwide Inc and others, as well as McDonald's products as far away as Japan.

Flight MH17: identification begins after bodies from crash site arrive in Kharkiv | The Guardian

International experts have begun the process of identifying the bodies of those who died in last Thursday's Malaysian Airlines plane crash, after a train carrying their remains arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Tuesday.

Apple denies iOS 'backdoor' claims, says it's not working with the NSA- The Inquirer

A SECURITY EXPERT has bravely revealed that Apple has purposefully included backdoors in its iOS mobile operating system that could be exploited by law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the US National Security Agency (NSA)... Apple has responded to the claims, and while it didn't deny that such services exist in iOS, it said that it only uses them to improve the user experience.

I, spy: Edward Snowden in exile | The Guardian

“Many of the people searching through the haystacks were young, enlisted guys, 18 to 22 years old. They’ve suddenly been thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility, where they now have access to all your private records. In the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated in any sort of necessary sense – for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation. But they’re extremely attractive. So what do they do? They turn around in their chair and they show a co-worker. And their co-worker says, ‘Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way’, and then Bill sends it to George, George sends it to Tom, and sooner or later this person’s whole life has been seen by all of these other people.”

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米Apple、英ロンドンで8年目の「iTunes Festival」を9月に開催 | マイナビニュース

米Appleは、英国で8年目となる音楽フェスティバル「iTunes Festival」を開催すると発表した。場所はロンドンのRoundhouseで、9月いっぱい開催する。出演者は60を超えるという。

英 ロイヤルベビーフィーバー続く NHKニュース


英当局、為替市場の不正操作で刑事捜査を開始:AFPBB News

英重大不正捜査局(Serious Fraud Office、SFO)は21日、外国為替市場の不正操作疑惑に関する刑事捜査を開始したと発表した。

『Glee』イギリスの裁判所が番組タイトルの変更を命令? | 海外ドラマNAVI

英Digital Spyによると、ロンドンにあるイングランド高等法院は18日、20世紀フォックスに対し、同作のタイトルをイギリス国内に限り変更するよう命じた。これは同シリーズが、イギリスのコメディークラブ・チェーン、「The Glee Club」の登録商標「Glee」を侵害するとして、タイトルの使用を差し止められたもの。しかし、フォックス側は本件を上訴する構えで、差し止め命令は控訴院が判決を下すまで効力を持たず、ただちにタイトルが変更されることはないという。

ワーナーが『スペースインベーダー』の映画化権を獲得 ― 「ダ・ヴィンチ・コード」のアキヴァ・ゴールズマンも参加 | Game*Spark

ワーナー・ブラザースが『スペースインベーダー』の映画化権を獲得しました。……海外メディアThe Wrapによると、映画化にあたり「ダ・ヴィンチ・コード」の脚本を手掛けたアキヴァ・ゴールズマン、そして「アウェイク」のジョビー・ハロルドとトーリー・タネルがプロデューサーを務めることが決定。 なお、ゴールドマンは「ビューティフル・マインド」でアカデミー脚色賞を受賞した経歴も持ち合わせています。

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News Headlines - 21 July 2014

MH17: Sky News reporter apologises for rifling through passenger's suitcase - Telegraph

Sky News reporter Colin Brazier has apologised after he was filmed examining passengers’ personal belongings among the wreckage of Flight MH17.

Malaysia Premier Brokers Deal to Recover Black Boxes - NYTimes.com

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement that his government had reached an agreement with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, for the transfer of the bodies and so-called black boxes from Flight 17 to Malaysian representatives there, apparently achieved what pressure from far more powerful nations had failed to accomplish.

BBC News - Gaza conflict: Five dead at hospital hit by Israeli strike

At least five people have been killed and 70 injured by an Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza, Palestinians say.

BBC News - Nigeria's Boko Haram 'controls' Damboa in Borno

Nigeria's militant Islamists are in control of the key town of Damboa in north-eastern Nigeria, a local vigilante leader has told the BBC.

STEVEN GERRARD: David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and John Terry were the best I played with for England | Mail Online

On the day he retired from international football Steven Gerrard listed David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and John Terry as some of the best he played with for England.
Gerrard, who captained the Three Lions at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, also praised the likes of Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes.

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国連、撃墜非難決議採決へ 親ロ派に現場保存要求:福井新聞


CNN.co.jp : 改宗か死か ISISがキリスト教徒に最後通告


ヒラリー氏叩き止まらず 暴露本ではオバマ大統領との確執も明らかに - MSN産経ニュース




ホームズがいっぱい!ロンドンでギネス記録に挑戦:AFPBB News

ホームズ姿の人たちが一か所に集結した人数のギネス世界記録(Guinness World Records)に挑戦するイベントで、募った資金は南部サリー(Surrey)州アンダーショー(Undershaw)にある作者ドイルの旧宅の書斎とステンドグラスの修復費に充てるという。

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News Headlines - 20 July 2014

MH17 victims put on refrigerated train bound for unknown destination | theguardian.com

The bodies of the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are being loaded on to three railway carriages, apparently with refrigerator capability, which are standing at the train station in the town of Torez, several miles from the crash site in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli military ‘using flechette rounds in Gaza Strip’ - The Independent

The Israeli military is reportedly using flechette shells in its offensive in Gaza, weapons described as illegal under “rules of humanitarian law” by an Israeli human rights organisation.
Generally fired by a tank and described as an “imprecise weapon” ill-suited to combat in a built-up area, flechette shells explode in the air above a target, sending out a cone of thousands of tiny steel darts each no more than 4cm (1.57 ins) long.

'Death and horror' in Gaza as thousands flee Israeli bombardment | theguardian.com

The fiercest fighting of the 13-day war in Gaza erupted on Sunday as Israel dramatically widened its ground offensive, sending tanks and troops into urban areas and causing thousands of panicked civilians to flee.
The Palestinian government has described the attack on Gaza's Shujai'iya neighbourhood, in which at least 60 people were killed, as a "war crime" which required immediate international intervention.

Philip Hammond: I would still vote to leave Europe | The Guardian

Philip Hammond, last week appointed as foreign secretary, has confirmed that he would vote for Britain to leave the European Union unless there was significant reform in Brussels... Hammond said that current arrangements were "simply not acceptable" and that he stood by the answer he gave in an interview a year ago when he said, if he had to choose now, he would vote for withdrawal from the EU.

Map to Show Climate Change Impact - NDTV

A new map developed by climatologists shows that climate change will impact the whole planet by the end of this century, if carbon emissions continue to increase.
The new map called "Human Dynamics of Climate Change" was launched on Wednesday at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK.
Human dynamics of climate change - Met Office

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東京新聞:好調グーグル 売上高22%増:経済(TOKYO Web)


パナソニック、ノキアに携帯基地局関連を売却へ 数十億円規模  - MSN産経ニュース


英BスカイB、ITV株を米リバティ・グローバルに売却 | Reuters


空席の目立つドイツGP、F1の危機を象徴?-TopNews F1


NFL JAPAN.COM|コミッショナー、ロンドン本拠地チームは「5年か10年で実現も」


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News Headlines - 19 July 2014

Ukraine charges anti-aircraft systems moved to Russia - chicagotribune.com

Three Buk missile systems have made their way from eastern Ukraine across the border into Russia, Ukrainian officials said Saturday, including one lacking the missile they believe brought down a Malaysia Airlines jet the day before.

Ukraine says it has 'compelling evidence' of Russia’s role in the shooting down of flight MH17 - Telegraph

Kiev has also accused Moscow-backed separatists of trying to cover up “international crimes” by tampering with the site where the Malaysia Airlines jet crashed, removing bodies and spiriting away wreckage - including duty free and alcohol

Jury Awards $23.6 Billion in Florida Smoking Case - NYTimes.com

A jury in northwestern Florida awarded a staggering $23 billion judgment late Friday against the country’s second-largest tobacco company for causing the death of a chain smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 36.
The company, the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, promised a prompt appeal.

Revealed: Great British Space Dinner Winners

The UK Space Agency has revealed the winners of a competition to find a special menu for Britain's Tim Peake during his stint on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015.

Big Butterfly Count: Members of British public turn scientists as survey gets under way - The Independent

The nation’s biggest butterfly count is officially underway, with this summer set to be a bumper season for the winged insects.
Over the coming month thousands of people are expected to take part in the Big Butterfly Count, which runs from Saturday, 19 July, to 10 August.

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英航空ショー:航空機商戦が激烈 契約が過去最大20兆円 - 毎日新聞


OPEC産原油、2013年に生産量と世界シェアが低下=年次報告 - WSJ


Google自動運転車は「凶器」 犯罪・テロに悪用恐れ、FBI内部報告書 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ベンツCクラス、7年ぶり全面改良…燃費を向上 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


マレーシア機撃墜、経営にも打撃…客離れ拍車か : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 18 July 2014

BBC News - MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama

US President Barack Obama has said a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area in east Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Transcript: President Obama’s July 18 statement on Ukraine and Gaza - The Washington Post

Now, here's what's happened now. This was a global tragedy. An Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies, filled with citizens from many countries. So there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. The U.N. Security Council has endorsed this investigation, and we will hold all its members, including Russia, to their word.

Amazon Unveils E-Book Subscription Service, With Some Notable Absences - NYTimes.com

After months of speculation, Amazon on Friday introduced a digital subscription service that allows subscribers unlimited access to a library e-books and audiobooks for $10 a month... So far, however, none of the five biggest publishers appear to be making their books available through the service.

AbbVie, Shire agree on $55B combination | Mail Online

The drugmaker AbbVie has reached a deal worth roughly $55 billion to combine with British counterpart Shire and become the latest U.S. company to seek an overseas haven from tax rates back home.

Japanese artist released following arrest over vagina selfie for 3D prints | The Guardian

A Tokyo-based artist known for her genital-inspired works has been released from police custody following her arrest on obscenity charges, her lawyer has said, in a case that triggered accusations of a clampdown on freedom of expression in Japan.

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マレーシア機墜落、298人死亡か 撃墜めぐり非難応酬:朝日新聞デジタル


各国航空会社 ウクライナ上空の飛行回避 NHKニュース


マレーシア機 なぜウクライナ上空を飛行 NHKニュース


ベルルスコーニ元首相:買春と職権乱用罪で逆転無罪判決 - 毎日新聞


知事に特製「テディベアくまモン」 ドイツ企業-熊本のニュース│ くまにちコム


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News Headlines - 17 July 2014

Jetliner Explodes Over Ukraine; Struck by Missile, Officials Say - NYTimes.com

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 298 people aboard exploded, crashed and burned on a flowered wheat field Thursday in a part of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russia separatists, blown out of the sky at 33,000 feet by what Ukrainian and American officials described as a Russian-made antiaircraft missile.

Putin's Statement on Ukraine Plane Crash - ABC News

In this regard, I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine. And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.

Israeli forces enter Gaza in ground assault after ceasefire talks fail | The Guardian

Israeli tanks, infantry and engineering units have launched a broad assault on Gaza after last ditch efforts to secure a ceasefire deal in Cairo collapsed.

Syrian President Assad sworn in for 3rd term

Proclaiming the Syrian people winners in a "dirty war" waged by outsiders, President Bashar Assad was sworn in on Wednesday, marking the start of his third seven-year term in office amid a bloody civil war that has ravaged the Arab country.

Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs this year as it chops Nokia | Reuters

Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it will slash up to 18,000 jobs, or 14 percent of its workforce, over the next 12 months as it almost halves the size of its newly acquired Nokia phone business and tries to become a cloud-computing and mobile-friendly software company.

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イスラエル 5時間限定で攻撃停止と発表 NHKニュース


[FT]長続きしないかもしれないドイツの黄金期  :日本経済新聞


SAGE社の出版する雑誌で60本の論文撤回 1人の著者が複数の別名を使って自分の投稿論文を自分で査読 | カレントアウェアネス・ポータル

2014年7月8日、SAGE社が同社の刊行する雑誌” Journal of Vibration and Control (JVC)”から60本の論文を撤回することを発表しました。これらの論文はすべて台湾の国立屏東教育大学の元准教授、陳震遠(Peter Chen)氏が関わっていたものです。

パリのセーヌに架かる橋 - フランスニュースダイジェスト


【ブラジルW杯】ドイツ代表「とんでもないオウンゴール」 祝勝会でアルゼンチン“侮辱”パフォーマンス - MSN産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 16 July 2014

Israel and Gaza Militants to Pause Attacks, but Invasion Is Still Seen as Likely - NYTimes.com

After nine days of Israeli aerial assaults that have killed more than 200 people in Gaza, Israel and militant groups in the territory said late Wednesday that they would suspend the attacks for five hours on Thursday as a humanitarian gesture at the request of the United Nations. But a senior Israeli military official said that the likelihood of a ground invasion to eliminate militants’ rockets launched from Gaza was “very high.”

US significantly escalates sanctions against Russia over Ukraine | theguardian.com

Barack Obama announced a significant escalation in sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, with measures targeting some of the country’s largest energy corporations and banks as punishment for Moscow’s alleged continued support for Ukrainian separatists.

Rupert Murdoch 'determined' to take control of Time Warner after $80bn bid rebuffed - Telegraph

Rupert Murdoch is bidding to create by far the world’s largest film and television company with an attempted takeover over of Time Warner that would mark a high point in a deal-making career spanning more than 60 years.
Time Warner confirmed on Wednesday that Mr Murdoch’s entertainment holding company, 21st Century Fox, last month offered $80bn (£46.7bn) in a mixture of cash and stock to aquire the rival company.

Royal Mail, TNT, FedEx Could Face Fines Under French Antitrust Probe - WSJ

French competition authorities are investigating delivery companies Royal Mail PLC, TNT Express NV and FedEx Corp. over allegations they breached antitrust laws in the parcel market, which could lead to material fines.
Royal Mail, the recently-privatized U.K. postal operator, and TNT Express, of the Netherlands, both confirmed the probe Wednesday, while U.S.-based FedEx disclosed the investigation on Monday. All three companies warned that the investigation could result in a material loss.

Ron Howard to Direct New Beatles Documentary Focusing on Band's Early Years | Rolling Stone

Film will include interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison

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W杯優勝のドイツ代表凱旋 40万人祝福 NHKニュース




コラム:最新鋭ステルス戦闘機「F35」の宿命的欠陥 | Reuters


取材された難病少年も静かな怒り、日本の海外ロケの無茶 - Global Press - 朝日新聞社(WEBRONZA)


オーラ放つ日本のアイドルにフランス人熱狂 ジャパン・エクスポ ベリーズ工房×℃-ute - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


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News Headlines - 15 July 2014

BBC News - US and EU trade talks to resume

Officials from the European Union and the US will spend this week in Brussels trying to make progress negotiating a controversial trade deal.
The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) aims to stimulate commerce by reducing barriers such as tariffs and differences in regulation.

Cameron turns to women and Eurosceptics in major ministerial shake-up | Reuters

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday pushed through his biggest government shake-up since coming to power in 2010, promoting women and Eurosceptics to senior roles in an appeal to voters in next May's national election.

BRICS set up bank to counter Western hold on global finances | Reuters

Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion development bank and a currency reserve pool on Tuesday in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system.

Harry Potter in Japan: £260 million 'Wizarding World' theme park opens in Osaka - Telegraph

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Studios Japan on Tuesday, with stars of the Harry Potter films taking part in the opening ceremony.

Japanese artist arrested for sending out selfies of her vagina - which she used to create a KAYAK using a 3D printer | Mail Online

An artist has been arrested in Japan for scanning a 3D version of a selfie she took of her vagina and distributing it to supporters, to allow them to build kayaks in the form of her anatomy... However her feminist agenda has been curtailed by her arrest, which occurred when she emailed the 3D scan of her private parts to 30 people.

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イギリス国教会 女性の主教就任認める NHKニュース


フランス革命記念日 軍事パレードに陸自、単独で初の参加 - MSN産経ニュース


日本メーカーに熱い視線 イギリス航空展示会


LINE、東証に上場申請―NY市場への上場も検討中 - WSJ


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News Headlines - 14 July 2014

Church of England Votes to Accept Women as Bishops - NYTimes.com

After years of deadlock and division, the Church of England voted on Monday to allow women to become bishops, overturning centuries of tradition and overcoming a long-running dispute that had undermined the unity of Anglicans.

Luxemburger Wort - Head of British sex abuse inquiry forced to quit

The woman heading Britain's inquiry into historic claims of child sex abuse by politicians resigned Monday less than a week after her appointment, following criticism over her establishment links and potential bias.
Retired British judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss came under fire because of a potential conflict of interest, as the investigation will likely look at the handling of allegations by her brother, a former attorney general.

BBC News - William Hague quits as foreign secretary in cabinet reshuffle

William Hague is to stand down as foreign secretary, and will stay in the cabinet as Leader of the Commons, Downing Street has said.
Mr Hague is to leave Parliament at the 2015 general election after 26 years as MP for Richmond, Yorkshire.

BBC News - Garth Brooks Dublin concerts will not take place, singer confirms

The US country singer had planned to play for 400,000 fans at Croke Park on consecutive nights from 25 - 29 July.
All five shows were cancelled on 8 July after two were refused licences, but refunds were on hold pending the talks.

BBC News - Who, what, why: What happens if you eat 112 year-old ham?

A ham in the US said to be the oldest in the world has celebrated its 112th birthday. Can it really be edible after all this time, asks Tom de Castella.

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BAEシステムズ、2040年の航空機技術を披露 【動画】 | FlyTeam ニュース


ライターのお仕事場 | roomie(ルーミー)

イギリスのスタジオWeston, Surman and Deaneがデザインしたライターのお仕事場は、こんな感じ。児童文学や神話を手がけるオーナーさんへ、ロンドンの中心部に建てられました。

ロンドンの有望な若手メンズデザイナーは?<2015年春夏> | Fashionsnap.com


同性愛告白のソープ氏へ 英女優「すべてがうまくいくといいわね」 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex




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News Headlines - 13 July 2014

BBC Sport - Germany 1-0 Argentina

Germany were crowned world champions for the fourth time as Mario Gotze's extra-time winner beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final.

Germany's World Cup tactics: shaped by data - Telegraph

Together with software company SAP, the German Football Association (DBF) has developed an application called Match Insights, which analyses vast amounts of data about members of the German team and their opponents, based on their on-field performance.

Fifa to be investigated by World Cup ticket scam detectives - Telegraph

Detectives are to investigate whether Fifa had any links to a £58 million black market ticket scam at the World Cup, it was claimed last night.

Video: North Korea's fake World Cup final - Telegraph

A North Korea news broadcast has appeared on YouTube channel Korea News Backup telling North Koreans that their national team will play Portugal in the World Cup final tonight... Yahoo Sport unveiled the video as a fake, pointing out that the newsreader's lips are out of sync and the dialect is incorrect.

Eye tests could detect early Alzheimer's | theguardian.com

Regular eye tests could in future be used to diagnose early-stage Alzheimer's, new research suggests.
Early trials of two different techniques show that a key Alzheimer's biomarker can be identified in the retina and lens of the eye.

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英バーバリー株主総会、高額役員報酬に「ノー」  :日本経済新聞


香港の報道の自由に「深刻な懸念」、英政府が報告書 | Reuters


ツール・ド・フランス、なぜイギリスから出発? : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


世界一高いウォータースライダーが米国でオープン、最高時速80キロ | Reuters


イギリス海峡で最近90年間で最大の地震 - The Voice of Russia


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News Headlines - 12 July 2014

Israel expands bombing targets despite UN calls for cease-fire | Fox News

Israel expanded its Gaza bombing targets Saturday to include civilian institutions with suspected Hamas ties, despite U.N. calls for a cease fire, and announced it would hit northern Gaza "with great force" to prevent rocket attacks from there on Israel.

In eastern Ukraine, separatist rocket attacks, bus ambush kill 30 - Los Angeles Times

It was the deadliest day for the Kiev government since fighting resumed last week after a 10-day cease-fire and damped a mood of resurgency that followed the Ukrainian troops' success last weekend in sweeping out militants from their strongholds in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.

Tony Blair could face public inquiry over on-the-runs deal - ITV News

Former prime minister Tony Blair could be called before a parliamentary inquiry to explain a 'secret' deal he made with Sinn Fein during the Irish peace process, the Sunday Telegraph reported.
The deal saw 200 letters of assurances sent to fugitives known as 'on-the-runs' telling them they were not wanted by the police in the UK.

BBC News - RAC urges government crackdown on untaxed foreign vehicles

About 60,000 foreign vehicles are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) every year.
However, the RAC said an estimated 15,000 others are not, which it said amounts to about £3m per year in uncollected tax.

Brazil 0-3 Holland: World Cup 2014 hosts finish on losing note as Robin van Persie strikes | Mail Online

For Brazil, while they weren’t thrashed quite as badly as they had been against Germany in Tuesday night’s historic semi-final, a second successive heavy defeat on home soil was a devastating end to a campaign which promised so much.

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米ワシントン ガザ空爆に抗議デモ NHKニュース


米 HIVほぼ消滅の女児から再検出 NHKニュース


オールジャパンで技術開発 資源一元化、航空宇宙分野の競争力強化 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


日本人のW杯ごみ拾いを表彰/サッカー速報/デイリースポーツ online


FIFA、W杯最優秀選手候補の10名を発表 - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 11 July 2014

BBC News - Strong earthquake hits the east of Japan

A magnitude-6.8 earthquake has hit an ocean area east of Iwaki city on the Japanese island of Honshu, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said.
It hit 131km (81 miles) off Iwaki, at a depth of 10km, the USGS said. A tsunami warning has been issued.

Lord Carey: I support assisted dying - Telegraph

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, is supporting moves to legalise assisted dying, it has emerged... Lord Carey argues that upholding the sanctity of human life without regard to suffering caused in the process could go against the spirit of Christian teaching.

Israel vows to continue airstrikes despite growing pressure

As the Palestinian death toll rose, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Friday to continue to target members of Hamas with air strikes in Gaza until rockets the militant group has been firing into Israel from the southern border halt.

Reynolds American, Lorillard Confirm Merger Talks - WSJ

Reynolds American Inc. is nearing a deal to acquire Lorillard Inc. that, if successful, would transform the U.S. tobacco industry and put additional corporate muscle behind the already hot electronic-cigarette market.

BBC News - Barclays to abolish the role of bank cashier

The age-old role of bank cashier is to be abolished by Barclays Bank.
Instead, from 1st October, 6,500 former branch workers will become known as "community bankers".
Barclays said customers now do most basic transactions digitally, but need to go to a branch for more "in depth" conversations.
The staff will receive an average pay rise of 2.8%, to reflect their promotion.

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時事ドットコム:アマゾン、仏で書籍の「1円配送」開始 無料化禁止法に対抗


シャープが欧州太陽電池事業で構造改革へ、特損143億円計上 | Reuters


オバマ氏、イスラエル首相に「交渉仲介の用意」 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


オバマ米大統領、行列割り込みで予想外の大出費:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : 月が地球に接近、「スーパームーン」の観測迫る


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News Headlines - 10 July 2014

Obama: US Prepared to Negotiate Ceasefire in Mideast

The president spoke to Netanyahu by telephone Thursday, another deadly day in the Mideast.
The White House says Obama reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself from rocket attacks by Hamas militants. But he said he is concerned the violence could escalate and that all sides must do all they can to protect the lives of civilians.

Germany kicks out top US spy over espionage claims | The Seattle Times

Germany on Thursday demanded Washington's top spy in Berlin leave the country as a new round of allegations of U.S. espionage worsened the friction between the two allies.

BBC News - Taxpayers 'lost £1bn' on Royal Mail sale, MPs say

Taxpayers may have lost out on around £1bn from the undervaluing of Royal Mail, a committee of MPs has said.
The government feared failure and acted on bad advice in the run-up to the Royal Mail stock market flotation, according to a report by the Business, Innovation and Skills select committee.

Supermoon 2014: When and why will the moon look bigger and brighter this summer? - The Independent

The moon will appear unusually large and bright on Saturday evening, in the first of three so-called ‘Supermoon’ events that will take place this summer.
Stargazers will be able to catch the moon appearing to be strangely luminous at 11:25 (GMT) on Saturday evening, when it will be 222,611 miles away and in what is known as its perigee.

BBC News - Rain caused by Japan's Neoguri creates fatal landside

Heavy rain in Japan brought by Typhoon Neoguri has caused three fatalities, extensive damage and forced thousands to leave their homes.
A 12-year-old boy was killed in the central farming town of Nagiso after rocks and boulders swept away his home.

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イギリスの大学が「イヤホンケーブルの絡まりを防止する方法」を実証: 端同士をまとめてみましょう - | Technity

この研究は、イギリスのアストン大学で物理学や数学の研究を行っているRobert Matthews氏によるもの。同氏は、2010年にヒモの両端をつないでループ状にすることで絡まりの発生を防止可能であることを数学的に証明した「Roop Conjucture」と呼ばれる理論モデルを開発(※1)しており、その妥当性を検証するために、今回実際のヒモを使った大規模実験を行っています。

フランス実写版『美女と野獣』の映像公開!幻想的なダンスシーンも - シネマトゥデイ


FIFA、負傷ネイマールの給与支払いを負担か スペイン紙報じる - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


ドイツ対アルゼンチン、決勝カードは過去1勝1敗 - 2014ワールドカップ:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 09 July 2014

BBC News - Israel 'to intensify Gaza attacks'

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to "further intensify attacks on Hamas" in the Gaza Strip, following talks with his defence chiefs.

Video: Elizabeth Butler-Sloss 'too establishment' to head Westminster child abuse inquiry - Telegraph

Labour MP Simon Danczuk questions appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss to head inquiry into an alleged Westminster child sex abuse ring, warning she will be viewed as an 'establishment figure' by the public

Uncharged electronic devices Q&A: How UK airport security changes to smartphones and tablets will affect you - The Independent

As the summer holiday rush gets under way, aviation security is tightening. Just as transatlantic travellers from Britain were getting used to new rules on electronic equipment for flights to the US, the Department for Transport has announced that passengers flying to and from the UK must be ready to power up devices, from mobile phones to laptop computers – or see them banned from the cabin.

BBC News - Neo-nicotinoid pesticide threat to wild birds

New research suggests that a farm pesticide which has been blamed for impacting Britain's bee colonies may also be harming the nation's wild birds.

Argentina reaches World Cup final after penalties - The Washington Post

The World Cup’s second semifinal was supposed to put the silky skills of Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben in the spotlight. Instead, a goalkeeper and two rock-solid defenses stole the show.

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異彩を放つ「NYタイムズ」の反日スタンス 集団的自衛権の行使容認を猛批判:JBpress(日本ビジネスプレス)


焦点:親ロ派の支援要請に沈黙のプーチン大統領、目的達成か | Reuters


イタリアのコメ輸出が急増、小規模農家が作る高級米が人気:AFPBB News


ロックコンサート、頭ふりすぎ脳内出血 ドイツの男性:朝日新聞デジタル


ブラジル対ドイツ、大会最多の3560万ツイートを記録。開催国の歴史的惨敗は世界中に衝撃与える | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 08 July 2014

Japan braces for worst storm in years as typhoon Neoguri approaches | theguardian.com

Japan's southern islands are braced for one of the country's worst storms for years as typhoon Neoguri approaches Okinawa, with almost half a million people advised to evacuate and power cuts in more than 50,000 homes.

BBC News - Hamas fires rockets at Israeli cities after Gaza offensive

Palestinian militants have fired more rockets at Israeli cities after the start of a major air and sea offensive by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Samsung, Dell and Intel to Create New 'Internet of Things' Standard

Major manufactures such as Samsung, Dell and Intel are joining forces to create an industry standard for the way smart home gadgets like thermostats and refrigerators communicate with each other, as a part of the so-called Internet of Things.
Called the Open Interconnect Consortium, it will go head to head with the AllSeen Alliance, an existing initiative backed by 51 consumer-electronics and software applications, including Microsoft, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Qualcomm. The OIC will also take on a vendor-neutral approach with the help of open-source software and collaboration development.

A source of the most powerful cosmic rays? | Astronomy.com

An observatory run by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City found a “hotspot” beneath the Big Dipper that emits a disproportionate number of highest-energy cosmic rays. The discovery moves physics another step toward identifying the mysterious sources of the most energetic particles in the universe. “This puts us closer to finding out the sources — but no cigar yet,” said Gordon Thomson from the University of Utah.

Highlights, 2014 FIFA World Cup Semifinal: Brazil 1-7 Germany | Soccerlens

Brazil have suffered a drubbing defeat at the hands of Germany as the European side registered a 7- crushing victory over the host nation in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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主力欠く王国か、万全のドイツか W杯準決勝で激突へ - 2014ワールドカップ:朝日新聞デジタル


世界のオフィス賃貸コスト ロンドンが引き続きトップ 東京は9位 - 住宅新報web


JPモルガン元トレーダーが「ロンドンの鯨」報告で不服請求 - Bloomberg

デリバティブ(金融派生商品)投資の失敗によって米銀JPモルガン・チェース で発生した62億ドル(現在の為替レートで約6300億円)の損失に関連し、米国で起訴された元トレーダーのジュリアン・グルー被告が、市場監督機関である英金融行動監視機構(FCA)が昨年公表した調査報告は公正さを欠くとして、英金融審判所に不服申し立てを行った。

ロンドンのタワーブリッジが120周年、市内では記念展示会も:AFPBB News

英ロンドン(London)の名所タワーブリッジ(Tower Bridge)が先月30日、オープンから120周年を迎えた。この節目を祝い、橋は青と白の風船で飾られ、入場料も大幅に引き下げられた。

【超速報】BABYMETALがイギリスを制す! 超満員ロンドン公演レポ | Qetic


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News Headlines - 07 July 2014

BBC News - US 'to work with Germany' on spy row

The US has vowed to work with Germany to resolve the row over a German reportedly arrested for being a US spy.
A White House spokesman said he could not comment directly but efforts were being made to solve the problem.

China, Germany to promote ties to new progress - Xinhua

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Monday that China is willing to promote China-Germany ties to new progress in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Arthur Herman: The Time Is Ripe for Stronger U.S.-Japan Military Ties - WSJ

On July 1, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet approved a reinterpretation of Japan's constitution with regard to national defense. It would allow the military to join multinational peacekeeping operations, come to the aid of allies like the United States when they are attacked, and cooperate more fully with U.S. or South Korea if Japan itself is attacked.

Japan Pins Hopes on Floating Trains - WSJ

One of the images symbolizing Japan's postwar economic boom is a blue-and-white bullet train streaking past Mount Fuji on the world's first high-speed railway line, which went into service on the eve of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

BBC News - Fossil of 'largest flying bird' identified

The fossilised remains of the largest flying bird ever found have been identified by scientists... The 25m-year-old fossil was unearthed 30 years ago in South Carolina, but it has taken until now to identify that this is a new species.

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ヒラリー氏、オバマ大統領と距離置き始める 2016米大統領選 - WSJ


グーグル、「忘れられる権利」の削除要請に対抗策 : ギズモード・ジャパン



ロンドンの公共交通機関である地下鉄、バスに、自動精算のできるプリペイド式「オイスター」カードが導入されてから11年。ロンドン交通局(Transport for London〈TfL〉)では、引いては人件費削減につながることから、オイスターの普及=キャッシュレス化の推進に積極的に取り組んできた。……ついに7月5日をもって、バスの全路線で現金での運賃支払いを完全に停止した。

「ムーミン」若い女性ぞっこん : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 06 July 2014

Tebbit hints at political cover-up over child abuse in 1980s | theguardian.com

The former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Tebbit has said he believes there "may well" have been a political cover-up over child abuse in the 1980s.
Norman Tebbit, who served in a series of ministerial posts under Margaret Thatcher, said the instinct of people at the time was to protect "the system" and not to delve too deeply into uncomfortable allegations.

Leon Brittan was questioned by police over rape allegation - The Independent

The Independent on Sunday revealed that the 74-year-old Conservative peer was interviewed under caution last month after a woman claimed she was raped in London in 1967. His spokesperson said on Sunday Lord Brittan would not be commenting, but he is understood to strongly deny the allegation.

BBC News - Five arrests over 'hoax' UK government websites

Five people have been arrested as part of a crackdown on fake websites made to look like official government sites.
The arrests come after more than 5,700 complaints about the copycat sites were made to the Advertising Standards Authority and Citizens Advice.

Taiwan and China: Say cheese | The Economist

SINCE the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, no ministerial-level Communist official has set foot in Taiwan. That changed on June 25th when Zhang Zhijun, head of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, accepted an invitation from his counterpart, Wang Yu-chi, and visited in hopes that the democratic island nation might one day be wooed into the Chinese fold.

Neoguri Becomes a Super Typhoon, Targets Japan

Neoguri has strengthened into the first super typhoon of 2014 and poses a serious threat to lives and property in Japan.

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CNN.co.jp : エボラ出血熱流行、過去最悪 共同戦略で合意


「起き上がり小法師展」7日からロンドンで 福島の復興発信 | 福島民報






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News Headlines - 05 July 2014

UK planned to train and equip 100,000 Syrian rebels | News Pakistan

The UK plans designed to train and equip 100,000 Syrian rebels in order to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, according to the BBC revealed today. The initiative was rejected by Prime Minister David Cameron, the National Security Council and several senior U.S. officials as "too risky".

Militant Leader in Rare Appearance in Iraq - NYTimes.com

Wearing a black turban and black robes, the leader of the self-proclaimed Islamic state that stretches across eastern Syria and much of northern and western Iraq made a startling public appearance, his first in many years, at a well-known mosque in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

David Cameron asks top civil servant to look into Westminster child abuse claims | The Guardian

David Cameron has asked the Home Office's most senior civil servant to investigate what happened to a missing dossier of alleged paedophile activity involving politicians in the 1980s.

Will Japan's youth go to war because a pretty girl told them to? - Al Jazeera English

While they have clearly underestimated the magnitude of the opposition, the Abe administration seems to have anticipated some resistance. The same day the government made the announcement, they also released an SDF recruitment commercial (Youtube link). This 15-second clip stars Haruka Shimazaki of AKB 48, Japan's most famous idol girl group.

Papers on ‘stress-induced’ stem cells are retracted : Nature News & Comment

Nature today retracted two controversial papers on stem cells that it published in January1, 2. The retractions — agreed to by all of the co-authors — come at the end of a whirlwind five months during which various errors were spotted in the papers, attempts to replicate the experiments failed, the lead author was found guilty of misconduct, and the centre where she is employed was threatened with dismantlement. The retraction notice3 includes a handful of problems with the papers that had not been previously considered by institutional investigation teams.

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CNN.co.jp : ドイツで初の最低賃金法案を可決、時給で約1200円


オバマ氏は「戦後最悪の大統領」 米世論調査 前回「最悪」ブッシュ前大統領を5ポイント上回る - MSN産経ニュース


英女王、新空母に命名「クイーン・エリザベス」 英海軍最大:AFPBB News

英国のエリザベス女王(Queen Elizabeth II、88)は4日、英スコットランド(Scotland)のロサイス造船所(Rosyth Dockyard)で行われた英国最大の軍艦となる新空母「クイーン・エリザベス(HMS Queen Elizabeth)」の命名式に出席し、祝いのウイスキー・ボトルを船体にぶつけて割った。

サッカーW杯 ドイツ、フランス破る 4回連続4強入り - 2014ワールドカップ:朝日新聞デジタル




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News Headlines - 04 July 2014

Germany Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Spy Allegations - WSJ

Germany summoned the U.S. ambassador on Friday after allegations of American spying erupted anew, threatening to further damage one of Washington's most important alliances.

Sharp considering exiting European home appliance market - source | Reuters

Sharp Corp is in talks over licensing Taiwanese and Turkish firms to make and sell its home appliances in Europe, a source with knowledge of the discussions said, as it tries to cut costs to counter stagnant sales on the continent.

Rolf Harris jailed for five years and nine months

Rolf Harris has been jailed for five years and nine months for a string of sex crimes involving four girls.
The 84-year-old entertainer, a family favourite for decades, was finally unmasked as a prolific paedophile with his conviction for 12 indecent assaults on Monday.

PM's ex-media chief Coulson jailed for Murdoch tabloid hacking | Reuters

British Prime Minister David Cameron's former media chief Andy Coulson was jailed for 18 months on Friday for encouraging widespread phone-hacking by journalists to obtain scoops at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid he edited.

Neymar fractures vertebrae, out of World Cup - CBC

Brazil will be without star striker Neymar for the remainder of the FIFA World Cup, after he fractured his vertebrae late in the team's 2-1 quarter-final win over Colombia on Friday.

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ウクライナ大統領、米副大統領と電話会談 停戦条件説明:朝日新聞デジタル


ドイツ:5月の製造業受注は予想以上の減少、地政学的緊張響く - Bloomberg

独連邦統計局が4日発表した製造業受注指数 は前月比1.7%低下。

ブラックベリー、ドイツの研究開発施設を売却 - WSJ


【ウィンブルドン】下着やアクセサリーまで白! 服装規定厳格化にフェデラーらから不満も - MSN産経ニュース


選手層厚いドイツ優位か W杯展望 : nikkansports.com


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News Headlines - 03 July 2014

Footage of Japanese politician crying at press conference becomes internet hit | theguardian.com

A 47-year-old provincial politician was rapidly becoming an internet phenomenon in Japan on Wednesday after crying as he tried to explain his profligate use of public funds.
Television chatshows carried looped footage of a press conference in which Ryutaro Nonomura wails and bangs his fists on the desk as tears stream down his face.

China and South Korea poised for bilateral trade deal - FT.com

Chinese and South Korean leaders have pledged to sign a bilateral trade agreement by the end of this year and introduce direct trading of their currencies to spur cross-border renminbi transactions and deepen economic ties in two of Asia’s largest economies.

Iraqi Kurds: Time is ripe for Kurdish independence - Businessweek

Facing an Iraq that is being ripped apart by sectarian violence and a divisive government, leaders of the country's Kurdish region said Thursday they now believe they have a better chance than ever to break away and create an independent nation.

Overpass collapses in World Cup city; at least two dead | Reuters

An unfinished overpass collapsed in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte on Thursday, killing at least two people, emergency officials said.

Scientists discover fragment of 'missing link' asteroid that led to explosion of life on Earth - The Independent

Scientists in Sweden have discovered a never-before seen class of meteorite that could be the ‘missing link’ between a gigantic collision in the asteroid belt 470 million years ago and the subsequent explosion of diverse life forms here on Earth.

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ドイツ、2015年に財政均衡 46年ぶりに赤字国債ゼロ  :日本経済新聞


独、集団的自衛権の行使容認を評価 - MSN産経ニュース


「東芝がブルガリアで原発受注へ、子会社通じ5000億円で」 News i


タブレットマガジン「ノルディック・クーリエ」編集長が話す“北欧の今”【INTERVIEW】 | FASHION HEADLINE

6月25日に創刊したタブレットマガジン「ノルディック・クーリエ(The Nordic Courier)」。……同誌は日本の顧客のために特別に編集されたタブレットマガジン。北欧5ヶ国での出版は無い。編集を行う北欧有数のメディアグループ「アラー(Aller)」は、日本の雑誌編集部から北欧に関する記事を買いたいという依頼が多数あったことに加え、ミニマルで機能的なインテリアなどに日本と北欧の共通点を感じたことから、日本でのタブレットマガジン創刊を決めたという。

スウェーデン発の最強ぽっちゃりヒロイン!かわいすぎる『なまいきチョルベンと水夫さん』本編映像が公開 - シネマトゥデイ


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News Headlines - 02 July 2014

Seven deadly illnesses reaching dangerous levels of resistance to antibiotics - ITV News

As David Cameron warned that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are threatening to return medicine to "the dark ages", here are seven diseases and viruses that have been fighting back against drugs and posing a global health risk.

BBC News - Facebook faces UK probe over emotion study

A UK regulator is investigating whether Facebook broke data protection laws when it conducted a psychological study on users without their consent.

BBC News - What Japan's military shift means

The administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced a major new interpretation of the security provisions of the country's 1947 constitution, permitting its Self Defence Forces (SDF) to participate for the first time in collective self-defence related activities.

Mike Myers comes out against Scottish independence | Mail Online

Shrek star Mike Myers today urged Scots to remain in the United Kingdom.
The actor, who voiced the Scottish accent of the ogre in four box office hit films, said he ‘loves’ Scotland and wants voters to reject independence in September’s referendum.
He joins a growing list of international stars including Kermit The Frog, David Bowie and JK Rowling voicing fears about breaking up the 300-year-old union.

100 dinosaur species 'roamed UK' - Yahoo News UK

More than 100 different species of dinosaur once roamed Britain including three cousins of American top predator Tyrannosaurus rex.

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仏ブルカ禁止法は「信教の自由侵害せず」、欧州人権裁:AFPBB News


ロンドン、建設ラッシュ 労働者争奪戦過熱 “前科者”にも恩恵 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ドイツ財務相、世界の過剰流動性に再び懸念示す | Reuters


『ハリポタ』エマ・ワトソン、メイド違法雇用の疑い|MSN トピックス


スイス人風刺画家シャパットの新刊発売 - SWI swissinfo.ch


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News Headlines - 01 July 2014

Bank of England reveals 2011 euro zone break-up planning | Reuters

The Bank of England revealed on Tuesday how it made a secret recommendation to Britain's finance ministry in September 2011 to prepare for the risk of a euro zone break-up.

Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over corruption allegations linked to L'Oréal heiress case - London Evening Standard

Nicolas Sarkozy today became the first former French president to be held in police custody as he was questioned over corruption allegations.

5-door MINI Hatch production underway | NEW CAR NET

A first for MINI production at the Cowley factory, the new 5-door marks another phase in the roll-out of a £750 million investment programme across BMW Group UK's production facilities from 2011 to 2015.

Blackwall Tunnel was forced to close when a pedestrian took a 'slow jog' through it - London Evening Standard

London's busiest river crossing was forced to close after a man went jogging through it late last night.
The Blackwall Tunnel in east London shut for around 20 minutes at around 3am as police were called to a man on foot on the northbound carriageway.

Memory of a goldfish? Actually fish can recall events 12 days ago - Telegraph

The goldfish may have been wrongly maligned for years as scientists discover fish can remember things for up to two weeks.
Scientists found trained African Cichlids, a popular freshwater fish, would return to where they had found food.

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仏サルコジ前大統領の身柄拘束 不正資金疑惑の捜査で:朝日新聞デジタル


パリにロシア正教会 フランス苦渋 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


【W杯異聞】ドイツGKにもレーザーポインター FIFA、アルジェリアの観客と断定 協会に罰金 - MSN産経ニュース


フォーミュラE:ロンドンの会場としてバッターシー・パークを選定 【 F1-Gate.com 】


30年ぶり復活、モンティ・パイソンのロンドン公演が開幕:AFPBB News

英コメディーグループ「モンティ・パイソン(Monty Python)」が1日、30年ぶりに舞台に戻ってきた。
 ロンドン(London)のO2アリーナ(O2 Arena)での10回公演の皮切りとなった1日、存命中のメンバー5人が結集。ファンを前に定番のレパートリーを披露し、1万4000人のファンによる大合唱でステージを終えた。

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