News Headlines - 01 July 2014

Bank of England reveals 2011 euro zone break-up planning | Reuters

The Bank of England revealed on Tuesday how it made a secret recommendation to Britain's finance ministry in September 2011 to prepare for the risk of a euro zone break-up.

Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over corruption allegations linked to L'Oréal heiress case - London Evening Standard

Nicolas Sarkozy today became the first former French president to be held in police custody as he was questioned over corruption allegations.

5-door MINI Hatch production underway | NEW CAR NET

A first for MINI production at the Cowley factory, the new 5-door marks another phase in the roll-out of a £750 million investment programme across BMW Group UK's production facilities from 2011 to 2015.

Blackwall Tunnel was forced to close when a pedestrian took a 'slow jog' through it - London Evening Standard

London's busiest river crossing was forced to close after a man went jogging through it late last night.
The Blackwall Tunnel in east London shut for around 20 minutes at around 3am as police were called to a man on foot on the northbound carriageway.

Memory of a goldfish? Actually fish can recall events 12 days ago - Telegraph

The goldfish may have been wrongly maligned for years as scientists discover fish can remember things for up to two weeks.
Scientists found trained African Cichlids, a popular freshwater fish, would return to where they had found food.








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