News Headlines - 03 July 2014

Footage of Japanese politician crying at press conference becomes internet hit | theguardian.com

A 47-year-old provincial politician was rapidly becoming an internet phenomenon in Japan on Wednesday after crying as he tried to explain his profligate use of public funds.
Television chatshows carried looped footage of a press conference in which Ryutaro Nonomura wails and bangs his fists on the desk as tears stream down his face.

China and South Korea poised for bilateral trade deal - FT.com

Chinese and South Korean leaders have pledged to sign a bilateral trade agreement by the end of this year and introduce direct trading of their currencies to spur cross-border renminbi transactions and deepen economic ties in two of Asia’s largest economies.

Iraqi Kurds: Time is ripe for Kurdish independence - Businessweek

Facing an Iraq that is being ripped apart by sectarian violence and a divisive government, leaders of the country's Kurdish region said Thursday they now believe they have a better chance than ever to break away and create an independent nation.

Overpass collapses in World Cup city; at least two dead | Reuters

An unfinished overpass collapsed in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte on Thursday, killing at least two people, emergency officials said.

Scientists discover fragment of 'missing link' asteroid that led to explosion of life on Earth - The Independent

Scientists in Sweden have discovered a never-before seen class of meteorite that could be the ‘missing link’ between a gigantic collision in the asteroid belt 470 million years ago and the subsequent explosion of diverse life forms here on Earth.








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